Ann Morgan

Minneapolis, United States

THE SHORT BIO / I live in the US. I joined RB in February of 2008. I have a BA in Fine Arts and a Masters degree in Art Education. ...

J-3 A thank you to..

…all the viewers who do and do not leave comments. I mean this sincerely because I look and don’t leave comments to peoples’ art that I really like. The looking is the thing. Although most of it is that people may not be genuinely that interested in what they see of my work, but they looked and gave me a shot. That’s a positive in my view. I go looking at art on redbubble a lot and leave no comments. I want to increase my comments because I think that is how people increase their responses to you.

i don’t accompany my art with prose or even much of an explanation. That is a real drawback for me because artists like to be serious about their work. They want it to be deep and thought of as deep and I feel the same I just don’t do that. i do like reading what people write about their work and envy and admire their abilities.

That is all for now. More later…

Admirer of all redbubble artists,

Ann Morgan

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