I have found facebook…..and it has drawn me away from the bub.

i have been trying to work out why.

And I think that is because I’m a little sad that no picture of mine has ever been featured anywhere. i know thats a little self centered and probably egotistical but I feel that I might have a shot or two that is of a good enough quality to be featured and I have passsed 5000 views but i suppose I have just got a bit bored?

That is just me i suppose.

Understand me. i’m not throwing my toys out the cot or threatening to leave as some other people have done. i’m really not even complaining about the systems or methods of getting a shot featured. The systems are the systems. i love being part of this community but it seems my enthusiasm has waned a bit.

oh well

Lets check up on whats going on at FB

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