Daddy's Little Girl

rated G: Cahpters 1-6

Chapter One
“My New Best Friend.”

Sasha is about 7 years old and one grade ahead of her peers. She has just started in a new school. It is her 3rd day of school at Somerset Elementary, a small private school in Somerset, Canada.

It was recess time at school, something Sasha could take or leave. She felt it simply took up extra time. Time that could be spent in the classroom where she could get her school work over with sooner and go back home 30 min. sooner. Besides, it didn’t seem to matter. She didn’t “click” with the other kids anyway. Sasha didn’t really care too much. Sasha was used to living on the go. She never got too close to anyone. This year, however, was going to be different. Her father had found a nice bit of land deep in the woods by a lake away from everyone and everything just the way he liked it. He decided to build a little log cabin there. So it looked like they were here to stay.

“Good.” thought Sasha, “I’m getting tired of bouncing from place to place .”

Sasha was a bit of a loner, like her father, she liked it that way. No one talked much to her. She looked different, dressed different and her hair was red, bright red. It was shoulder length and stuck out on each side. As the kids all ran out, Sasha walked along focused, book in hand. She headed straight for her favorite spot, under a big maple tree. As she walked closer she could hear some kids playing by ‘her’ tree.
“Oh great!” she thought with a scowl on her face, raising her lip and rolling her eyes in irritation. Approaching the disturbance, it became quite apparent that it was not kids at play, but a group of 3 girls standing as they teased one frail little blond girl who was sitting on the hefty roots of what Sasha considered ‘her’ tree. The girl was crying with her head down and arms wrapped around her raised knees. She was dressed in a baggy t-shirt and her jeans had holes in each knee. Her shoes were a pair of red dingy sneakers.

“You’re so ugly!” said one of the 3 girls as she laughed.

“Yah, and your clothes smell like the bottom of a trash can!’ added another. “What’s the matter”, she continued, “you don’t know what SOAP is?!”

The 3 girls laughed. The sight made Sasha’s blood boil.

“Leave her alone, back off!” Sasha ordered. “She ain’t botherin’ you,” she continued, looking into the eyes of the biggest girl in the group who seemed to be the ring leader.

The girl laughed as she said, “Oh look at strawberry head over there.” The others laughed loudly as she continued, “Do you like to live in dirt too strawberry head?!” she mocked.

“She must.” continued another. “Look at that nasty green flannel shirt she’s got on. And those red jeans?? What’s up with that??” She laughed on.

“I know”, exclaimed the next girl, “She’s a lumber jack!!”

All 3 girls laughed. The blond girl being teased lifted her head up and looked at Sasha’s face. She saw Sasha was unafraid, bold and focused. The girl wiped her tears from her face with her hands and waited in silence as she watched on. Sasha walked up to the ring leader and stood toe to toe looking her directly in the eyes. With a calm voice she said. “I said, back off.”

“You better back off strawberry head with wings!” the leader screeched placing her hands on her hips as the other two girls walked closer behind her in support.
“You don’t scare me!” said Sasha. And DON’T call me strawberry head again, got it?”

“Kick her ass Amber! Teacher ain’t looking.” egged on one of the other girls.

“Yah!” added the 3rd girl. “Kick her ass!”

Just then the little blond girl got up and said “Leave her alone!”

“Shut up dirt ball!” said Amber as she pushed the girl hard to the ground.
Sasha lost her temper. “Hey, SCUM that wasn’t a good idea!’ she barked. Sasha grabbed a hand full of Amber’s brown curly hair throwing her to the ground so hard the girl lost her breath. The other two girls jumped on Sasha, but it wasn’t long before they too were on the ground coughing up dirt gasping for air.

“You aint kickin’ no one’s butt!” Sasha said with conviction as she pointed at them. “ ‘Cause I’ll see to it personally!” she warned as she walked over to the little blond girl offering her hand. “Come on, let’s go to that tree over there,” she said pointing with the other hand as she helped the girl to her feet with her extended hand. As they walked, the little blond girl looked back at the 3 girls just rising up and dusting off the dirt from their clothes. They made no attempt to follow Sasha and the blond girl who smiled to herself as she walked.

“Thanks for sticking up for me back there, no one else ever has.” she said with a shy smile.

“You’re welcome. My name’s Sasha Gray. What’s yours?” she asked as they sat down under the tree together.

“I’m Amy Patterson,” she answered. “Where did you learn to fight like that?”

Sasha smiled. “My old man, he’s the best fighter there is!” Sasha loved to brag about her father, because she knew he could back up everything she said, and then some. “My dad’s been training me every since I can remember.” she went on.

