RAW Artists

Hi all!
I have been chosen as one of the featured artists at RAW Provocations in Portland Oregon on October 18th. Please drop by my RAW website to see what RAW is and how you might get involved in RAW. It has spread all across the US and is now starting up in Australia. If you like my work, click on the link next to RAWards that states “Nominate me for RAW Portland, OR” They require you to create a sign in (free) to make sure that they don’t have multiple single voters voting for one person…..
If you live in the Portland, Oregon area, you can purchase tickets to RAW for $10 before October 15th (see my RAW website) After October 15th tickets will be $15 at the door. There will be musicians, DJs, performing arts, photography, fashion show with makeup artists and hair artists, tattoo art…

100% of Sales Proceeds Go to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Hi All,
I am donating 100% of all Sales on Redbubble for the next 6 months (May-October) to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. This is in support the fundraising efforts on behalf of one of my nephews (Ross). Ross was diagnosed a few years ago with Cystic Fibrosis and although he is only 8 years old, he has be an active participant in fund raising for the foundation.
Click Here if you want to do a direct donation to the CF foundation.

Click Here to see Ross’s story.
This is a world wide effort to raise money to support the research that is vital to help improve outcomes for these kids.
Thanks so much for your support!

Shooting the Bears of Churchill

Getting to Churchill, Canada is not cheap. When I took the trip last winter, I contacted my on-line photography instructor (Jim Zuckerman) to get an idea of what to pack and how best to shoot in flat light. The following information is from Jim’s suggestions and what I learned when I got there.…

When shooting the bears of Churchill pack long fast glass with you (rent if needed) as well as an extra camera body with a wide angle lens. If you can get hold of one of the big lens (they can be rented locallly or on line) a 600 mm lens with a f2.8 or f4 is great. If you can’t afford to lease a lens, the Canon 70-200 f 2.8 and Canon 100-400 mm f5.6 with a 1.4x teleconverter also works. The teleconverter does knock off a stop of light, so you have to take that into consideration.

The lighting

A big Thanks to Lucindawind (Elaine)

A few months ago, I was looking through some of the RedBubble artwork, when I came across Elaine’s photo of a big pile of syringes. Intrigued, I read the story that went along with the photo. Elaine’s cat had converted from being insulin dependant to a normal cat. She helped facilitate the conversion by putting her cat on a much different diet than what the vet had recommended.
I contacted Elaine about this because I had a cat that was insulin dependent and barely able to walk from the symptoms of diabetes (down on his hocks from diabetic neuropathy). Elaine was kind enough to give me all the information that she had researched on cat diabetes and diet.
Using the guidelines that Elaine gave me, we drastically changed our cats diet. Here is the update on my diabetic cat:
Since we start…

Once in a Blue Moon Comp. Winners

We have our winners!

A big congratulations to all the winners!!
This was a tough one to judge and I want to thank Randy, Deon and Meg for your choices.
Gift certificate numbers will be bubblemailed to the winners tomorrow evening.

1rst Prize: Red Bubble Gift certificate for $100.00 USD

Lunar Studies
by Cindy Cooperider

2nd Prize: Red Bubble Gift certificate for $ 50.00 USD

Blue Moon
By michela williams

3rd Prize: Red Bubble Gift certificate for $ 25.00 USD

Frog Day Afternoon
By grinandbearit

Honorary award: $10.00 Red Bubble Gift certificate (USD)

By StacyLee

Honorary award: $10.00 Red Bubble Gift certificate (USD)

Blue Moon Lighting
by Cameraview

Humour Captured Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Humour Captured contest. There were lots of great entries and it was really hard to choose from this batch. Once again, a big thanks to all the judges in this contest.
Here are the winners:

First Place ($100 USD gift certificate to RB) Overtime By Charles Winslow

Second Place ($50.00 USD gift certificate to RB) Standoff by Michelle Boyer

Third Place ($25.00 USD gift certificate to RB) John in Art by Marnie Kirkness

Honorable mentions ($10.00 USD gift certificate to RB):

The Next Wave by Ed Michalski

Meals on Wheels Frank McDonald

If there are any typos in this journal it is because I have been working way too much overtime (true story:)

Local Events

For everyone in the Portland/Vancouver area, you might be interested in a local group that hosts photoshoots. has an upcoming photoshoot at the Japanese Gardens on March 22. Check it out. This is quite the active group.
Also Pro Photo has a number of workshops/photoshoots for our area. Coming up is the Canon Macro Photography class at the Tulip Festival (April 11th and 12th). I am signed up for the 12th. This is a free class and it fills up really quickly.
Also, check out the Zoo photography classes. I have taken some of these and they are quite well done.
If anyone is attending any of these workshops, please post a note under this journal and we will try to meet up. Four of us went to the Japanese Garden last weekend for a Workshop. The trees are just starting to bloom…

Deadline in 5 days.

The Once in a Blue Moon Comp will be closing in 5 days (Pacific Standard Time). Just a reminder to put “oncebluecomp” into the tagline. Only one entry per person. Here is a recap of the prizes:
1rst: Red Bubble Gift certificate for $100.00 USD
2nd: Red Bubble Gift certificate for $ 50.00 USD
3rd: Red Bubble Gift certificate for $ 25.00 USD
I am working on some additional goodies for the winners (TBA)
2 Honorary awards will each receive a $10.00 Red Bubble Gift certificate (USD)
A big thanks to Randy Monteith and Deon deWaal who graciously offered to help me choose the winners of this contest.

I'm confused (but what else is new?)

In checking out the image on the favorites page I noticed an apple with a zipper down the side. I had seen this image in Photoshop Creative as one of the tutorials so I thought to myself that maybe the author of the tutorial had placed the image on RB.
However, in looking at the portfolio of the individual that posted the image, there is another image taken directly from a Photoshop Creative tutorial. The tutorials in Photoshop Creative were done by 2 different authors. Hmmmm.
So I put 2 and 2 together and ending up with 5:). Obviously the person that posted the images is not the original creator of the images. OK, here is my question. Photoshop Creative put the images out there for people to use for learning techniques in the tutorials. Is it legal to take a tutorial, recreate the…

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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait