Social Media Strategy - Beginners

Thanks to kaijester, I realized that my other Social Media Strategy post was geared more towards advanced artists and those who do this full-time. If you haven’t read the other post, I would suggest doing so. I covered some things there that I won’t cover here.

So I’ve made another, simpler social media strategy just for beginners.

Just a couple of notes:
-When I mention artwork, I don’t mean it has to be a particular medium or standard. The word artwork makes you think of paintings or very detailed digital illustrations but you don’t have to create that type of artwork in order to be successful. If you’re a stick figure extraordinaire and can make creative, marketable artwork based on that, own it and post it!
-You don’t have to follow this guide point for point. I’d actually advise against that. Use this as a guide to develop your own strategy. Of course, you can borrow elements from this, but make it your own.
-If you just have no other idea of where to being and the thought of social media marketing makes you want to run and hide in the woods, then yes, you could use this word for word until you get a good grasp on it.
-If you read this guide and still have no idea what to do, send me a message through Bubblemail, we can talk it out.

Use: Connecting with other artists.
First: Create an artist page. Then follow Redbubble and Redbubble Create on Facebook. Then join Facebook groups that focus on Redbubble, another POD site, and/or just connecting as artists. I run a critique RB Critique Group..
-I would suggest picking out three groups that you truly want to be a part of and that has a good amount of interaction within the group.

  • Daily: Interact with the groups you’ve joined and the Redbubble facebook pages.
  • Weekly: Post one of your artworks to your page (I would advise challenging yourself to complete something every week if this is something you would implement).
  • Monthly: Promote another artist. Whether they’re a Redbubble Artist or just someone you stumbled upon when trying to escape the dark corners of the internet you accidentally fell into.
    -When you post this, make sure you write at least a 100-word paragraph detailing why you like them.
  • Monthly: At the end of the month, post a carousel of all the new products you added RB.

Use: Sharing milestones
Note: Posting a photo of your artwork would probably work better on Instagram than posting an obvious ad.

  • Three days a week: Post your newest artwork.
    -If you don’t create something this often (you are far from alone, believe me!), then post as soon as you complete something.
    -Still, write the 50-word post to go with it
    -It doesn’t have to be a product you put up on RedBubble, but if you do, mention that it is on Redbubble (or will soon be)
  • Weekly: Post a milestone.
    -I don’t care how minuscule you consider it. If you’ve had a product up for a while and it finally hit 50 views, post it, baby! That’s an accomplishment and people like to see the journey
    -Make sure you write at least a 50-word post talking about the accomplishment and art.

Use: Posting sales
(If this is something you plan on implementing, this requires marking down individual products for sales purposes. If you don’t know how to lower the markup percentage on a single product, let me know and I’ll show you)

  • Daily: Post a sale
    -If RB is hosting a sale, use a single product image from any of my products
    -If RB isn’t hosting a sale, choose a single product (for example, an A-Line dress), mark the percentage down by enough that the price drops enough to justify posting it, and post to Twitter, pointing out the cheaper price. Make sure to mention it’s a limited time sale.

Use: Following other artist and helping promote their work (because sharing is caring!)

  • Daily: Reblog five posts from other artists.
    -It has to be something you truly admire.
    -Write at least a sentence about why you like it
  • Three days a week: Post a product image from your artwork, announcing whatever it is you want to announce.

Again, a unique experience is offered on each platform, targeted especially for a different group of people.

I hope this helps!

Lastly, design and marketing my career field. It’s what I went to college for and what I’ve spent the past eight years of my life doing. If there’s any other information you’d like to see, just let me know below or send me Bubblemail. I’m eager to help!

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