“Wow! what does your mom think about it?” asked Amy.

“Well,” she said with a smirk, “seeing that she ain’t around, it don’t much matter, does it?”

“I guess not.” Amy said quietly. She felt sad for her new friend. “No mother?” she thought. “That must be rough.”

“You should get your old man ta teach ya’ about scrappin’.” She nudged Amy with her elbow. “I mean , what’s an old man good for if he can’t teach ya’ how ta hang?” Sasha joked.

“I wouldn’t know, I don’t have a father.” replied Amy. “He died when I was a baby,” she began. “I had a step father, but he turned out to be a drunk. Mom kicked him out,” she went on. “Now there’s just Jimmy”, she said with disgust,”my mom’s ‘creepy’ boyfriend.”

Sasha felt bad for Amy. Sasha loved her father so much she couldn’t even imagine not having him around. “Poor kid” she thought as she made a suggestion. “I can teach ya ta scrap if ya want.” she offered.

“Me!? scrap!?” Amy said, pointing to herself . “Oh Man!” Amy laughed rolling her eyes at the idea.

“Come on, it’ll be fun!” Sasha added “ keep all the ‘creepys’ away,” she coaxed with a grin.

“I don’t know Sasha.” Amy said, “I’m just not the fighting kind.”

“Oh, I see you’re more the gettin’ beat up type, hah?” Sasha replied.

“What??, NO! I mean I….” Amy was interrupted by Sasha.

“Look Amy, I’m gonna tell you the way I see it. You’re gonna be a victim for the rest of your life if you don’t take charge now while you’re young.” she said looking Amy in both eyes. “My dad says the sooner you learn, the sooner ‘they’ learn. That’s what it’s all about, cause they’re out there, Amy, waiting. You gotta be ready for ‘em.”

“Can you really teach me to fight?” asked Amy.

“Yep! Sure can.” Sasha said with a confidence. “So does that mean you want to learn?”

“Yes.” Amy answered directly.

Everyday at recess, Sasha taught Amy some self defense technique she’d learned from her father. The two became fast friends. One Thursday Sasha invited Amy for a sleep over at her house for that weekend.

Chapter 2
“ Plans for the Weekend”

It was Thursday. When recess came that day Sasha walked on the playground looking for Amy like she had been doing for the past week. This day was different. Sasha was planing to ask Amy to come to her house for a weekend sleep over. She had never had a sleep over before, now that she had a real friend she wanted a real sleep over like everyone else. Sasha waited for Amy to get out of class by the outside door instead of their usual place under the maple tree. As Amy came out she walked next to her and they headed for the tree together. Sasha was excited.

“Amy, ya want ta come over to my house for a sleep over this weekend?” Sasha asked, wide eyed and smiling.

“YAH! that would be fun!” Amy answered, just as excited. “But I’ll have to clear it with my mother first.” she added.

Sasha was reminded that she need to ask her father too . “Yah, she agreed, “I’d better ask my dad he gets upset if I just throw things on him without checking first. I’ll ask him tonight and let yah know tomorrow,” she finished.

“Why don’t I just give you my phone number and you can call me after dinner.” suggested Amy.

“We aint got a phone. We live out in the woods, heck, we ain’t even got a toilet! We use an out house.” Sasha smiled raising her eye brows.

“No phone!? Amy asked surprised. No toilet?, boy, I thought I had it bad.”

“We ain’t got it bad, dad just doesn’t like folks nosin’ around, so he doesn’t give ‘em any reason to come over. No phone, no bills. See?” Sasha stated.

“Yah, I guess that means no TV either. Huh?” Amy implied.

Sasha giggled. “Yep, still want ta come over?” she asked.

“Sure!, It’ll be like camping!” Amy smiled.

“Cool, I’ll ask my dad tonight, let yah know tomorrow. OK?” Sasha asked.

“Sounds good, I’ll ask mom about the sleep over.” said Amy.

“Great, then it settled.” Sasha finished with a smile. Sasha had already told Logan, her father, about Amy her new best friend from school. Tonight she’d ask about the sleep over. Something that had never come up before. This was going to be tricky. Logan did not like strangers in his home. He didn’t like the idea of just anyone knowing where they lived. He had good reasons, being a mutant for one. After the mutant wars, most humans thought most mutants were dead and Logan preferred to let them think so. That night after supper, Logan was in his chair in front of the fireplace smoking his cigar and reading a newspaper. Sasha figures now is as good a time as any to ask him about this weekend. She walked over to him and stood in front of him.

