Viola and the Queen

“Mother, oh mother, can I please be excused?” Viola whispered across the table. Her eyes beaming with anticipation, yet closing often because of her lack of sleep the last two nights. She needed to get to bed, for this is what she had been trying to ask her mother.
Her mother stared at her a brief moment and then spoke with a soothing voice, “Yes you may darling, but may I ask what the hurry is? You’ve barely touched your mashed potatoes.” Her mothers eyes glanced at her plate.
“Diana…,” She began, but was stopped by her mothers sigh. She always got so irritated when she used her real name instead of calling her mother. Viola didn’t need anymore of a explanation, she was used to her mothers weird behavior; so she just started over, continuing as if she had not been interrupted. “Mother, I am tired, I need some sleep. You and Papa have kept me up all night studying for those exams. I need to rest now.” And with that she got up and took her plate to the kitchen where it would be cleaned later. She then walked slowly down the hall and to the right, and up the stairs, to her room.
Reaching her room she basically flew to her bed, in a rush, hurrying to get to bed. She slipped off her sandals and put on her night gown, then went to lay down on her bed. Her arm reached up to turn off the light; flicking the switch twice, for the first time only made it dimmer. And as soon as her hand came back down to her side, and her head hit the pillow; she was out cold.

“Oh no, how shall I ever get this cake to the baker on time?” A small voice worried outside her window. She grumbled, unable to wake up; but she soon opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling. The voice spoke again, this time in more of a whisper to himself than his loud statement before. “Oh no, oh god, what shall I do? My driver is gone, and so is the truck. Where should I put the cake, how should I carry it and how shall I get there now?
Viola sat up in confusion. Who was this person? What were they talking about? And, where did they come from? She heard fumbling and groaning outside, so she looked out the window. At first, she could see nothing, just a faint shimmer in the darkness; but as her eyes adjusted, she noticed a little lizard looking through a box of tools.
The lizard was larger than a normal lizard by, maybe, twelve or thirteen times; but looked quite normal, as in, no birth defects of any kind shown on his body. Although, you couldn’t see his whole body, for he wore a little brown suit with leather brown shoes; dress shoes, to be exact; and he wore a small English cap on his head. The suit he wore was not a full suit, just the top half; for his bottom half was bare. And, as Viola stared at him, she thought he looked rather cute.
She called to him, “Oh lizard, what are you doing?”
With much shock, the lizard stood up and turned around; reveling a little pink rose attached to his jacket. He looked up at her in surprise and amazement. “where did you come from?” He asked suspiciously.
“Why, I live here,” She said confused, “What are you doing on my lawn?”
The lizard in turn just looked confused, and looked at her as if she were rather crazy. “You lived…here?” He asked glances to each side of the girl. “But, I could have sworn this was the forest!?” He said, even more confused than before.
“The forest? Oh no,” Viola laughed, “You are mistaken. This is my home. This is my house!” She giggled a few times, trying to make sense of it all; it wall all very peculiar.
Now the lizard looked very confused, to the point of exhaustion. He seemed that he couldn’t figure something out; but Viola didn’t understand why he acted this way till the lizard spoke once again. “Your home you say? Your house? But, that is impossible,” he said smugly, “There is nothing here but trees and stumps.”
Viola looked around her and noticed that he was right. She was standing in her night gown, in the middle of the forest; no sign of a house for miles. She gasped.
“This is most definitely the forest,” the lizard stated, “I think YOU are the one that is lost.” And with that, he turned back around and continued to search through his tool box.
Viola stared at him in shock, and then glanced around her. She was so frighten; for she had never been in the woods before; she didn’t know what to do.

