Polar Kingdom

He jumped over me with such force that I thought I might be crushed if the tiniest piece of fur were to touch me. His eyes wide with anticipation, this is what he’d been waiting for? A fight? Had that been what it all came down to? Although I was much larger, he had much more strength, could do many more things. “Not a fight,” He had said, “Just a talk!” But, what it had come down to was a fight. I had to face him, one on one, right here, right now! Was it possible? Could the odds be in my favor? Could I win this fight all by myself, or would I soon be defeated? I did not know.
Just then, he bent his head down to the ground and stomped his large paw against the ground, slightly breaking the ice as his claws dug into the frozen floor beneath us. Was I to drown? What a horrible way to die. There must be a way to defeat him, trick him, or at least confuse him long enough to get a good whack at him. I punched the ground, producing a small water fountain where my paw had hit. The water was cool and nice, I took a sip, but that wasn’t the reason I had done this. I hit the ground again with my paw, this time digging my claws into it.
I broke through, coming up with a fist full of ice. It was cold, but it didn’t bother me. I was used to it, and my fur coat kept me warm, almost melting the ice right there in my hand. My body temperature was high, but the ice was cool enough to stay frozen for a little while. Too much longer, and it would have melted into a pool of water in my paw. I quickly tossed it, remember my original reason for digging it up in the first place.
Glancing down, I noticed a fish swimming by. This had been the reasoning for taking my anger out on the icy floor. I reached in to grab the fish, almost slapping it with my quickness of the hand. It wasn’t for me to eat, so I didn’t pick it up too hastefully, but when it was up and out of the cool water, I examined it. Then, not thinking bout it, I chucked it at him, trying to agrivate him to the point where he’d be so mad and not be able to think straight. If he was attacking off anger, then his attack would be weak, easy to avoid, and easily defeatable. But, it didn’t work. He simply shrugged it off. I growled.
“Impatient are we?” He said with an evil grin. I pounded on the ground in front of me. If it was a fight he wanted, then a fight he’d get. At this point, I didn’t care anymore. I wanted a chance to get a shot at him, whether it was good or bad. Whether it knocked him out, hurt him a lot, or just lightly touched him; I wanted my chance to try and kill him.

Polar Kingdom


Santa Cruz, United States

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Artist's Description

This is a story of a Polar Bear. And although i am a girl, the main character of this story is a boy. The part that is written already is just the beginning, after that part it goes into how it all began and all that. Well, it will! I haven’t written it yet, I actually just thought of this while reading other peoples stories, and thought that I had to write it down quickly while I still remembered. So, I went on to my stories section and added a new story. Which is this!! =]


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