“Dad?” Sasha started.

“Yah darling,” Logan answers, clenching his cigar in his teeth as he exhaled smoke, not looking up from his paper.

“Remember that girl I told you about, the one from school?” Sasha asked.

“Your friend Amy, what about her?” Logan asked, looking up at Sasha as he removes the cigar and holds it in his hand.

“I want to invite her here for a sleep over this weekend.” Sasha stated. Logan face frozen as he raised his eyebrows. He knew this day would happen sooner or later, he was hoping for later. As he thought about how to reply to his 7 year old daughter he took a deep breath then sighed.

“Look darling, I know yah like this little gal, but I anit your average father.” he told her.

“I know dad, but you haven’t had a nightmare in a long while, I promise we’ll be good. I’ll do everything, cook, clean all of it. You won’t have to do a thing. Please,” Sasha begged. Logan thought about it for a minute. This was the first person she had ever really liked and the first time she ever asked for a friend to come over. He looked into her big blue eyes and he understood she needed a good friend.

“Well, I knew this would happen sooner or latter.” Logan stated. “Ok she can come,” he continued, “if it’s ok with her folks.”

“All right!! Yahhhh! Your the coolest dad ever! Woo hoo!” Sasha jumps on his lap crumpling the newspaper Logan was reading. He raised his arms and chuckled, his cigar smoldering as the smoke waved about the dimly lit room.

“Ok, Ok settle down darling, settle down.” he said hugging her. “Shouldn’t you get ready for bed now? You have school tomorrow remember?” Logan reminded her with a smile. Sasha hugged her father closer and kissed him on the cheek.

“I love you dad.” she said smiling.

“I love you too little darling.” he smiled and kissed her back. “Now off ta bed with yah.”

Sasha jumps off Logan’s lap and goes to her room as she says goodnight. Logan watches her disappear into her room. He hopes his concerns are unfounded. Around the same time at Amy’s house, Amy too had told her mother all about Sasha and how they met. Amy told her about Sasha’s training and about being shown how to handle fights. Amy is now telling her mother about Sasha’s invitation for the week end. It’s after supper and Amy’s mother is getting ready for bed. She stands in front of the bathroom mirror rolling her hair in curlers as she talks with Amy who is standing next to her.

“Mom, my friend Sasha invited me to spend the weekend at her place, can I go?” asked Amy.

“Who?” Amy’s mother asked as she placed a hair pin in the roller to set it in place.

“Sasha, my new friend from school, the one I’ve been telling you about all week.” replied Amy now annoyed.

“Where does she live sweetie?” Her mother asked as combed out a section of hair to be rolled.

“She live in the woods with her dad, mom.” Amy answered. Amy’s mother turned her head to face Amy.

“No mother?” she asked surprised.

“No.” Amy answered. Her mother thought for a moment, then rolled her selected hair onto the roller.

“Well, if you give me the phone number and address, maybe you can go,” she said as she pinned the last roller into place.

“ Mom, they don’t have a phone.” said Amy.

“What!? No phone? Even as poor as we are we have a phone,” her mother stated.

“I think Sasha is poorer than we are mom.” replied Amy.

“I need an address at least, and I want to meet her father first before you go.” Amy’s Mom said.

“Does that mean I can go!?” ask Amy excited.

“If you do what I say, yes”. said Amy’s mother.

The next day at school, Sasha and Amy met on the play ground friday at school. They did not practice fighting techniques. They spent the entire recess talking about the week end.

“My dad said you came come over!” said Sasha. “What did your mom say about it?” she asked.

“She said since you guys don’t have a phone that she wants your address and to meet with your dad first before I can go.” replied Amy.

“Does your mom pick you up after school?” asked Sasha.

“Yes,” answered Amy, pulling her hair behind her ears. Amy always wore her hair straight and tucked behind her ears.

“She can meet my dad in the left lot after school, that’s where he picks me up,” suggested Sasha with a wide eyed smile.

“Ok, I’ll tell my mom about it when she comes to pick me up today.” said Amy.
“Good, I’ll tell my dad too. We’ll be looking for you guys.” Sasha said. The bell rang and the two girls walked back to their separate classes rooms. Each was so excited they could hardly wait for the last bell to sound off. When the bell finally did ring the kids went tearing out the school doors with a roar. Sasha and Amy where among the first ones out the doors. Sasha ran to the left lot to wait for Logan. Amy’s mom came to pick her up in front of the school. Amy told her to go to the left lot to meet Sasha and her father. As Amy’s mom drive the car to the left lot, Logan has just arrived on his motor cycle. Amy sees Sasha run towards the bike.

