The Gift of the Present

Last evening I watched the play " The Dumb Waiter " by playwright Harold Pinter.
It was performed outside, during festival week
at the wonderful Hamilton Gardens.
Hamilton city is a twenty minute drive from Te Awamutu, where I live.
The gardens, which include a lake, each have their own little world.
" The Dumb Waiter ", was presented in the Italian Garden, the seating being almost half circle and terraced, like a small ampitheatre, and the alfresco atmosphere and great performances made for a pleasant live theatre experience.
[ You know the acting is good when you believe the action really is taking place in a claustrophobic basement, even though you’re outside with the action in front of you!]
Great intimate theatre !
Driving home I saw the small flocks of birds, fleet across the sky,
and loved the beautiful sunset over Mt Pirongia,
a few kilometres west of Te Awamutu.
As we are presently in daylight saving time in NZ, and the play
was performed early evening, returning home witnessing the magnificent sky caught my emotions, took me back briefly to some years when I was involved in theatre work and while travelling to rehearsals and performances during that ‘unwinding’ but also ‘anticipation’ time, I would take in the beautiful early evening offerings from the sky.
To be ‘in that moment’ last night, and reflecting on those times of teamwork,
the smell of stagemakeup, the ‘buzz’ backstage, the dressing room, climbing into costume and becoming the character, was nice.
I gave thought to time, how quickly the years pass, how on reflection I seemed to take it for granted, which isn’t really so, but that’s how it can seem, when you look back once in a while.
I arrived home, and there was some of my family arrived to stay overnight after returning from holidaying in the South Island, calling via my home, then the arrival of the rest of my family to have the evening together, all of us together in special bonds of family, the stories and laughs to share.
And there is nothing better than that. Nothing better than now. Enjoy it.

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