Daddy's Little Girl - Chapters- 7-8

Chapter 7
“Gone Fishing.”

Sasha awoke at the crack of dawn in her father’s arms. She kissed him on the cheek and rolled out of bed. As Sasha walked out of the room she looked back and saw Amy sleeping soundly next to her dad. She smiled and thought, “It’s just like having a sister.” She walked outside to the outhouse.

While Sasha was outside Amy and Logan woke up around the same time.

“Good morning Mr. Logan.” Amy greeted. “Morning kid. He replied. Sleep ok? he asked. “Yah.” She answered shaking her head. Logan Sat up as Amy started to get out of bed.

“Hold on Amy, I want ta talk with about something.” he said.

Amy sat back down next to Logan. “What is it?” she asked.

“It’s about what happen here last night kid. he looked at her seriously. I need you to promise me something.” he went on.

“I’m good at keeping promises!” Amy said smiling.

“Yah, well this is a really important one Amy. I want you to promise me that you won’t tell anyone, not even your ma about Sasha and I, and what happen. he said firmly.

“Why not?” Amy asked timidly pusher a slip of hair behind her left ear.

“Because, I don’t want anyone to know that Sasha and I are Mutants Amy. People are afraid of mutants darling. That’s what the wars were all about. A lot of us were killed off. I don’t want anyone drawing unwanted attention from the wrong folks to us. I know it’s asking a lot of a girl your age. I hope I can count on you ta keep our secret kid.”

Amy understood this was a big responsibility. She remembered hearing about the mutant wars on the news when she was younger. When Amy asked her mother what a mutant was, her mother told her that they are the “devil’s children” and not humans. Amy now realized that was not true. Sasha and Logan were not evil they were just different and Amy didn’t want them getting killed. She made up her mind to protect them. “I Promise, I will NEVER tell another living sole, not even my mother.” She said looking Logan in the eyes.

Sasha came back into the cabin and ran to Logan’s room. When she saw that they were awake she immediately said as she happily jumped on the bed. “Come on you guys!! Let’s go ketch breakfast!”

“Ok everyone up and out, leave an old man to his privacy please.” Sasha and Amy got off the bed and started walking out of the room. And close the door behind you.” Logan added.

“Okie doky, “old man!” teased Sasha as they closed the door behind them, and the two girls ran off as they giggled.

“HEY!” Logan started to bark, then stopped himself. “Well, you set yourself up for that one “canucklehead!” he joked with a puff.

Sasha started gathering all the fishing gear they had in the house. poles and an old blue rusted tin tackle box. She set the gear by the front door. “Come on Amy, let’s get ready! She ordered.

Amy followed Sasha to her room. “Sasha, do your hands hurt?” She asked as she looked at the blood soaked sheets still on the bed.

“Na” She answered and shook her head no. “Get dressed Amy or were gonna miss all the good fish.” Sasha stated.

Amy went to the living room where her bags were and began picking out her close for the day and headed back to Sasha’s room.

“So, I take it you like my dad Amy. “ Sasha inquired.

“Yah, he’s cool! I wish I was you. Ya want ta trade homes?” She 1/2 joked widen eyed.

“Trade dad for Jimmy!?? HELL no! Not for all the nuts in a chipmunk’s cheeks.” She said as they burst out into laughter.

“Chipmunk’s cheeks??! Amy mocked rolling her eyes and she started to get dressed.

“Yah, dad’s cool. Sasha went on. As long as you DON’T get him mad!” Sasha continued. My dad has the nastiest temper ever, sometimes he reminds me of a rabid dog!” But you didn’t hear that. she winked. He hates being compared to an animal. She added as she folds her Pjs and put them away under her bed.

“He didn’t seem that bad with Jimmy.” Amy said sitting on the edge of the bed tying her dingy red sneakers.

