The Soap Bubble - Episode 6. The Opposition

At the centre if the Bubble stands a vast sprawling building called ‘ The Gallery ’. At first glance is appears to be a nondescript single story industrial complex, only as the visitor gets closer does the scale and intricacy of the structure become apparent, detail and depth suddenly leap from the plain box as the temple reveals itself, some say it is an amalgamation of every image taken by the architecture group multiplied countless times, whatever it is, it’s position within the Bubble is very important. ’ The Gallery ’ is believed to hold copies of every image brought into the bubble, they line the walls with the details cross referenced and indexed by the keepers of ‘ The Gallery ’. Along with the images it is rumored to hold all the personal details of every member of the Bubble as well as managing the administration of the marketplaces.
Stories told by the older members of the Bubble recall ‘ The Gallery ’ as having become what it is today over a long period of time, some describe it as starting off as a simple chapel to art whilst others describe it as a vast labyrinth. All the stories agree that the building is as old as the bubble and constantly growing and changing. What is curious is that nobody has seen the changes happen but if you look at ‘ The Gallery ’ on a Thursday you will notice some changes to it.

So who runs ‘ The Gallery ’ , well that again depends who you talk to, most of the Bubble members know of the ‘Moderators’, members of the Bubble who have been selected to police the other members, but who selected them and gave them their powers. On dark and stormy nights or in the right groups, tales are whispered about a shadowy sect that live within ‘ The Gallery ’ , the tales talk of dark figures wreathed in shadow who run the Bubble and grant the ‘Moderators’ with their powers. These shadows have become known as the ‘ Blackfriars ’ although it remains a rumour akin to the bogey monster or GODD as nobody has ever seen one. The rumours continue and the idea of a secret order of all powerful creatures running the Bubble remains, after all where do the Red Bubble community Proclamations come from?

Another beautiful sunrise in the Red Bubble, the light of the new day streaks across the landscape, to the chorus of camera shutters. On the highest viewing platform of ‘ The Gallery ’ stand Brothers Peter and Pilgrim , their black gowns absorbing the morning light and turning them into wraith like figures in the half-light (much like images from Witheringmoon ). On this high platform the entire Bubble could be viewed at once, the scene below them was breathtaking and would surely drive a landscape artist to madness. Access to the platform was strictly controlled by the Order, only a select few of the highest members of the brotherhood were allowed access to it. Peter and Pilgrim however, were not here for the view, this was one of the few places in the Bubble that they knew they would not be overheard, what they were discussing certainly was not for sharing with others.

They huddled on the small platform, shadows swirled and clung to them afraid to let go lest the powerful men become upset with them and punish the wayward shadows. So thick were the shadows that it was hard to distinguish Peter from Pilgrim . They spoke in hushed tones, even though they knew they did not need to use their vocal chords as they had other methods of communication (like Bubblemail), they had arranged this impromptu breakfast meeting because of the gravitas of what was occurring in the Bubble far below them.
“The Old Man is back! The monitoring equipment registered an anomaly last night.”

“I thought we had permanently dealt with that meddling old fool?”

“So did I! Obviously he is more resourceful than we expected. We triangulated the anomaly to one of the more surreal sub dimensions of the Bubble, the Moderator in that area swears blind that none of the members were in the area”

“If that Moderator is wrong make sure that blindness is the least of his worries!”

“The anomaly lasted for less than 1/250th of a second; perhaps it was the old man seeing what our response would be?”
“I don’t like it! What if he is back? What if he has found a voice?”

“The voice is just a story.”

“With the old man around things are not safe! You know the Legend as well as I do!”

“I agree! I remember the mess that happened last time, I don’t want a repeat of that.”

”Very well, then for now we watch and wait, after all that’s what we created the Order for! And in the unlikely event that the Old Man finds a voice we know that he will try to gather the Apostles. The Moderators have been conditioned for such a situation, it will provide us opportunity to silence the voice and stop the Old Man once and for all.”

“What if the Old Man’s power is stronger than the monitoring equipment suggests?”

“Then we need a back-up plan. Use the usual means to activate the sleepers. Three should suffice for the moment.”

The early morning sun now bathed the Bubble, on their lofty perch the ‘ Blackfriars ’ remained cloaked in shadows. Their conversation over they vanished in a blink, the shadows that had cloaked them evaporated under the onslaught of the sun…


The Soap Bubble - Episode 6. The Opposition

Drew Walker

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The Soap Bubble Episode 6.
what if Red Bubble was more than just an internet site?

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