The 6 word story FROM HELL!!!

I can’t seem to stop trying… :)
For over two years I have thought, off and on… trying to come up with those six words, that when placed in just the right order… bring about that flood of images and emotions. The original Hemingway piece is so heart wrenchingly perfect that its impossible to couple. But try…. I do try.

From the humorous
Wanted: Queen
Must give Head

To somber:
Then she drew her last breath.

Nope… it’s not there. The six words should immediately fill the mind. The greatest gift to all sentient creatures… to me… is ones vast imaginative capabilities. The imagination should jump and spin and sway and take off. It should tell a personal story… six words that bring hours of information.

Hemingway’s leaves you with so many directions. The child died… the shoes were bought on a whim of hope but no child was ever created, the child was never born despite it’s parents waiting excitement. So much to see… so much to feel…

I read the Wired Magazine spread on this awhile back. They had several attempts printed… nothing as great as the original. Happily… I went through all the attempts on here… and amazingly found a couple that did exactly as they were meant to. How fabulous is that? There was one guy that didn’t really tell a story but his attempts were hilarious parody’s…

Yes… I’m jealous… insanely so. I can’t do it… I can’t shrink any concept to six words only. I end up with the same as most people… a statement… not a story. Will I keep trying? Yes… but it doubt it will amount to much.

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