We just had 12 ml in 20 minutes at Balhannah, complete with thunder and lightning and one very scared dog – BUT – delightful sight (impossible to capture) of a young galah, only 3 or so weeks old, experiencing rain for the first time in its life. It flapped its wings frenetically, hung upside down on the branch, screeched, jiggled up and down, twisting its body from one side to other at frantic speed, all in delight, while its parents looked on approvingly and made encouraging noises themselves.

At the same time the 4 little piping shrikes, huddled together in their large cup-shaped nest, probably wished that they’d taken their first flight yetserday, and not waited under the over-arching tree trunk whioch dripped torrents onto their not-yet-ready feathers. Poor little mites! They appear to have survived, and I’m sure will be perching on the edge of the nest in a minute, practising their flying movements. They need to get it right, as the nest is directly over my dam – and I don’t fancy wading in after them if they fall, as it’s disgustingly muddy on the bottom and very steep. Hope nature prevails here!

PS Some hours later, still pouring, and the parent bird is now perched over the babies, wings spread, protecting them from the torrents. The other parent is doing double feeding duty … isn’t nature grand after all!

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