She had walked for ages, and still nothing; she didn’t know where she was, where home was, or where anything was. It was getting darker by the second, and every direction looked the same. The trees were all the same type of tree, and they had no distinctive difference to them; at least nothing she noticed.
All of a sudden she heard a strange noise coming from behind her, so she turned around; and spotted a large women being carried on a silver bed, with gold lining. She had four people carrying her; one at each corner; and she also had two men, at either side, waving rather huge feather like things at her; to cool her down.
The men on each corner; carrying the enormous bed; had a gold suit, with a purple sash hanging over them as if they were in a “Miss Beauty” pageant. The sleeves of the suit were cut at the shoulders, reveling their overly size muscles and their extraordinary tan coloring.
The two men at either side wore; maple colored bandanna’s on there heads, and green colored shoes. The shoes were very complex, with every little gem or jewel it contained, and it was all sewed together in a beautiful little pattern that seemed to fit them very well. For their outfits they wore; blue and gray, silk pajama like wear. It was very beautiful also, and complimented there color of skin; which was also dark like the four men standing at each corner.
Viola walked forward, slowly inching her way towards them; but before she reached them, something got in her way, and knocked her to the ground. As she stood up, her head was spinning. She couldn’t catch sight of who had knocked her over, in fact, she couldn’t really see anything around her. Not that she was blind, but more that, what she saw was too unrealistic to be categorized as actually seeing anything at all.
The bird like head came close to her face and cocked its head to the side. While the other head, which looked more like a goat mixed in with some cat and dolphin; maybe even gorilla; pecked at her feet.
“Ouch! That hurts,” She scolded the bird type creature, “Bad thing. Shoo, get away!”
The animal just seemed like look at her, not understanding a word of what she was saying; and soon enough the second head started pecking at her feet again. She tried once more to politely tell the creature no; but it just wouldn’t listen; so she pushed past it with much force and walked away.
When she finally escaped the animals annoying presence, she looked around for the lady she had seen being carried on the enormous gold and silver bed. But her light brown hair, that had been spun into a huge bun on top her head, and her large, plum body; with a dress of a kind of mix between the colors purple and pink, which was also made of silk; was no wear to be seen. Nothing, again, in any directions.
Soon she got overwhelmed and began to cry. She knelt down on the mossy forest floor and cried herself to sleep.

When she woke up, she was back in her room and back in her house. Everything, as far as she could tell, was back to normal. She got up, put on her slippers and ventured down stairs.
“Mummy? Mummy, where are you?” She called for her mom, but no one replied, so she walked through the kitchen to the living room. There sat her mother, Diana.
Her mother looked up at her face, and then ran urgently to her side. “What is it my darling? What happened?”
“Where’s the fat lady, and the lizard, and that….that thing?” She said, disgusted, looking around franticly.
“What in the world are you talking about?” Diana asked in shock; but her daughters thoughts were else where. “Honey it was just a dream. Just a dream darling, I promise.” Her mother rubbed her back and looked deeply into her eyes. “I promise,” She said again, with that lovely English accident Viola grew to know and love.
Viola smiled. “Yes mother, I know. It was all just a dream.” She smiled again, a warm half-hearted smile.
Her mother gave her another look and then took her in her arms. “I love you darling,” she said into her daughters ear, before releasing her again. “Would you like some tea and cookies?”
“I’d love some mother,” she said happily. “Maybe after all it WAS just a dream,” she thought; but she couldn’t completely convince herself. It had been so real, and very strange, but quite magical at the same time. She grabbed a magazine off the end table, next to the couch, and sat down at the dining table to read.

Viola and the Queen


Santa Cruz, United States

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Artist's Description

This is kind of like an “alice in wonderland” piece. it is very confusing in that sort of way, and changes places often. It is an adventure piece, and i am writing it for the contest “Revenge of the Pawn” hosted by the group “Spherical Scriptings”. Others should enter too. You can enter as many pieces as you want, but I think this shall be my only piece. I am trying ot figure out whether to have a lot of dialog or not. For, I need to add some or the story will not work, but I’m not exactly sure how much to add. Any feedback or help on this piece would be very apriciated.
Thank you! =]


……….and as for the part about chess; it’s coming up, but she has to go on a little more of an adventure first!!

“i dont know how many words or letters are already written, and if it ends up that when i turn it in it is too long; then so be it. i like my writing no matter what, and after thinking bout this piece for a long time; i think it is going to be great!”


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