The Monthly Do | Interviews with dendoo

it’s been a hot minute…

Well I’ve had some personal stuff, understatement of the year, but I’m starting to come back and last month I (finally) produced a Monthly Do Interview. Coming back to roots, gotta let my RB peeps check it out.

view here

it’s a great interview with an awesome young man and friend who is courageous, artistic, adventurous and apologetically fashionable.

hope you guys enjoy

much love, dendoo

some cool links via dendoo

Hi Hi,…

well a few things have been going on. i got a job, it’s very busy and very demanding. my life may never be the same again.

some good things are happening with dendoo though and this is for those who don’t venture out the bubble too often.

- i have an awesome possible line up for the next monthly interview. i’m still looking for answers to this question. send me replies in that journal or in BM and you can be in a upcoming interview.

- i was interviewed by Ninunina!

- i tried out for curvy6. i didn’t make it but did i psych myself out? you tell me.

- every thursday on my blog i post amazing video finds. this video about life in japan, this awesome evolution video and a lovers quarrel are all results of my sleuthing.

- i love my dog

- Every Tuesday I get a little girly, what d

a nice way to bounce back and The Monthly Do

hey folks i’m so excited to share i’m in NewSugar iss4 and there are some great artists in there too. check my lil interview section to find out what i think about aliens!

thanks for checking it out. it really is a good way to get back into the schwaaaang of things!

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and follow my blog to learn about things i’m doing outside the bubble

also, for my next Monthly Do I’m asking all artists to submit an answer to the question “Why did you want to become an artist”. I’d really appreciate it if people would answer. It doesn’t matter what style you do just shoot me a BM.

thanks folks!!


so if you read my last journal entry you’ll see i was really discouraged. really.…

i’m still discouraged but i had a talk with my mum who told me that i can’t give up. she told me she does believe in me and thinks i can make my move, and she somewhat encouraged me to do dendoo (she doesn’t really get it but she tries) and she right. this is the first time i’ve ever wanted something and tried to go after it and it really hurts knowing my efforts are in vain, but she told me i can do it. i’m sorry if someone thinks, oh this girls is such a fake but no one knows the tears i’ve cried these past few months about me and my life path. i might seem fake/wishy washy to some of you and that’s fine but i really put my soul into dendoo. i’m up till heaven in the morning sometimes creating new

no more

i’ve left a few times and come back but i really so no point. you can get the full explanation here. my name isn’t dendoo anymore.. there is no dendoo. you can call my charrish now. dendoo is dead.

friday i’m closing my account. if anyone wants something better freaking buy it now i’m tired of this crap.

The Monhly Do | Interview with Xiaobaosg

So I realized that everyone I’ve interviewed so far is female and I’m all for girl power (I used to be MelB rawr) but it’s time to get some guy action going on. I decided to go outside of the bubble and bring in a guy whose work I really admire. What he does he just pure awesomeness. Like I would so do that whole “I’m not worthy” a la Wayne’s World if he could teach me some tips. So enough of me gushing (lol this is what happens when boys come around) and straight into this month’s do: Xiaobaosg

1) Introduce yourself in a short haiku for those who don’t know you:
Love the Asian culture.

Panda Revolution VI

2) I see you’re from Singapore but you’re heavily influenced by Japanese and Chinese culture (like it says on your blog). What drew you to be influenced by these

need some art advice/art opinions

i’m going to reach out to the rb community

this year i want to try to get in publications but i’m so green and innocent i don’t really know how to do that. i’ve been in a few pdf magazines before and that’s all super yay but i want to be on papers people.

so…i dont know…how does one go about doing that? is it easier if you’re represented by an agency or something? i guess, is anything easier if you have representation? i’d love to be in exhibitions but i know i cant do that from crackhead rock (where i live).

i guess i’m looking to make a next step and i dont know how to get there. what do you guys suggest?

even if you dont have a clue you can let me know what are some of your goals for this year.

oh and follow me on twitter poo!

The Monthly Do | Interview with i.itch.illustrations

This month I wanted to interview someone that brings a bunch of energy to my screen when I click on My Bubble. This chica has the cutest things to offer, she’s so nice and she has two artist names…how ninja. I’m talking about DURA …or i.itch.illustrations…wait I’m confused! Nevermind, she’ll sort it all out for us. Take it away!!

1. Ok…who is DURA and who is i.itch.illustrations

Dreamy Treat

Both are the same person. Me
I go after i.itch.illustrations when I want to go undercover. Well i.itch.illustrations mean I’m loving and itching illustrations for more so that’s how I got the nick.

2. Where do you get the inspiration for your pieces?

You can see fashion plays a big part in my pieces. I can say almost everything around me from the tiniest things I see on the road while walking, fr

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