Features - January 10th through the 18th

Today is the first day I’ve looked at RB for a week and I am happy to find I’ve had so many features while I’ve been away. Even more happy to discover one of my photos won a challenge! I’d like to thank everyone who had the tiniest bit to do with winning that challenge and getting these features. You have all given me a great boost to my spirits!

On Jan. 10 _Liquid Christmas was featured in Globes, Spheres, and Curves

On the 13th Brooch was featured in Bubble Boutique

Yesterday Christmas Elf won the Old Christmas Decorations challenge held by Nostalgic Art and Photography thus earning a feature in that group.

Today Babyfaces of Redbubble gives me a feature for Giggles. I use a cropped version of this for my avatar at the moment.
And Metallic Junction gives a feature to Keys!

This brings my 2009 feature total to 7 so far.

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