If I Could be Red...part III

And it continues…

Freaks (is that PC?):

Theme: Gnomes

Theme: Trash the Dress

Theme: Alice in Wonderland

Theme: Dark Green

Theme: Hula (Hoop)

Theme: Hula (Dance)

Theme: Squares

Theme: Brown & Turquoise

Theme: Butterflies (they are in there somewhere!)

Theme: Dream Big

Dream Big:

Theme: Up & Down, To & Fro, Stop & Go, Fast & Slow

Theme: Yin & Yang featured

Theme: Flowers on gray

Theme: I love Bokeh

Theme: On the Edge

Theme: Eerily Beautiful

Theme: Giants

Theme: For the Love of the Sea

Theme: Octopuses

Theme: Paradise

Theme: Ice Kingdom

Theme: Seahorses


Theme: Fishermen

Theme: Halloween

Theme: Portraits featured

Theme: Off to the Races

Note: Off to the Races was partially selected. It was combined into a collaboration with A-M and Red. The final result is:

Theme: Seven Deadly Sins

Theme: Umbrellas

Theme: Happy Colors

Theme: Frustration

Theme: Calm Colors…Strong Images

Theme: In the Kitchen

Theme: Flying Machines (a la’ T’s)

Theme: November 11

Theme: Green to Red featured

Theme: Purple is all too often forgotten about…

Theme: Heads or Tails?

Theme: Alone

Theme: Dominoes!

Theme: Holding the Sun

Theme: Blue in the Face

Theme: On Stage

Theme: Fractalius featured

Theme: Knitting Fun

Theme: Pencil Drawings

Theme: Odd Collection of Blues

Theme: Follow the Leader (Collaboration Piece – I picked one image) featured

Theme: Little Red Riding Hood

Theme: Trains

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