My Unfinished Novel "Chapter Two"

The boy came running into the house with a carton of milk and a box of eggs. “Here it is aunt Margret!! All of it. I got the milk, and I got the eggs, now I’m going up stairs to my room…” Zoey laughed. “What?” Pancho asked innocently.
Zoey smiled, “Its okay Pancho, I’ve already done them.”
Pancho looked confused, “You’ve done what, aunt Margret?”
“I’ve already done all your chores, your off the hook. You can go up stairs and play your video games.” Zoey said happily, “But next time I ask you to do your chores, you better get them done! I wont always be so nice. I’ve been going easy on you these last few years. You need to step it up a notch and help out around the house. If you help out with what I ask, you can visit your friend and play our video games whenever you want. Do we have a deal?” Zoey stuck out her hand towards him.
He didn’t quite believe his aunt, but he grabbed her hand and shook it. “Deal!” Zoey smiled, and Pancho ran upstairs to his room.

Later that day Pancho and Jimbo went to play ball in the park. They were convinced that all the big baseball players had started out in that exact field. While they ran around, passing the ball back and forth, another boy arose from across the lawn.
His name was Charlie Cappiton(cap-ee-tohn). And he was the meanest boy in school. All the other kids were frightened of him, so when Jimbo saw him, he ran and hid behind a bush near the field edge. Pancho turned to see what he was running from and saw Charlie standing there in the mist.
“What makes him think he’s so tough?” Pancho slammed his fist into his palm. Then Pancho heard someone whisper from behind him. He turned around and spotted Jimbo hiding behind a fairly thick bush with lots of leafs and lots of branches. He seemed to be stuck in to the bush, for it was pushing him and pulling him in every direction. “Jimbo? Get out of there. You’re making a fool of yourself in front of Charlie. You can’t let him know you’re afraid.”
“But Pancho…” Jimbo complained. Pancho gave him an angry look, and Jimbo sighed. “Fine. But we aint doin’ no fightin’.” He squirmed in the bush. “Uhh. Pancho? Come here. I need help.”
Pancho walked over to the bush and pulled Jimbo out. “You really aren’t that bright are you?” Pancho laughed as Jimbo brushed himself off.
Pancho kept on laughing. “Okay. Okay. Enough, it wasn’t that….” Jimbo cut off as soon as he saw what was standing right behind Pancho.
“What? Jimbo what is it?” Pancho looked at Jimbo as if he had gone crazy.
Jimbo motioned with his head, and said so slowly that he basically spit it through his teeth. “Look behind you!” Pancho turned around stiffly.
“Hello friend.” Charlie said with a snarl. “Are you playing ball on my field?”
Jimbo stared blankly into Charlie’s eyes.
Pancho looked at Jimbo and then back at Charlie. “This is a public park. We live here same as you. We have right to be here.” Pancho felt tougher now than ever. Like he could beat through anything, beat down anyone. He felt strong enough to stand up to Charlie, and figured that if it did become a fight that he could easily win it and send Charlie crying home to his mommy. But as soon as Charlie spoke again, he froze.
“Back off. Ill squish you punk. You little guys think your pretty tough, huh? Standing up to me? Ill have you know I could squash you in a second, nothings holding me back. But, I’m gonna let you off with a warning this time. Get off my field, and stay off. And if you ever come back…your dead!” His voice sent chills down Jimbo’s spine.
Jimbo snapped out of his trance and stood up straight. “Were sorry sir. Very sorry indeed. Wont ever happen again. Promise!” Jimbo turned to walk away. “Pancho? Aren’t you coming? He said to get out of here. I think you should listen to him.” Pancho stood still. Staring at his feet. Trying to think of something to get them out of this mess and get rid of Charlie once and for all. “Come on Pancho, lets get out of here!”
“I’d listen to your friend tough guy. I could snap you just like that. You better get out of here weakling. Go run home to your mama.” Pancho stood still, clenching his fists in rage. He was fairly sensitive about the parent issue. “Oh. What’s that?” Charlie took a step closer. “Your mama’s dead? Speak up boy! Did your mom leave you? Do you have no loving mother to run to? No one to hold you when your weak? That’s too bad…truly is. I’m sorry mama’s boy. But you should be getting home. You should be running by now.” He took another step closer to Pancho.
Jimbo ran back and yanked of Pancho’s arm, but he didn’t budge. “Pancho! Come on man! I told you we need to get out of here! Lets go!” He kept yanking on his arm till he had basically yanked it off. But, Pancho didn’t move. He was waiting. Waiting for the right moment to make his move.
“What’s that tough guy? Gonna go cry? Come on kid! I told you to go run along with your friend. What more do you want from me? I am so close to just breaking our legs. I could hurt you so easily. I’m giving you a freebe. First, and only one you get. So you can either take it, or stay and die! Your choice. But I think you’d rather pick the one with the happy ending.”
Jimbo tugged harder on Pancho’s arm. “COME ON PANCHO!! COME ON!!” Charlie stepped closer to Pancho, so close that he was almost touching. Jimbo stepped back.
“Last chance tough guy.” Pancho looked up at Charlie with anger rushing through his body and stirring around in his eyes. “No? Okay then…!?” Charlie raised his arm, as to smack the boy.
