Flames of Hell

The blade came closer and closer to her neck. Her bracelet dug into her wrist, breaking through, and letting blood drip out. The spikes he had put in her thighs hurt, and bled. The blood ran down her legs. He forced the blade to her skin. He pushed harder and harder into her throat. Her breathing accelerated. All the blood ran out of her face, and she was pale with fright. She begged for her freedom. But he kept pushing it into her neck. It started cutting through her skin and blood started gushing out. She screamed in agony. He pulled on her hair till it ripped out of her scalp. Allowing the blood to run down her face. She kicked and screamed and tried to escape. But he held her tight up against the wall.
He smiled at her slightly, and laughed. She could hear the hatred in his voice as he spoke. “I have been waiting for this moment for centuries. Now you shall DIE!!!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs as he dug his fingers into her chest and ripped out her heart. But she was silenced, as soon as the blade cut all the way through her flesh. Blood squirted every where, and her body fell motionless onto the floor. Her head rolled to his feet.
He spat at her, and bent down to look at her tortured face. He pulled out a pocketknife and dug it into her eye socket. Her eye popped out and fell to the side of her face. He quickly did the same to her other eye. He took both of them and smashed them under his shoe.
Her face was still someone beautiful, just as her body had been. Her perfect features frozen for all eternity. But, he couldn’t have left her as perfect as she was. He needed more than her slow, but painful death. He needed her to suffer beyond the grave. He wanted to trap her soul, and torture it. He never wanted to let her go.
The body lay there still as a stone, as blood drained from it. He walked over to it. And he slowly chopped it into pieces. Till you couldn’t even tell it had been a person at any point in time. He walked to his car, returning with a black garbage bag. He put all the pieces in the bag, and tied it. He started walking back to his car. He threw it into the back seat. Then, he grabbed the head, and got into the car. He set the head in the front. The blood from the head stained the seat. He sped off, leaving skid marks.
As he drove the blood seamed to slide back inside the girls head. But, he wasn’t watching. And although he couldn’t see, all the pieces of the girl’s body began to reassemble. Her head yearned for her body. Her arms slowly ripped open the bag and reached for the head. The man finally noticed and tried to smack the arm. But, the other arm reached for his neck and strangled him. He couldn’t breath. The head rolled into the open hand and was put back up onto the body. Which was by now fully returned to its natural beauty. The only thing missing were the eyes.
The man struggled to catch his breath. But, it seemed to slip away from him as quickly as he had caught it. He swerved the car, hoping to squish the zombie into the back, but her dead body stayed rapped around his neck as tightly as it could. He drove into a tree. This time, hoping to throw the zombie through the front window. But, again the dead girl didn’t budge. The man panicked.
The girl grabbed the man’s face. He screamed for help, but no one was around to help him. He had taken the girl to a place where no one lived so that no one would find out he had killed her. It had worked till the body somehow came back to life.
Her finger nails dug into his throat. She wanted to give him the same hospitality that he had given her. And, he screamed, and screamed, but she just dug farther and farther into his neck till her other hand found his eyes. She ripped out his eyes, and set them in her sockets. He tried to escape from the car, but in his blindness, accidently drove his car off a cliff.
The car came crashing down into the water, hitting the sharp teeth like stones at the top. The man tried to get out, but was suddenly crushed under a huge rock. He struggled so much that he lost all his air in a short amount of time. Since he couldn’t breath anymore, he fainted. And, as the car fell farther and farther into the ocean, the man slowly floated to the top. He woke up as a huge gush of wind blew at his face. He gagged, and breathed in the nice warm air. He stayed there for a few minutes, but soon returned to shore. Then, he sat down and rested.
But, at the ocean floor, something was moving, and moving fast. It soon got to the shore, and walked up onto the beach. And to the man’s surprise it was the girl. He turned to run, but she got to him before he could move. She sliced his wrists with her nails, and cut his neck with her teeth. She grabbed his knife from in his pocket, and pushed him onto his knees. He tried to crawl away, but she was right there behind him. She flipped him over, and yelled at him. He felt the hatred in her eyes pounding down on him. “Now, you shall become, a creature of the darkness. A creature from hell. Now, YOU SHALL DIE!!!!!” And she threw her arms forwards, hitting him in the stomach with the knife. He squirmed and screamed, but she held him there. She stabbed him and stabbed him, again and again. Till he was almost completely dead. Then, she pulled him up to his feet, bringing him close to her face. She held him by his hair. And she whispered to him, “GOOD NIGHT!” Then, she slit his throat and threw his head into the ocean. She grabbed a tree, and lit it on fire with her breath. She set it on top of him, and watched him burn.
She laughed to herself. “Now your burning in hell!” She laughed again, and then sat down and watched the man that had killed her, go up in flames.

Flames of Hell


Santa Cruz, United States

  • Artist

Artist's Description

This is a creepy short horror story. I am planning on making a sequal called “DEATH TO THE UNDEAD”

i just randomly thought this up one day when i was making suicide drawings with my friend. we have a death book. we make all the many ways that people could die, mostly suicidal, but some are homicide. i think them up, she draws them, cuz she’s a really good drawer. =]

when i write, i don’t come up with one big plan, i just think of a beginning and write off of that. i just write as i think it up. okay thats all i can say, but ya. READ IT!
or…thank you for reading!! =]


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