Ann Morgan

Minneapolis, United States

THE SHORT BIO / I live in the US. I joined RB in February of 2008. I have a BA in Fine Arts and a Masters degree in Art Education. ...

J-2 Redbubble redbubble redbubble.

I like redbubble. i am not a joiner nor much for chatter although sometimes I will yammer on and on. On the subject of art sometimes I won’t say a word or I might not be able to shut up. I know this is not making sense so I will
now attempt to do just that.

I enjoy looking at other peoples’ work. On the other hand you might have to sedate me to take me to a gallery or museum in the city I live in. Shame on me??? I don’t know.

I do know that i find a lot of art here that I call my favorites and to find an artist to put on a watchlist is like finding a whole album of one band’s music that I actuallly like!

Now for the real surprise for me. People have favorited my work and unbelievably some have me on a watch list.

It is exciting to see what will happen next.
The people who keep redbubble going are very good at keeping us in touch with what is happening. Whoever fashioned this site did a great job and continues to do so.
Thanks for their work and accomplishments and for keeping redbubble hovering in a space all its own.

I saved the most important for last. I appreciate the people who have or have not checked out my work and left comments. Views are good comments are good their existence is good.

Thanks for redbubble.

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