My Unfinished Novel "Chapter One"

“Pizza’s ready Pancho. Come and get it, or you’ll be eating cold pizza for dinner.” Zoey yelled. She was over telling Pancho time and time again to eat his food. He was always so wrapped up in his music that he never had time to eat. She felt that if she took the time to make him food, that he should take the time to eat, and enjoy it. Of course Zoey made everything from scratch. She loved to cook. But, she spoiled the boy in so many ways that the cooking only made him a thief. She was too nice and gave him too many things, and he never gave her anything in return. Not even the love that she gave him ever hour of the day. Of course this was never her job in the first place. She could have refused to take the boy in. But, she promised her sister she’d take good care of the boy, and that’s what she intended to do.
“PANCHO! YOU GET YOUR BUTT DOWN HER RIGHT NOW, AND EAT YOUR PIZZA, OR SO HELP ME GOD, I WILL SEND YOU TO AN ORPHANAGE!!” This was the punishment that always got him to do what she wanted. But, of course she didn’t say it often, for she felt it too mean to be said on a daily basis.
Pancho came running down the stares. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” The boy scowled. He ran to the kitchen and sat down. She handed him the pizza, and the boy basically scarfed it all down in one bite.
“That’s better,” Zoey said with a smile on her face, “Now, when your finished with that, you run down to the corner store and get me some milk. I’ve got none left. And while you’re at it, why don’t you get me some eggs too. I have been killing for some scrambled eggs.” She smiled as she thought of herself eating scrambled eggs on the beach, with her toes in the nice warm sand, and her hair blowing in the breeze.
Pancho jumped up, grabbing the money from Zoey’s hand, and ran for the door. “Wait just a minute young man!” Zoey demanded, right as Pancho’s foot hit the front door. He stopped and turned around to look at her.
“Yes aunt Margret?” The boy smiled innocently. Zoey smiled too, happy that he remembered to use her last name when addressing her in public. Well, it wasn’t really public, because it was their house. But, it was public in the sense that Zoey sometimes sold her cakes and pies there on weekends. So it was sometimes a very public and lively place. But, of course, when it was like that, the boy was never around. She always sent him off to play with his little friend, Jimbo, across the street. She never did care for Jimbo that much, but as long as he was out of her hair while she worked, Jimbo was the perfect distraction.
“You’ve forgotten to do your laundry.” She pointed to a pile of clothes on the kitchen floor, right next to the stack of dirty dishes that the boy should have done the night before. “I’ve told you at least once or twice, that I like to keep the house tidy. And how could I possibly keep it tidy when the chores I assign you do not get done in time for anything else to happen around here. I told you last night to get those dishes done, and they are still just sitting there, just like any other day. Pancho Bendidous! What am I going to do with you?” She stomped her foot on the wooden floor so hard that one of the boards broke and she yelled out different curses to stop the bad things from happening.
Pancho quickly ran out the door, assuming he probably only had about three minutes to escape before she turned right around and blamed him for the floor boards too. It wasn’t his fault they were old and dirty, and he didn’t want to be blamed for anything else. For, he thought, if he should do anything for that mean old lady, that he do it now, before she turn him to stone and ship him to an orphanage. Of course, she wasn’t really that mean. She was only mean on rare occasions, normally after something bad had happened. But, that wasn’t always the case. And, he was just too spoiled to know when what she was saying made sense. He thought that whenever she asked him to do chores, that she wanted too much from him. And, that she should be the one doing all the work, for he was only of the age 12, and couldn’t possibly accomplish anything on his own.
Zoey ripped up the broken floorboard, and set it on the counter. She then took the dustpan, and the broom from the closet and swept up the remaining splinters of wood lying around. When she finished, she threw them in the trash and put away the tools. She then sat down at the counter and began to drink her coffee that she had made earlier this morning, but never got around to drinking till just now. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and laid her head down on the counter top. Her cheeks slowly pinkening to a light rose color, and her eyes closed tight to release stress. She rested there for several minutes before getting up to wash the many dirty dishes.

My Unfinished Novel "Chapter One"


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The reason its called “My Unfinished Novel” is because i haven’t finished it, and i didnt want another one of my projects to be called “Not Finished”. It’s not the real name of the story, and although i have been working on this story for some time, it’s not finished, and i have no name for it….yet!?

this is the first chapter. as you can read in my writings, i have already published the PROLOGUE for this book. i already put it on here. THIS IS THE FIRST CHAPTER. and there is a second too, that i will be adding shortly. this book is not finished, and the second chapter is not finished either, but i intent to add it so you can see what ive written. PLEASE GIVE ME FEEDBACK on (all of my written pieces), but mostly on all of the ones title “My Unfinished Novel”, because i am currently working on that one, and i want to get it finished. so please help, any comments about any of them will help a lot. THANKS! =]

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