“Hah, that wasn’t dad mad, that was dad pissed off. If he was mad, Jimmy would be in traction or worse! Nobody gets mad like MY dad, nobody human anyway." She warned. Amy didn’t say a word as the two finished getting ready.

“Come on Amy, Sasha called, Let’s go get dad and flip some fish!” She said as they went rushing to Logan’s room. Sasha was so excited she didn’t even knock, she just opened the door and they walked right inside catching Logan off guard. He knew she was coming to his room, but he never expected her to disrespect his privacy by opening the door in-front of her friend!

“Oops!” said Sasha with her hands to her mouth backing closer to the door as she and Amy get an eye full of allot more Logan than they ever wanted to see. There he was, in all his hairy glory, sitting on the floor in the lottos position, meditating.

“Didn’t I tell you kids ta give me my privacy?! he yelled, scolding them. What part of “privet” do you two not understand!? he growled.

Amy and Sasha start to giggle. “Get the hell out!” Logan ordered as the two ran off screeching and giggling all the way back to Sasha’s room.

Logan growled deeply and he got up from the floor to get dressed. He walked to the front door and abruptly snatched the gear Sasha set out. “Get a move on, we don’t have all dang day.” He barked as he set his raw hide brown leather hat on his head. He opened the door with a scowl. “Blasted kids!” he growled under his breath as he walked out the door tightly gripping the fishing gear.

Sasha and Amy ran to ketch up with Logan. “Dad, wait for us!’ Sasha called as they ran.

“You don’t move, you get left behind!" he answered walking on without turning back. And shut the door!” Logan ordered.

Sasha and Amy stopped in there tracks, “Hold on Amy, I’ll go shut the door.” Said Sasha.

“But your dad, he’s leaving with out us.” Amy said as she watch Logan starting to disappear down a slope.

“So, I know the way, it aint that far.” Sasha reassured Amy as she ran to close the cabin door.

When Sasha returned they ran and caught up with Logan. He was loading the fishing gear into a small warn row boat tied to post at the foot of the bank. Sasha and Amy run to the boat.

“Ok dad, Sasha huffs trying to ketch her breath, We’re ready.”

“Well, watcha waitn’ for? get in.” He snarls still irritated.

Sasha turns and looks at Amy and whispers out of the side of her mouth. “Still want ta trade homes?”

Logan turns his head around and stiars at Sasha raising his eyebrows, “Just get your butts in the boat and can it!” he orders.

Sasha and Amy look at each other and with out augment get into the small boat. Logan rows to the middle to the lake and sets the ors on the floor of the boat. He took a cigar from his breast pocket of his blue flannel shirt and stuck a match, puffed twice as he began to relax.

“Dad?!!” You promised not to smoke in front of Amy!” Sasha reminded him.

“We’re out side Sasha, it anit gonna bother her out here.” he stated.

“How do you know, she could…..” Sasha stopped talking when she saw the look on her father’s face. There it was, the “rabid dog” look followed by a deep annoyed growl. She gulped.

“Stop riding me kid!” he warned.

Sasha sat quietly next to Amy who was now practically on her lap. Logan stiared at the two catching his temper. He puffed his cigar as he handed them the fishing poles trying to calm down. For Logan that was the biggest challenge of being a father, “calming down.” He grabbed the tackle box and opened it. Logan handed Amy and Sasha a hook each.

“Here” he stated holding his cigar in his teeth as he talked. Sasha began tying the hook onto her line as Amy watched.

“Sasha, will you tie my hook?” Amy quietly asked handing Sasha her hook and line. Sasha took the hook and tied it onto Amy’s line.

“Now what?” Amy whispered.

“We wait for the bait.” Sasha answered as she watched her father.

“What’s bait? Asked Amy.

“Food for the fish. We hang it on the hooks and they eat it and get caught. Then we have breakfast, lunch and dinner. She smiled.

“SHHHH you two.” Logan said in a quiet voice.

