A Vampire Story

Her tears trickled down her cheeck, as the blood spilled from her neck. Blood dripped from his teeth, as he licked his lips and bent down to take another drink. She cryed out in agony, as he moaned in pleasure. The salty taste filling his mouth once again. Her body burned, venum flowing through her veins. He laughed silently to himself,obviously delited with her pain. His lips pressed against her neck. His cool breath washing over her, sending shivers down her spine.
She no longer cryed in agony, or burned with pain. Her eyes closed in concentration. His lips crept slowly up to her ear and across to her cheek. He lightly kissed her, and pulled back his face to gaze into her eyes, but they were shut, and she didn’t intend to open them.
Finally, her eyes opened, and his eyes held hers for a long moment, before he got too over whelmed with the smell of her blood that he had to take another sip, another taste. He craved it with all his body, and his soul. She sighned with pain, not allowing herself to scream, knowing it would only make it worst. She waited patiently for him to finish, and for the pain and the burning to continue. It soon returned, and pain washed over her body. He sat there, watching her reactions. First it burned in her arms, so she clentched her teeth and balled her hands into fists.
The pain slowly spread over her whole body, and she moaned and twitched. He watched her suffer, pain killing off her nerves till she went still, and froze. His lips found her ear, and he whispered, “I’m sorry!”
Just then, her eyes rolled back into her skull, and her skin turned white and cold. His arms clung to her body, holding her up in a somewhat passionate, somewhat ackward, embrace. Her body figgeted as she took in her new texture, and the new feel. The blood, and wounds had vanished on her neck. Noting but a slight scar was left, and the scar looked a thousand years old. He quickly traced the scar with his finger tips, trailing his hand slowly down her body to her waiste. His hands pulled her in tighter, and she wrapped her arms around his neck.
Her face began to tremble with curiousity, and her lips began to move in confusion. He put a finger to her lips, as to silence her, except she hadn’t produced the words yet to speak. He traced the shape of her lips, and her jaw line, moving his hands over ever part of her face. Her eyes locked on his, while his were locked on each new part of her that he ran his fingers across. He slid his fingers down her neck to her blouse, unfassening a few buttons as his fingers slid farther down, onto her breast. He rubbed his hand across the tops of her breasts, and kissed the top of her right breast, right wear her chest connected with her neck. She sighed, closing her eyes, and lifting her neck to the sky as if being lifted up by a hand at the back on the shoulder blades.
She untangled her arms, and ripped open her shirt, revieling a purple lasey bra, with under wire. She then, took his hand in hers and intertwined their fingers. With her empty hand, she reached for his chest, sliding her fingers along his shirt, then ripping it to shreds. She gasped. He was so beautiful, so magnificent. The moment was so perfect, so real.
He dreamed of the perfect moment as he sunk his teeth into her neck, draining her of the last few drops of blood she had left in her body. Another one wasted. He could not have possibly ressisted long enough to let her live, yet he craved her love. The love of something that was now lying limp in his arms, dead. His eyes red with thirst, although he had devowered three bodies worth of blood in the last hour. His nose twitched, he smelled something sweet and delicious coming from just around the corner, slowly making their way, closer and closer. He let the girls body drop to the ground, as he got ready to pounce.
She rounded the corner, another female victum, so helpless beneath his steal grasp, his strength enough to crush her, his teeth sharp enough to rip straight through her. Too many women he had killed, watching them die, wondering what could have been, realizing what each one had to offer, but not listening to his head and going with his instincts. He barred his teeth, and a growl came up from his throat. Her head whipped around, staring him right in the face. Her eyes terrified, yet her body unable to move. He felt terrible taking away the lives of people that had no will to even defend themselves. They didn’t know any better. They just stood there, staring blankly back at him as he came at them with extreme speed, and bit into their juicy, pulsing necks.
His hands clawing into the ground, his breathing excellerating. He took one step forward, then pounced. His lady victum barely allowing a scream to escape her lips as he dove into her, knocking her to the ground, and silencing her as he drained her body of the life it had once attained.

A Vampire Story


Santa Cruz, United States

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Artist's Description

Vampire story. I had been reading so many that I thought I’d make one of my own. I love romance and horror mixed. thats my favorite genre. lolz. i also love vampires. so i decided to write this piece. You can’t give me all the credit, because I was writing a lot of this off my memory of how Stephenie Meyer worded things in her books….the Twilight series!! but i did my best to make it new and fresh and my own.
Thank you for reading, please comment and give me any feedback nessicary.

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