Peek-a-boo! It's about time for you to see me...

I admit I liked my avatar with that square strawberry, but since most people here use a picture of themselves I now come out into the open also. The strawberry was no hiding place, it was just a piece of my art to express myself.

So here I am, in my new avatar:

Laughter is allowed! ROFL

Aside from photography and photoshop I love the mountains here in Switzerland and I go hiking whenever I can. Greatest thing so far for me was the climb to Mount Allalin, a 4000 plus meter (13’200 plus feet) above sealevel peak in midst of the wonderful alps. From there I enjoyed a straight view to the Matterhorn, eye to eye so to speak, as the Matterhorn is only some 400 meter higher. (But far more difficult to climb, very dangerous without a mountaineer and appropriate material and condition, lots of people lost their lives on that so wonderful to look at Matterhorn.)

Thanks to you all for making RedBubble a great place to be.


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