Sasha and Amy patiently watched Logan in silence. He popped one of his 3 claws and raise his arm ready to strike . The silver claw gleamed in the morning sunlight as he watched the water. A few minutes later, SPLASH. Logan plunged his arm into the water to spear a medium sized fish.

“WOE!” Sasha said as she watched him pull his arm up. There was a fish thrashing at the end of Logan’s claw. They watch on as Logan pulled the fish off holding it down. He used his claw to quickly slice off the head, tossing it overboard. Then Logan popped the remaining 2 claws and chopped the fish into servile pieces in a mater of seconds. Logan handed the girl 3 bits of fish each.

“Here, put this onto your hooks then cast the lines.” he instructed.

Amy didn’t know what “cast” meant. She thought she’d watched as Sasha set her pole first and cast her line into the water. But Sasha had a different plan. Shasha set her poll down and balled her hand into a fist. She stiared at it, concentrating trying to “pop” her claws like her father. Logan looked up to see Saha’s feeble attempt. He smiled as he told her.

“Takes more than a day to master that darling, better stick to the pole for now.”

“Why can’t I do it like lastnight dad?” she asked in frustration.

“Because last night you weren’t aware of how ya did it darling, you don’t understand yet. Besides, he went on, it’s gonna make a big bloody mess and hurt allot before you finial get it.” he stated.

“I don’t care! I wanta do what you did, I wanta spear fish like you dad.” Sasha insisted. Logan chuckled to himself smiling at her.

“Then I have ta teach yah ta pop your claws.” he said.

“So, teach me.” she smiled.

“No, not today darling.” he said as he puffed his cigar.

“Why not!?” Sasha wined.

“Can’t be done in one day alone, and you have Amy here Sasha. He said “Not fare to leave her out.” Logan added tilting his head towards Amy.

“After Amy leave?!” Sasha asked in excitement.

“Yep.” Logan replied.

“Cool!” said Sasha looking at Amy as she smiled. Sasha picked up her pole and stuck the bit of fish at the end of the hook. She cast her line, it landed with a “plunk” as Amy and Logan watched on.

“Nice cast Sasha.” Logan encouraged her. How bout you Amy? he asked. You ready ta give it a shot?”

Amy put the fish bit on the end of her hook and threw the line. It went fling wildly as the hook landed right in Logan’s face under his eye, where it stuck. Amy, not realizing what happened pulled her pole back.

“Hey!! Hold on there kid!” Logan yelled as he grabbed the lines. Amy and Sasha look over at Logan and saw Amy’s hook in his face.

“Amy!! You hooked my dad’s eye you idiot !? Your sapose to ketch fish not blind my father!" She barked in a panic.

“I’m sorry Sasha” she said timidly as she began to sob.

“Settle down both of you, she didn’t hook my eye.” Logan said as he removed the hook. Sasha scowled at Amy as she sobbed. “It’s ok Amy, it was an accident.” Logan said as he moved carefully towards her. She looked up at him. “See, no harm done.” He smiled showing her his face. It healed right before her eyes as if nothing ever happened. She looked on in amazement as she thought “Boy, this secret is getting harder and harder to keep.” but she would never tell.

“Let me show you the right was to cast a line ok?” Logan asked as he took the pole from Amy’s hands. “See. he continued, It’s all in the wrist. Yah gotta give it a quick snap, like your swatting’ a fly with a fly swatter. he joked. Like this.” Logan cast the line as Amy watched. It sailed across the water and land with a “plunk”. He reeled the line back in and handed her the pole. “Now you try.” he directed.

Amy took the pole and cast the line. It landed with a “plop.”

“Nice try Amy, that will work for now.” Logan smiled patting her head as he move slowly back to his seat.

By 3:00 pm they had 8 fish. Logan’s stomach told him that was plenty. “Real ‘em in girls, let’s head back to the cabin and fry ‘em up.” Logan said as he picked up the ors one in each hand and rowed back to shore. They all got out. Logan tied the boat back to the pole. He bent down on one knee and tied 8 hooks on a string of line. Sasha and Amy handed him the fish one by one as Logan hooked each fish onto the line and they walk up the slope headed back to the the cabin.

