Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

There it was. It was right there in front of me. “Yes!” I breathed. It was the cookie jar. I was so close to it. I reached out to grab it. But, it disappeared, and I was falling into a spiral.
Suddenly, I woke up screaming. Damn! I thought to myself. I got up and walked to the kitchen. It was empty. Perfect!
I tip toed to the fridge and looked up. There, on the top of the freezer, was the cookie jar. It had one big, crumbly cookie left. I reached for it. Stretching my arms and legs. It was basically in my hand, when the light turned on.
“What are you doing?” Krissy shrieked. “Mom? Sam’s taking the cookie!” I froze, turning to look at her with cautious eyes, never moving my hands.
Then Bella walked in and stared at Krissy. “Shut up, wont you? I’m trying to sleep.” She turned to look at me. I quickly put my hand by my side. “Ach! No Fair!” She mocked. “What are you doing?” She scowled.
I glanced at the jar, and quickly looked away. She pretended to cough. I met her gaze. “Nothing,” I muttered.
“MOM!” They both screamed. Our mother came rushing in.
She was almost jumping. “Oh my god. Are you okay? What’s wrong?” She panicked. She turned to look at me. I glared at my sisters. “What is it?” She was starting to get annoyed.
“She was gonna eat the cookie.” Krissy told her, pointing at me.
Debra, my mother, slowed. “That’s all?” She wondered.
Krissy looked offended. “Yes!” She nodded.
“Go back to sleep girls.” Debra hushed us. She turned around and headed back to her room.
“Ruff Ruff,” Cleo barked at me. She was my puppy. Krissy stared at Cleo, then, left the room, followed by Bella.
“Come on!” I said, Irritated. I started heading for the door. Cleo rolled over and began to whine. “Stop it!” I insisted. She got up and led the way back to my room.
The next morning, was hard. I woke in a hurry. Brushed my teeth, washed my hair, got dressed, and went down stairs to eat.
By the time, I got to the kitchen; Krissy and Bella were already seated at the counter table. Debra was making pancakes. I sniffed the air, it smelt nice. I slowly walked over, and took an empty seat. My dog, Cleo, came obediently to my side, and sat down on the floor.
Krissy kicked back, and smugly asked, “When can I eat that cookie?”
Bella stared at her in shock. “Excuse me?” Bella protested, “You mean our cookie? When are we going to eat it?”
Krissy looked at Debra.
“Mom?” She whined. “You told me I could eat it.” Debra tensed. She was obviously trying to skip this conversation.
“Honey. You all can have it!” She smiled, half heartedly. Krissy looked stunned like, mom, had just told her she had to move out!
“But, but mom!” Krissy complained. Bella rolled her eyes. I just sat there listening. “You can’t give it to Sam, cuz she tried to steal it last night. She’s a thief! And…” she paused, “Bella’s to young.” She added smugly.
“Nope. I’ve made up my mind. You three can split it after school.” She glanced at the clock. “And, we’d better get going if you don’t wanna be late!” She grabbed her purse and walked out.
We all looked at each other. Krissy glared at me. Bella stared at her, and I frowned. “To be settled after school, then.” Krissy demanded. Bella and I just nodded. Then we all grabbed our bags and went to join Debra at the car.
When we got to school, we all got out of the car, except Debra. Krissy slammed her door shut. We all stood on the curb, waving, as Debra drove away. Then, we went off in different directions.
School went by in a blur, waiting for the moment when the cookie would be mine. The bell rang and school was over. I ran back to the same curb to wait for Debra. Krissy was already standing there. She got out five minutes before me.
Debra pulled up, and unlocked the doors to let us in. I headed for the passenger seat, but, Krissy cut me off. “Mine!” She whispered angrily. This was the beginning….of war!
I climbed into the back seat. All of a sudden, Bella came running up. “Wait, Wait!” She called. She got to the side door. “Scoot.” She growled, breathless. I slid across the seat, and she got in. She quietly shut the door, and looked out the window as we drove away.
“It’s mine!” Krissy screamed as she jumped out of the car. She ran for the door. I got out, cautiously turning to run for the door. Bella had already got there by the time I was to the steps. Debra locked the car. “Shoot! It’s locked.” Krissy said. Debra rolled her eyes.
