Sunshine - Ch. 1

Ch. 1 – “Too Beautiful”

Judy walked into the classroom, her light blue eyes were intriguing, and glistening in the sun light. She wore her hair up on her head, spun into a bun. Her silky skin; smooth and warm against her clothes. The purple T-shirt she wore hung over her in an awkward war. As she walked, she shifted her weight from left to right. She was so beautiful, so perfect.

Next came Tawnya. Her amber eyes glowing and warming the room. She was very friendly. Just then, the bell rang and everyone scattered to their places. As we sat, I noticed a boy, named Charlie, staring at me from behind his lashes. He was stunning. I blushed.

I sat up straight, feeling a little intimidated by his power over me. Right then, the wind blew the warm air into the room. It caressed my face and tangled my hair. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the breeze.

Just then I heard someone call my name, “Jessica?” I opened my eyes. Staring at me, with curious eyes, was Charlie.

My heart stopped, I couldn’t breath. I responded quickly, “Yes?” Now he looked amused, what was so funny?

Then I noticed I had dropped my book. I glanced down at the floor. “Oops,” I mumbled. He kept looking at me “What do you want?” I asked.

He glanced down at the book, then bent down and picked it up. He set it on my desk and looked at me again. “I was just wondering…,” he paused, “would you like to go to dinner with me sometime?” The words came out in a rush.

I stared at him confused, “Me?” How could he be asking me? He nodded. I pondered that thought for a moment. “Absolutely!” I sounded a little too excited, but he didn’t seem to notice.

The day went by in a blur. Some how I was now home; sitting in my room, staring at the wall. It was boring at my house. Nothing much to do.

I looked up in shock as my door opened. I relaxed back into my chair, noticing it was just my cat, Cookie. The chair was warm. I sank right into it, getting back in my nothingness mood.

Later, the phone rang. I jumped up and answered it. “Hello?” I asked, “Who is it?” I wondered.

A small voice replied with a, “Hi, can I talk to Jessica?”

Again I wondered who it was, but I didn’t ask. “this is Jessica!” I squeaked.

“oh hey Jess, it’s Charlie,” he sounded more cheerful now. His voice was louder.

What do I say? Oh-no. I paused, “Why’d you call?” It was a little rude, I sounded pretty irritated.

His enthusiasm died down. “I can call another time if you want,” he sounded sad. I regretted the hostility.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I’m just tired. I don’t mind talking. What would you like?” I pleaded.

“Uhm…,” he hesitated, “do you wanna go out…tonight?” He was silent.

My hear was beating so fast. It was so loud; I could have sworn he heard it. He laughed at my pause. “I would love to!” I answered, “sounds great.”

He laughed again. “Should I come and pick you up now?” He asked, delighted that I’d said yes.

I answered too quickly, “Of course sure…,” he sounded happy, “yes!”

“Okay, I’m coming.” He hung up the phone. All of a sudden I noticed I was in my pajama’s. I had to change, brush my hair. Where were we going? I didn’t know what to do. Something I had completely forgot about…my parents were here!

“Oh-no!!!” I ran down stairs, they were sitting in the living room. My clothes started to feel heavy, so I ran back up stairs and changed my cloths. I quickly told my parents they should rest, because I was going to take them somewhere special tomorrow. They agreed, they looked pretty tired anyways. Damn, now I had to plan that. They went up stairs to sleep. I tried to relax and then…the door bell rang!

What do I do? What do I do? I was freaking out! I tried to calm myself. I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine. I repeated that to myself over and over.

The door bell rang again. I went to the door, and hesitated. I reached for the knob and opened it.

“Hi,” Charlie said brightly. His smile warm. It made me calm down quickly, “you ready?”

I looked at him cautiously. “where, exactly, are we going?” I watched his expression.

“Come with me and I’ll show you!” His face revealed nothing. He looked me over, “Nice!”

I paused, “You like it?” He smiled.

“Very beautiful,” he held out his hand for me to grab it, “shall we?”

I took his hand in mine, “Let’s go.” And we walked out the door.

We got in his car. He smiled again. The car backed out slowly. Then…we were off!

Sunshine - Ch. 1


Santa Cruz, United States

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random. idk. i wrote this a while again. last year or something.

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