RedBubble relocating?

Well, the strangest thing happened to me some weeks ago. Rumor came to my ear that RedBubble is leaving Down under and considers moving to Switzerland. Heck, I thought, shaking my head in amazement, could that really be true? What great news that would be!

I felt rather silly taking up serious investigation on it, but then again, why should I care what others think? I searched all over the place for hints and clues about that forthcoming relocation of RedBubble to our beautiful country. Where would they go? To Zurich? No, probably too expensive. Geneva? No, probably too frenchy AND too expensive. Berne? No, Swiss capital city that no one knows of. I travelled miles and miles, asked hundreds of people, officials, media and finally, out of money and very disappointed, had to give up. No use, the proverb of that blind squirrel that finds a nut once in a while did not work for me.

Frustrated like I was I had to go somewhere else, breathe fresh air, clear my head and get my mind on something else. So I decided to go on a hike in our beautiful mountains. What a great idea that was, because there the blind squirrel unexpectedly did find that very special nut! In a small, unconspicuous hideaway in midst of the wonderful alps I found the place where RedBubble already had marked its territory!

In pure delight of my sudden success and feeling like a biologist after having made the discovery of his life I hid behind a bush and squatted there for several hours in the hot sun. Camera ready and hardly breathing I hoped for a glance at that very special and rare species called RedBubble. To my great regret I started hearing the sound of church bells ringing from somewhere down in the valley, becoming louder and louder. Would that noise scare RedBubble away and ruin my shot?

Well, I’m not sure if it was the hot sun or the long squatting, but guess I must have passed out. I woke up the next morning save and sound in my bed like nothing had happend. The church bells turned out to be the sound of my alarm clock. Darn, I thought, was all that only a dream? Disappointed I got up and stepped into the shower, letting my dream pass before my eyes over and over. Suddenly I remembered having taken a picture of that territory mark shortly before I passed out. No, stop it, I scolded myself, it was only a dream, forget about it!

But I HAD to know. With shaking hands and still dripping wet from the shower I took my camera from the shelf, connected it to my notebook.and started the upload. After double-clicking the last icon a picture slowly developed on my screen:

Make up your own mind folks!

not to be taken too seriously :D

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