Chapter 8
“The Phone call Home.”

As the came upon the cabin Sasha walked ahead of Amy and her dad. She opened the door and walked in with out looking back.

“Sasha’s mad at me , hah?” Amy asked quietly looking up at Logan as they walked .

“She’ll get over it darling, I wouldn’t worry about it.” he smiled ands they walked inside. Logan takes the fish into the kitchen. Amy follows him.

“Ya, like fish guts kid?” he asked looking at her as he sets the fish on the cutting board.

“Ewww no.” she makes a face.

“Well, you gonna see allot of ‘em in here. Why don’t ya go on and sit with Sasha . I’ll call you 2 when I got ‘em all clean up.”

“Ok.” Amy said as she reluctantly walked to the living room expecting to find Sasha sitting on the couch. To her disappointment Sasha wasn’t there. Amy walked on to Sasha’a room. She saw Sasha pulling the sheets and blankets off her bed. She had fresh ones sitting on the night stand next to her. As Sasha rolled the soiled bedding she tossed them in a near by
laundry basket she’d set by the foot of her bed.

“Need any help? Amy asked softly.

“Nope, eye gasher! Sasha snapped.

“I’m sorry Sasha, it was an accident. I didn’t mean it. Honest.” She pleaded her case.

Sasha stopped what she was doing and turned around to face Amy with an angry look on her face. “That’s MY daddy!! Nobody hurts my dad, understand!” she warned. Amy shook her head yes as streams of tears ran down her face. Sasha turned around and started putting the clean sheets on her bed. Amy walked closer and helping Sasha. The two girls worked together till the job was done. No sooner do they finish when they hear Logan call. “Fish’s ready!" Let’s get cooking girls.

Sasha walks to the kitchen Amy behind her. Logan smiles at Amy giving her a reassuring wink.

“Sasha darling, take Amy to the garden you pull up the vegetables yah want for lunch.” Logan said as he watches the girl walk out the kitchen. he thoughts to himself with a smile, “What a great kid I’ve got there.” It warms his heart. The girls come back into the house with their hands filled with vegetables, 4 potatoes, 2 carrots, a bunch of spinach and one small white onion. Everyone helps cook the food, Logan cooks the fish and Amy cleans the vegetable and Sasha cooks them. After super, Logan sits in his chair drinking a bear and reading the newspaper. As Sasha and Amy clean up Amy asked,

“Sasha, are you still mad at me about what happen on the boat?”

“Not anymore.” She answered. Amy and Sasha hugged as they giggled like the little girls they were.

“Hey Sasha, how am I gonna call my mom out here?” Amy asked.

Sasha thought for a while. “There’s a pay-phone down past the dirt road by some old bar dad use to hang out at.”

“Think your dad will drive me there to call mom?” Amy asked.

“Don’t know, let’s ask him.” she said as they ran to Logan’s chair. He had fallen asleep with his hat over his eyes. As they came closer to the chair, Amy turns to Sasha ,

“Should we wake him?” she asked.

“You’d better ask him to take us before night falls, he might turn into a werwolf again!” she teased Amy with a giggle.

“Yah right! ha ha very funny Sasha. Amy said rolling her eyes. You wake him.” She told Sasha.

Logan opened his eyes under his hat. He decided to pretend he was still asleep as Sasha tapped him on his arm.

“Dad?” she said softly at first. No response, she thought and tapped him again harder this time. “Dad, wake up.” not a sound.

“He must be really tired” said Amy

“Yah,” Sasha started.

Then suddenly Logan sat up. “BOO!” he declared laughing at them as they screamed.

“What a dirty trick!” Sasha scowled.

“Now I see where Sasha gets it from.” Amy added As they all Laughed.