“That’s them mom, Sasha and her father.” exclaims Amy as she pointed in the direction of the motor cycle. Her mother looks and sees a pretty red head girl running up to the bike. She sees Logan kicking the kick stand down and getting off the bike. He walks alongside Sasha with a swagger. His jet black hair is wind blown and he wears a pair of black sunglasses . He’s dressed in a white t-shirt , blue levi jeans, a pair of black boots and 2 silver dog tags that clink in the wind as he walks.

“Oh my gosh.” she thinks to herself, alarmed.

“Wow, he’s not at all the way I thought he’d be,” exclaimed Amy.

“Yah, me either.” agreed her mother. “Well, let’s go talk with him,” she continues as she sets the car in park and they get out of the car. As they approach each other Logan takes his sunglasses off and hangs them on his t- shirt.

“You must be Sasha’s father,” Amy’s mom starts extending her hand. Logan shakes her hand.

“Sheez!” she thinks, “guy’s got a grip like iron! Built like a tank too, for a little guy,” she jokes to herself as she smiles and shakes hands. “Nice to meet you, I’m Sara.”

“Names Logan,” he introduces himself, looking at Sara .

“Not too bad, a little over weight but she has nice blue eyes, too bad she wares that black goop around them, reminds me of Tammy Faye Baker.” he joked to himself. Sara smiles nervously and they break away from the hand shake.

“Don’t worry, I don’t bite,” Logan leans in as he joked. Sara and Logan chuckle over the joke.

“Dad, give her our address so Amy can come over.” Sasha orders.

Sara added, “I told Amy the sleep over thing is ok with me but I need your address since you don’t have a phone,” she explained.

“We don’t have an address per-say, P.O. box only. We live miles from here in the woods. I’ve got a pager, Here’s the number.” He hands her a slip of paper with numbers written on it. “You just page me when ever you need to and I’ll get back to you. I’ll drive Amy to a phone if she needs to talk with you, ok?” asked Logan .

“Sounds like a plan,” Sara replied, unsure of the whole idea. She turns to Amy. “What do you think about it honey, is that ok with you?” she asked.

“Yah mom, don’t worry it’ll be fun!” answered Amy with hopeful eyes. The two girls jumped up and down hugging each other giggling. Sara looked at Logan, despite his rough exterior she could tell he really loved Sasha. The way he smiled at the girls gave her a sense of calm. She felt ok enough to trust him.

“Well Mr. Logan, Are you sure you can handle TWO 3rd grade girls?” she teased.
Logan thought for awhile, then answered “Piece of cake.”

“OK then, tomorrow I’ll have a bag packed for Amy, I guess we should meet up here tomorrow since we both know this location. How about 10 am?” asked Sara.

Logan looked her in the eyes as he said, “I’ll pick her up at your place, save you a trip. At noon. What’s the address?” he asked.

“Ok then.” she agreed as she pushed a piece of dirty blond wavy hair behind her ear. Sara looked up at him and states, her eyes closed in a slight annoyance manner. “I don’t have a pen on me.”

“Just give me the street and number, I’ll find it.” he smiled.

“It’s 1521 Little River Dr. We’re in the red house.” she stated.

“Fine. Saturday at noon.” He nodded. As Sasha and Logan started to walk away Sara stopped them.

“Oh, Mr. Logan?” asked Sara. He turns around to face her.

“Yah?” he asked.

“I really don’t like the idea of Amy riding on the back of that motorcycle, I don’t feel comfortable with those things.” Sara said.

“Not a problem, I won’t be taking my scoot. Be driving my red SUV. Safer that way.” He winked as he waved good bye.

“Bye Sasha!” shouts Amy.”

“Bye Amy , see ya tomorrow!” Sasha returns as she and Logan get on the bike and drive off. As Amy watches them disappear she thinks to herself how lucky Sasha is to have such a cool father. She turns to walk with her mother back to their car. Amy thinks of Jimmy and a sick feeling comes over her as she dreads going back home. Saturday couldn’t get here fast enough.

Chapter 3
“The Drive Home.”

“Amy, are you sure you want to go Saturday? Seems you’re gonna be roughin’ it kid,” Sara inquired.

“I’m sure mom, it’ll be like camping. Sasha says there is so much to do where they live.” said Amy.

