Coffee Shops and Rabbits

I had a really productive day yesterday. It consisted of spending my whole morning hanging out in coffee shops, waiting for my car to be serviced. Normally this would be a bit of a drag, but I had my trusty sketch book with me. I’m sure I definitely overdosed on the coffee. Some would argue that soy decaf late isn’t real coffee anyway. I beg to differ. I always felt it was the smell of the coffee that inspires me, not the caffeine hit.

I got a grand total of 8 drawings for my Super Sick Bunny collection completed. They still need to be digitally edited, but it’s a start. I think I should make this a regular thing. There is something about flying solo in a busy place. All of that noise around you. People socializing and buzzing about while I sit there alone, in my little space of solitude. It’s something I’ve always enjoyed.

How do you inspire yourself to get creative?

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