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Earth Ox 1949 and 2009
Designed by Detnecs
Earth Ox 1949 and 2009 Earth Oxen are the most reliable and diligent of all the Oxen. Earth Oxen have few negative characteristics. These Oxen have good judgment, and an understanding of successful financial dealings. Other people look up to Earth Oxen in part due to their reliability, sincerity and modest ambitions. They can be relied upon to tackle any workload when it becomes too overbearing for others. They are loyal and compassionate with family and friends. As might be expected those born under the influence of the Ox are usually fortunate to be stable and persevering. The Ox is a tolerant person with strong character. Not many people could equal the resolution and fearlessness the Ox exhibits when engaged in a task or an objective. This great creature created our civilization by plowing the soil day after day, and as such it is not unusual to find Ox people laboring through their daily responsibilities either at work or at home without complaint or gripe. Oxen know they will only succeed through hard work and sustained effort and find no truth or benefit in concocting get-rich-quick schemes. Ox years are second in Chinese astrological sequence and recur every twelve years. Though the starting day of the year may vary the majority of people born in the years 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 and 2009 are Ox people. Pragmatic and down-to-earth, Ox people are motivated to work hard and are known to have no respect for lazy or careless people. They can be easily trusted and put trust in others; they are not dependent on friends and family and find answers or solutions to problems. The rarely ask other people for help or guidance. The rest of us however, can, without a doubt rely on Oxen, who are always honest and meticulous about their responsibilities. They do not feel the need for many distant or causal friendships. They value the strong bonds they share with their partners and families, and often make close friends that last a lifetime. Initially open-minded, Ox people make an informed decision about something, and rarely change it. Some see this defining characteristic as obstinacy, but it is actually the way an Ox learns to be strong, brave and straightforward. It is the way the Ox generally approaches tasks and responsibilities and in the process learns to be reliable for others. Oxen are more comfortable with the well-known as opposed to the unfamiliar. Beneath their unpretentious, tranquil exterior lies a heart of gold and a motivation to prosper. The Chinese name for Ox is NIU, the sign of industry. January is the month of the ox and as such the Western astrological counterpart is Capricorn. The Ox is obstinate, prone to pouting, truthful, motivated, friendly, apathetic, and genuine but usually quick-tempered Earth will absorb Water signs and be nourished. Earth will bear Metal signs. Fire signs create Earth, and Wood signs part Earth. With just these few simple concepts the Earth Ox can seek the partner of their greatest compatibility In matters of Love Oxen fare best with the Rabbit, Rat, Snake, Pig and Rooster. Avoid the Dragon, Tiger, Sheep and Dog. Other Oxen will bore you. In short marry a Water Rabbit, Rat or Snake Avoid the Wood Sheep. Oxen dislike idle banter. They don't usually have fun at parties and don’t usually have extended friendship circles. They are not very sociable and prefer to spend their time at home with their families. An Ox in love, does not affirm his feelings verbally, they are much more likely to show you how they feel. An Ox takes a great deal of time to ensure you are the right match for them. The main reason for this is Oxen hate change, and search diligently for someone who is ready to embark upon a stable marriage. Oxen never rush into anything and are never flirtatious people. When committed to you they will be faithful and expect the same from their partner. As unbelievable as it seems, many Oxen marriages fall apart after a couple of years. This is often because the Ox is too dominant and inflexible. Oxen will blame everyone but themselves for the failure. Those that do avoid this pitfall can build and maintain a close-knit family. Given this happier scenario Oxen will be completely devoted to the household. Oxen are strong, silent, reliable people who sometimes take for granted that their relationship is a partnership. Others may find them stubborn and overbearing. The Chinese lunar calendar is considered to be the longest chronological record of time, dating back to 2637 BC when the zodiac was first introduced. Each Chinese lunar year is represented by an animal sign. Lord Buddha realizing he was about to reach the final level of enlightenment requested a meeting with all the animals of the world so he could bless them. Only twelve animals responded. In recognition of their devotion, Lord Buddha then named each year of the twelve-year cycle in their honor. Each year is named according to the order in which the animals appeared before him. For centuries this system of five basic elements and twelve personality types has been used to help compatible couples find happiness and marital bliss. In the past matching was usually done by a village matchmaker. It is my intention to combine this ancient system of finding love with the modern internet. Millions of people use internet matchmaking sites only to find matches half way around the world. For a fraction of the price, you can buy your personalizes Chinese astrology shirt and the shirts of those best suited for you and start to wear them. Who knows a Fire Rabbit may just walk up to you and say "I have been looking for you all my life" Or you may be wearing a Water Tiger shirt and someone absolutely perfect says, "Hey that's my sign" So let my grand social experiment begin.
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Earth Ox 1949 and 2009 by Detnecs