Just then, Jimbo ran and jumped at Charlie. Knocking him to the ground. “Pancho get out of here!” Jimbo yelled as he darted for the forest. Pancho ran after him, just as Charlie regained enough strength to stand up and chase after them both.
The boys ran for their lives, weaving in and out of trees. Charlie came after them at a steady pace. He slowly started to accelerate. He was right behind the tow boys. Charlie reached for their shirts. Jimbo jumped to the right side as did Pancho to the left. Just then, Charlie smacked into a tree. He fell over and almost passed out.
For the few moments while he was out, Jimbo and Pancho climbed up separate trees. Pancho climbed to a point where the tree started to thin out, but Jimbo wasn’t smart enough to climb up that far. He only climbed up far enough to get at least six feet off the ground. For, Jimbo, was afraid of heights.
Charlie got up off the ground and saw Jimbo struggling to keep his balance in the low tree branches. He ran towards him and jumped up as he got to the tree. His fingertips grazed Jimbo’s knee. Jimbo panicked and climbed up and up. Charlie tried to follow him up the tree but couldn’t seem to get a grasp of the tree branches, not allowing himself to be pulled up into the tree. As for Jimbo, he now sat at the very tippy top of the tree. It wiggled and swayed but Jimbo would not get down any lower.
Charlie soon gave up and went after Pancho. Who, unfortunately picked an easier tree to climb. So, although he had gone farther up in the tree, he was an easier target. So Charlie started to climb up the tree.
Pancho climbed up and slightly to the left where another tree stood, about 10 feet away. He thought maybe, just maybe, if he could jump to the next tree that he would give himself some time to run away. But, as he looked at the distance between the two trees he rethought the idea and turned around to go a different way. “LOOK OUT!” Jimbo called, just as Charlie snuck up behind him. Pancho had no choice but to jump. He took a deep breath and threw himself into the air.
He landed successfully on a branch, but it started to woggle and he fell off. He reached for a branch and caught it with his hand. He then swung himself to the ground and ran to the tree that Jimbo was hiding on. He jumped up to the first branch and twirled himself around it to get up right. Then, he slowly climbed upward to go get Jimbo.
As all this was happening, Charlie had managed to get out of the tree, and was now running straight for the tree that now held both Jimbo and Pancho. Jimbo squealed. “Come on!” Pancho screamed at his best friend. But, Jimbo refused to move from his spot. Pancho climbed up to a branch that looked like it was about to break. From here, he could reach Jimbo’s foot. “Come on! We have to go, unless you wish to be toast!” He tugged on his foot. Jimbo started to fall over.
“Ill get you for this!!” Charlie yelled at them. He was slowly climbing the branches upward and was very close to where Pancho and Jimbo both sat.
Pancho looked down at where Charlie was climbed. He noticed that the branches were very weak and breakable. One wrong step could snap them in half. He looked up at Jimbo and smiled.
“What are you smiling about? Were about to die. Why could you possibly be happy?” Jimbo’s voice was strained.
Pancho grabbed Jimbo’s foot. “I’ve got a plan! Come with me.” He started climbing down the tree, breaking off branches as he went.
Jimbo just looked at him confused. “Okay. But, this better be a good plan.” He started climbing down to.
“Come on Jimbo! Get down here. And help me break off these branches.” Jimbo climbed down faster and got to where Pancho was waiting. “Once Charlie reaches that branch down there, you have to shake this branch here. And, I’ll get the one beneath him. Stay here. I’m gonna go climb over there. When I give you the signal…SHAKE!” Jimbo nodded, and Pancho climbed down on the opposite side.
Charlie came up in a hurry, focusing in on the easy pray above him. Jimbo. He was just about to the branch where Jimbo sat when he heard Pancho scream, “NOW!” And then everything started to shake. The branch he was grabbing for support started to shake, and the one beneath his feet. He looked down to see Pancho shaking the branch. Then he heard a slight crack.
“No. No! NO!” The one beneath his feet broke off and he was hanging on for dear life by the one branch above, which was shaking him silly. He started to reach for Jimbo’s leg. Trying to force himself up and knock off one of them.
“Shake it harder!!” Pancho yelled.
“It wont brake!” Jimbo Yelled back, just as Charlie grabbed his foot. “Pancho! Help! Help me! Pancho!?”
Pancho climbed up the side branches and caught up to Jimbo. He punched at Charlie’s Body, and shook the branch harder, which made Charlie go for Jimbo’s other leg. But luckily Jimbo was quick enough to get his foot out of the way. Pancho climbed in closer and whispered to Jimbo.
“On the count of three. Push down hard of the branch with your other foot.” Jimbo looked at him. “Trust me! This will work. You’ll be fine. I promise!” Jimbo nodded.
Pancho got ready. “One…two…” Jimbo gulped. “THREE!” Jimbo pushed down on the branch, and Pancho grabbed Jimbo’s foot and yanked off Charlie’s hand, just as the branch cracked and sent Charlie falling to the earth.
Just then, Jimbo lost his balance and fell off the branch too. “PANCHO!” Pancho flipped out his hand and grabbed Jimbo’s arm. He slowly pulled him up. And then, they sat their for a sec, looking down at Charlie’s dead frozen body. They climbed down the tree and ran to Pancho’s House.

