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The Four Ages of Acid    Synthesized Bicycles  by Detnecs
The Four Ages of Acid    Synthesized Bicycles  Unisex T-Shirt Front
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The Four Ages of Acid Synthesized Bicycles
Designed by Detnecs
LSD was first synthesized on November 16, 1938 by Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann at the Sandoz Laboratories in Basel, Switzerland, as part of a large research program searching for medically useful ergot alkaloid derivatives. Considering the need for religious hysteria was at a lull other uses for the nasty little parasite were being sought. Five years later, when Hofmann, returned to work on the substance. He attributed the discovery of the compound's psychoactive effects to the accidental absorption of a tiny amount through his skin. As if my mom would have been dumb enough to buy that one. Later he was to test a larger amount on himself. Way to go Ziggy, took one for the team. Until 1966, LSD and psilocybin were provided by Sandoz Laboratories free of charge to interested scientists under the trade name "Delysid". Not to be confused with Sid and Nancy, a LSD and psilocybin experiment of a later era. As you all know by now. I have long held a fascination with the sinographs of Chinese Writing. To be even reasonably fluent in this script one must memorize from 3 to 4 thousand of these detailed logographs. A Kangxi dictionary contains approximately 47,000 distinct characters. Unlike the first, the second series of Acid trips were something you experimented with your Sophomore year at Yale, only you had to wear horn rim glasses, a skinny tie and a white lab coat. Orange and green were mandatory decorating color schemes at university housing. The second Character in this series is a tribute to those brave geeks of the laboratories who ingested the synthetic electric bread rode home on their bicycles and then attempted to make sense of those babbled contents of the books of revelations while listening to Theloneous Monk records.. Job well done.
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Unisex T-Shirt

The Four Ages of Acid Synthesized Bicycles by Detnecs