Bella snuck off, and ran around to the side of the house. Krissy noticed, and chased after her. I waited for Debra to unlock the door.
Debra slowly walked to the door. Just then, we heard Krissy scream, followed by Bella’s loud, “NO!” Debra quickly unlocked the door and pushed it open. She went running down the hall. I followed.
We had run into the kitchen, where Krissy and Bella stood petrified. Broken glass on the floor. “What is it baby? What happened? Are you two alright?” She went quickly to check for scrapes and bruises.
“The cookie!” Bella yelped. “It’s gone!” I then noticed the glass of the cookie jar shattered on the floor.
“Who took it?” I asked, anxiously. Debra sat down.
Bella fell to her knees. “Mommy, I want another one!” She begged. Debra rolled her eyes again.
“Chill out you guys!” She insisted. “We’ll get to the bottom of this.” She reassured us. “Now Krissy, would you like to tell us what happened?” Debra asked.
Krissy nodded, and began to speak. “When I ran around the back of the house, I saw Bella trying to climb through a window. So, I snuck past her to the back door. Luckily it was unlocked. When I opened the door, the dog came running out.”
“Cleo,” I corrected. Then Debra hushed me.
“Let her finish.” She pleaded.
“Anyways,” Krissy started back up again, “Cleo ran out quickly, and then I ran inside. I walked into the kitchen and saw the broken glass. I looked up at the counter and the jar was gone. Then I screamed, and Bella ran up behind me, saw it and yelled, no! Then you guys came in.”
Debra nodded, “Okay Krissy. Now, how bout your story Bella?” She turned and smiled at her.
“Okay, it happened like this,” Bella began, “I had come around the side of the house. I saw the window. I ran up to it and looked inside. I saw the dog lick his lips a thousand times. Then, decided to climb through it. As I was trying to get through the window, Krissy, ran past me. I knew she was headed for the back door, so I hoped it would be locked. I wanted to get to the cookie first.”
“But obviously none of us did!” Krissy frowned.
“Shhh!” I yelled back, at her.
Bella continued, “I heard the door open and the dog ran out. Then, I saw Krissy run toward the kitchen. I finally fell inside. I was face down on the carpet, though. So, I started to get up. Then, I saw crumbs on the floor and a brown, muddy paw print. I didn’t think the dog had gone outside. Then, I heard Krissy scream and came running in. I saw that the cookie was gone and screamed, no! It’s the only thing I could think of. Then, you guys ran in!” She smiled, so proud and sure of herself.
Debra walked out of the room and we all followed. She trotted over to the rug with the crumbs. She looked at them, and then at the paw print stained onto the carpet. She bent down and smelt it. “Mhm,” She said. “Krissy, bring the dog in here please!” She asked, kindly.
Krissy went out and got the dog.
She studies the dog for a moment. “I think we have our criminal!” She said, satisfied.
“Really?” Bella sung, “Who? Where?”
Debra looked up. “Right here!” She nodded towards the dog. We all stared at her. “You see those smudges on the dogs teeth?” We looked, and then nodded. “And the glass in the dogs foot?” She pulled it out carefully. “He knocked over the cookie jar. Then, took and ate the cookie!”
“How did you know?” Krissy asked, curiously. “How did you figure it out?”
Debra looked confused. “I just told and showed you,” She practically laughed.
“No,” Bella said, “She means, how did you know to check the dog?” She added. Debra looked at Krissy. Krissy nodded.
“Well the paw print that smelled like chocolate,” She paused, we laughed, “was a dead give away!” She laughed, “I just wanted to check the dog to make sure.” She smiled.
Later that day, we all went to get cookies. Big, chocolate cookies.
They were delicious!

Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?


Santa Cruz, United States

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Artist's Description

a weird story i wrote a few years ago for an english class. i had to write a story with threw different endings, or three different views. and i thought i might as well elaborate on a classic. it sounded like the funnest thing to do. so i did. and it turned out alright.

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