Orang-utan's Song

If your song could reach
To the millions of the human race

Your anguished notes be heard
From burned and ravaged depths

Like the rainforests
Your forests

Your home through centuries
Your shelter let be its God given
Rightful place on earth

There’s a sordid noise where
Once pleasing sounds of spirited song
Were held

In harmony with the rustle of leaves
Nature’s sounds
Not touched by greed

" Where do we go " you cry
" Not to the tops of trees
Not to the forest floor
Not to the villagers

Our home
Is cut down by chainsaws

Our habitat is thick with fire and smog
And fear
From fleeing creatures

Our mothers
Hacked to death by villagers
The young orang-u-tan captured by villagers
For Illegal sale
Into bondage "

" Where do we go " you cry
Your anguished notes swept into engulfing blaze
And blade

And God cries with you and when all that is left
Is the silence.

Journal Comments

  • Jim Caldwell