Mellissa Read-Devine

Sackville North, Australia

Mellissa has studied & practiced printmaking and painting continuously since the mid 90s and is a recipient of many prizes and...

St Albans Gallery - closing exhibition

TURNING OF THE WHEEL exhibition heralds the closing of St Albans Gallery . Gallery owner/curator Suzie Startin has invited artists who have had exhibitions at the gallery over the last 12 plus years to be part of a stunning final exhibition, with a Gala Opening on Saturday 10th October 2-6pm. All are invited to come and celebrate almost thirteen years of this “gem in the wilderness” as more than one visitor has referred to St Albans Gallery.
Artist exhibiting include Carolyn Clarke, Karla Dickens, Victoria Peel, Carol Griffin,Leanne Tobin, Edna Mariong Watson, Enid Colquhoun, Ulric Steiner, Gael Dunshea, Jean Robinson and Mellissa Read-Devine.
Suzie would like to thank all who have visited for your support and enthusiasm for the gallery. I have enjoyed meeting you. I am proud of the gallery, and of sending artworks by regional artists to new homes in Australia and overseas.

St Albans Gallery
17 Wharf St
St Albans
NSW 2775
Phone: 0245682286

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