Me and the 'Net

Well, newbie though I am here, I’m impressed by what seems an enjoyable format, open and inviting.

I’m a lesbian, and I love how women use the ‘Net to explore themselves, posting amazing photos and literary work, and commenting on it. I’m no photographer, alas, but I do like finding especially tasteful erotica on Flickr and elsewhere — including Red Bubble, which a Flickr photographer recommended to me today.

I’m not sure, though, that I CAN offer anything saleable — but I like to write, including fiction. Maybe this is the place to try out some approaches.

On-line, my scribbling has been pretty much limited to flirty comments (sometimes exttensive, sometimes just a few thoughts) about the femme photos I ferret out, mainly on Flickr. With the photographers’ advance permission, I post several per day on my little blog . Rather artlessly titled “Where the Girls Are,” it can be found at

(NB it’s not on Flickr, partly because they make it so easy to post most of their stuff on one’s blog anywhere; also, I like Livejournal’s format, and especially its vast, eclectic membership.)

I’ve produced it for nearly three years, featuring upwards of 600 photographers — many of them doing the most extraordinary self-portraits. Included among this delightfully diverse bunch are women (and a couple of guys too skilled at the sort of femmie photos I enjoy for them NOT to be included) are photographers from about 50 countries.

(Flickr’s membership is amazingly international; I speak 4 languages, and find writing to the photographers a great way to keep in practice.)

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