“Dad?” can you Take me and Amy to that phone by the bar, she needs to call her ma?" asked Sasha.

“Sure.” he said as he got up from his chair. He looked back at them as they sat waiting. "We’ll come on you two let’s get going.” They followed Logan as he opened the door. “You kids go and stand by the car while I lock up.”

Logan locked the cabin door and walked to the car. He opened the door and they pile inside and drive down the dirt road to the phone. Logan parked the car next to the phone. He grabs a hand full of Canadian coins from the glove compartment and hands them to Amy in the back seat.

“Here yah go kid, go call your ma, don’t forget to ask her what time I need to take you home tomorrow.” he reminded Amy.

“Ok Mr. Logan. Amy said as she got out of the car and walked to the phone. She starts to drop in the coins and dials the number of her mom’s cell phone. The phone rings.

“Hello.” Jimmy Answered

“Hello, Jimmy is Mom there?” Amy asked.He holds the phone and shouts,“Sara!!!!! It’s the rug rat!!

Sara comes to the room and takes the phone, “Hello sweetie, having fun!?” she asked.

“Yah! I’m having a blast! We went fishing today and I caught a fish!” She exclaimed.

“That’s nice hon, listen Jimmy is talking about staying till Tuesday, I need you to stay one more night with your friend.” She said

“But mom I miss you and I was looking forward to….” She was interrupted by the sound of Jimmy in the background.

“Come on babe ask the dude if he’ll keep the little pip squeak another night?” Jimmy insisted

“Mom? Mom are you there?” Amy asked

“Yah honey I’m here, can you let me talk with Mr. Logan please.” she urged on.

By this time Logan already hearing the conversation is getting out of the car. He tells Sasha to stay put as he walked behind Amy. His blood boiling.

“Hand me the phone darling.” he tells Amy.

Amy startled, turns around and hands Logan the phone. Logan takes the phone. Not hearing an answer Sara continues, “Amy, are you there hon?”
“No, it’s Logan.”

“Good, listen Logan, Jimmy wants to stay here a day or 2 and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind keeping Amy till Tuesday.”

Logan took a deep breath , his temper begins to flare up as he tries his best to control himself.

“ Lady I don’t give a rat’s ass what Jimmy wants. Your daughter here want ta see her ma Sunday night." he barked.

“I know but you see, the problem with that is, well we’re not at home. We’re out of town and I’ve all ready paid for the room in advance till Tuesday.”

Dead silence on the phone for a moment.

In a deep even toned voice Logan said, “You got a hell of a lot of nerve lady.”

“I know it’s short notice and all. Sara tries to explain. But you see it’s Jimmy’s birthday and well you know how that is.” she tried to joke.

“No I don’t know how that is, I’ll tell yah something else I don’t know. he went on I don’t know that I like you too much,” he stated. Who the hell do you think you are!?”

A moment of silence.

“Look, I know it’s a lot to ask of you but we’re already here, I’ll make it up to you I promise. she tried to coast. I’ll watch Sasha any time you need.” she stated in a desperate voice, that only made Logan even more angry.

“You’re nuts lady if you think I’d EVER trust the likes of you with Sasha! Not if you were the last person on earth!" he growled.

“Please Logan, she began to cry, I really need this favor.” she continued.

“I’ll take care of Amy because I like the kid, it has nothing to do with you or that sorry sack of shit you call a boyfriend!" Logan said as he slammed the receiver down hard cracking it.

Amy looked up at Logan and started to cry.

“She always does this to me! She only care about that stupid jerk, not me. I wish I was your daughter." She cried on.

It broke Logan’s heart watching Amy cry and hearing those things. He hugged her tightly as a tear ran down his check. for the first time he felt helpless. The truth was Amy wasn’t his daughter and she would have to go back home sooner or later to her mother and Jimmy.

Daddy's Little Girl - Chapters- 7-8

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