I live and work in New Zealand.
Special to me is my family, my friends, my faith,
my home and garden, people of all ages, literature,
the planet and it’s inhabitants, nature, music,
laughter, children, kindness and love.
I work as an artist.
I also love to write.. often in themes to encourage
and to promote peace compassion wellbeing
loving relationships
universal love
awareness tolerance loyalty conservation preservation
generosity of spirit
self love as the means to love others effectively
feeding and watering of the spirit
benefits of ego free society disabling conflict

copyright Del .. The published work is that of the author and no part is to be used, down loaded or copied without permission. Thanks.

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Infrequent visits to RB over the past year. / Am updating featured pieces. / ‘Sky’ Thank you Feminine Intent. / ‘Be the scale and the balance’ Thank you Vavoom and Feminine Intent. / ‘Love spirit’ Thank you Feminine Intent / ‘Notes on freeing’ Thank you Vavoom.
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I’m behind on my posting features - / most recent is ‘Whim-fall’ in Vavoom Group – many thanks, / greatly appreciated ! / Other features: / ‘moment’ . ‘Ripples’ . ‘noting’ . / - all featured in Feminine Intent, thank you and much appreciation. / ‘Ripples’ also featured in / Live Love Dream Group, thankyou and much apprecia…
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Featured in 2 groups - a kiss not move is a journey long

Many thanks to: / Feminine Intent Group / and / Nirvana Group / for featuring ’ a kiss not move is a journey long ’ / [ I wrote this poem in response to Lina’s request / for poems on the subject of kissing ] / Much appreciation to both groups, / love, / Del
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Featured - Prayermaking

Thank you to Feminine Intent Group for / featuring ‘Prayermaking’ / I much appreciate, love / Del
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Light and Faith

The sun breaks through any day; a light in all weathers, / constant and true. Like faith. / And the mountain covered by weather is not visi…

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I baby watch. / They are just like birds after-all. / Their little eyes dart at every movement, taking in the world around them, / quizzica…

When the shadow falls..

When the shadow falls and vibe down-toned / the glitter gone / like a flag withdrawn and the band gone home / the lights are blown / and a …

to blossom gloriously

My body flows in chamomile calm / the wind may blow but angels sing praises / while they watch me raise vision / higher than setbacks can g…

living nature

Picking up shells that strand on shore / and listening to existence / of stones and wood / I understand more / the natural state / is where…

notes on freeing

If all would be the Act upon this beautiful stage / cleaning up the universe / leaving the water droplets to / magnify the tears of the neg…

Love spirit

The universe can be flurry / from pillar to post / the voices of trouble and discontent / fight to their end / and cause soul to weep / …

Be the scale and the balance

The wood and the fire together they burn / bright the warmth / claim a gratitude sparked by the spirit / for the stave from the chill / bo…


falling into the sweet / wide spread / of your ancient and new / I rest with you in my eyes / your softness is glory felt in solace conne…


Immenseness, humanity masquerading. / By veil of concealment / shut out one’s inner music. / By want to take. To have. To need, con…

Sensing, in nature of

Tell me, trees, about illusion; whisper me dreams / for they are thrilling; life, as we don’t know it; / and journey me with wings li…

In accepting, strength is free to sit quietly

Looking in on RB is a delight, the spirit of people creating / their gifts into being; motivates to write something, send it / out into th…
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