When they got home, they burst in the door and ran to the faucet to get a drink of water. Zoey stepped out from the next room. “Boys?” They turned around and she took a quick look at them. “BOYS! What happened to you?”
They kept their mouths shut. Zoey examined the scraps and cuts they had all over themselves. “We didn’t mean to kill him! We didn’t mean to! Honest!” Jimbo blurted out.
“OH GOD! Who’s dead? Boys! What did you do?” Zoey felt rage and sorrow and had no way of holding back her emotions.
Pancho hit Jimbo on the back of the head. “Nice going dumb ass.”
“I couldn’t help it. Your aunt scares me. And, we couldn’t have just left him there for someone to find.”
“Jimbo. Thank you! Pancho? Not okay. What were you thinking? Take me to this person right away.” They lead her to Charlie’s body.
Zoey gasped. “Boys! How could you?”
“We didn’t mean to! Honest Ms. Margret!” Jimbo sweared. “He was trying to hurt us.” He confessed.
Zoey didn’t know what to say. Stuck between the two emotions of shock and anger. “Why were you fighting with this boy in the first place?”
Jimbo fell to the ground, holding his hands in prayer. “Pancho started it, I did nothing. Please don’t tell my parents!”
“PANCHO?” Zoey screamed.
“I did no!” Pancho denied. “Jimbo jumped at him first, he started it.”
“That was only to save you. You weren’t moving. He was gonna hurt you Pancho! What was I suppose to do? He gave us a freebe. You should have just left with me! Non of this would have happened if you would have just left with me.”
“ That is a dirty rotten lie. It wouldn’t have changed anything. And you know it. It had nothing to do with me. And if we hadn’t stood up against him, he would have kept bullying kids everywhere. He wouldn’t have hurt us this time. But what about next time? Or the time after that. There would have been no end. You know that. He filled you with rage, and you lashed out at him! I didn’t do anything in that part. This is all your fault!” Pancho said these words as though he was cussing.
Jimbo growled. “Ya right! I’m a dirty rotten liar? I think not. You’re the one that’s lying. How dare you put the blame on me! And you’re the reason were in this mess. You should have just walked away.”

My Unfinished Novel "Chapter Two"


Santa Cruz, United States

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Artist's Description

The reason its called “My Unfinished Novel” is because i haven’t finished it, and i didnt want another one of my projects to be called “Not Finished”. It’s not the real name of the story, and although i have been working on this story for some time, it’s not finished, and i have no name for it….yet!?

this is the SECOND CHAPTER of my unfinished novel. THIS IS AS FAR AS I GOT. i have no more chapters i have written. in fact, this chapter is not finished either. but i have been busy lately and havent had the time to finish it. BUT I LIKE IT JUST THE SAME. and i hope u do too. I SPENT A LONG TIME WRITING THIS. so please read as much as you can and tell me what you think. thank you! =]



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