Got some awesome news to share!

The New Year definately starts with a bang for me, I am delighted to share a personal milestone!

ICI-ARTV is running a 5- episode documentary series about erotic art featuring artists from all around the globe.

I am honored and happy to be able to announce they chose me to be part of it. I’m kicking the series off, wednesday night 01-06-2016 a 21.00

I want to thank all the people who have supported me over the years here at RedBubble, who have embraced these works since the first day I put them up!

You can find more info and sneak preview here. enjoy! smile emoticon


Girls Like Bass

Cover design for Pleasure, Mystic, Futuristic, the new CD of Gilrs Like Bass that will be released later this month! This was a fun project, great people, very nice to work with!

EarthDay 2011

The past 15 years I have been digging into alot of theories, from Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra to Quantum mechanics.
More and more it occured to me that there’s a divine structure to the universe, a perfect harmonious balance that creates LIFE in the most mindblowing, beautiful and spectacular ways!!
Unfortunately we are constantly disrupting this life-creating harmony faster and faster, and I am afraid we are reaching the point of no return.…

Personally I have no power to change the world, I am meaningless in the bigger picture. But nevertheless I do have this wish, this very deep wish to leave a better world to my children when I pass, and i want to DO something!! I started to think what would be within my power and it only took me a minute to realize I can at least try to make a differe


Hi ALL!!!…

I am so happy with the way people are embracing The Earth Healing Project, both artists and hosts are working together to fuel this and it is very beautiful to see and feel the wonderful, heartfelt and encouraging replies!

You guys only see bits and parts here and there but I am on the receiving end so here is where it all comes together right now…..I so wish I could make you feel what I feel……it is so extremely positive and energizing to see HOW MANY people are replying! Not just here but through other sites like FaceBook as well!
It is really ALOT!!!! And that fills my soul with HOPE, to me it is becoming visible how we are all longing for a positive change, but most of all how willing we are to spread the LOVE!

I am going to have the image printed out on a T-shirt and maybe i

50 TAGS!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

Just want to express my happiness that RedBubble has come back on a very bad decision!
From now on we can use 50 TAGS !!!!
I hated all the fights going on back then when they forced this on us and I was very angry for the grief and agony some people had to go through.
But today I found this email explaining that the staff indeed has experienced this to be a very bad decision businesswise.…

I am really happy with the fact that they have the strenght, courage and wisdom to admit their mistake and correct it!! That restores my faith in them!!!! RESPECT!!!!!!

For the people who have used Marjolein Katsma’s script to save all their keywords this is good news, just a matter of copying and pasting them right back in, for the ones that didn;t do that; this involves more work again but I am sure it w


Hi All!…

Still recovering from my surgery and not around much, missing you all and hoping to be back asap! I am delighted to be nominated for Sojie9!
Congratulations to ALL nominees, please check out their wonderful works!

Windmills of my mind is an appropriate pick, it is exactly what my head feels like after the narcosis…lol!!!

Windmills of Your Mind
by DevineDayDreams

Join me at the Juried Invitational Exhibition…

I am very excited to have my art selected, from over 66000 works of art, to exhibit in SoJie9. SoJie9 takes its name from the Solo Exhibition group’s Juried Invitational Exhibition. This month is only the 9th one, ever, and 77 other artists, besides myself, are represented.

Winners of the invitational will be announced on March 30th, when a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be awarded i


Sorry, got to vent a bit! After weeks of being sick my surgery was sceduled for today but when I arrived at the hospital it turend out they made a mistake and that my operation is planned for next week!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pissed, but I guess all I can do is hang in there some more!
Thank you all so much for your wonderful support, your bmails and phonecalls! Much appreciated!!!
For today you can send your positive vibes to someone else though, save mine till next week!!!
love to all!!!


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