“Ok, as long as your really sure.” said Sara. Amy smiled but it was short lived as they approached Jimmy’s house. He lived in even a worse place than they did. Every other weekend Sara would drive to Jimmy’s and pick him up because he didn’t want to ‘waste the fumes’, as he called it. He’d stay for the whole weekend then Sara would drive him home again. That was the highlight of his visits for Amy. Amy hated Jimmy. She felt he was just using her mother. He treated her like trash, yelling and cursing when ever things didn’t go his way. That was usually in the bedroom late at night. Sara always thought Amy was asleep and too young to understand anyway, but she was wrong. Amy knew much more than a 8 year old should have about her mother’s bedroom antics. Sara drove up the driveway of Jimmy’s house and parked the car.

“I’ll only be a few minutes, honey, just sit tight, ok?” Sara told Amy with a smile closing the car door behind her. Amy just rolled her eyes and exhaled. She watch her mom as she walked up the raggy wooden steps and knocked at the green paint chipped door. Unfortunately, Jimmy came out, giving Sara a big greasy smile followed by a kiss that looked like he was eating her. Amy cringed in disgust. Jimmy was about 5 years younger than Sara at 6-feet 2 inches tall. He had bear belly that hung sloppily over his belt. He always wore all black with Michael Jordan white leather high top Nikes and a silver swoop on the sides. His black long hair was kept in a neatly combed pony tail. Jimmy kept a cell phone in his pocket for those important calls he never got. He always had an over blown story to tell about how he almost had to kick a guy’s ass at work and how lucky that guy was the boss was around. Finally her mother returned and there was Jimmy right next to her yapping away about joe blow and the butt kicking he came ‘this far’ from getting. Sara opened her side first and got in then unlocked the door for Jimmy who crawled in moving the seat back to make room for his legs. Sara looked back at Amy egging her on to acknowledge Jimmy’s presence. Amy looked at her mother and sighs.

“Hi Jimmy,” she forces out reluctantly.

“Hey kid, hear you’re takin’ off this weekend.” He smiled.

“Yah, I’ll be with a friend this weekend,” she smiled.

“Friend’s house huh?” he scoffs. “Didn’t think a little nerd like you had any,” Jimmy said with a chuckle.

Sara playfully slapped his leg as she said, “Jimmy, Amy’s not a nerd, she just a late bloomer.”

“OK, Alright, I’m just funnin’ with yah kid, he said looking back at her, your alright.” He fake smiled as he turned to face the front. Amy hated it when her mother called her a late bloomer. She always felt like second best when ever Jimmy was around. It seemed Sara would forget all about her and only think of what Jimmy wanted.

“So, what time’s the rugrat getting carted off?” asked Jimmy.

“Tomorrow at noon, the girl’s father is coming to pick Amy up,” answered Sara.

“I can’t wait!” Jimmy exclaimed. “We’re gonna have the whole house to ourselves!” he said with a smirk as he rubbed his hands together gleaming like the wolf planing to meet little red at grandma’s house. Jimmy and Sara laugh together.

Chapter 4
“The Pick Up.”

Sasha woke up early and cleaned the cabin. She made breakfast before Logan woke up so she could surprise him. Sasha carried the food on a tray to her father’s room. He was still sleeping.

“Good,” she thought as she stated, “Wake up dad!”

Logan opened his eyes and yawned as he stretched and sat up. The smell of food hit his nose and he was immediately hungry. He smiled.

“What’s all this for sweetheart?” he asked.

“The world’s greatest breakfast, for the world’s greatest father!” she exclaimed.

“Thanks darling’, but you didn’t have to do this.” Logan stated.

“I know.” Sasha smiled as she kissed him and sat next to him on the bed. After breakfast Sasha and Logan got ready for the day. Soon 10 am rolled around.
“Isn’t it time to go nows dad?” asked Sasha, sensing the time was near.

“Yah, just a moment darling’.” he answered.

“Come on dad! We’re going to be late.” she urged.

“OK, OK, I’m coming, just let me get my boots on.” he said.

“I’ll be outside by the car, hurry up dad!” she ordered.

“Smart mouth kid,” Logan barked under his breath. Logan heads to the car as he locks up the cabin.

“Get a move on dad,” Sasha urged. At this point Logan was becoming irritated.

“ALL RIGHT Sasha. I’m coming, calm down,” he said, his blue eyes glaring as his head tilted in annoyance. Sasha seeing that look on her father’s face quickly clams up. Logan gets to the SUV and opens the door he climbs in and unlocks the door for Sasha. She climbs inside and sits on the black leather seat. She could hardly contain herself as she buckled up, settling in her seat. Logan looked over to her and smiled shaking his head and he chuckled to himself. He pulls out a cigar from his breast pocket of his red flannel shirt. Lights it and puffs a few time. Sasha turns to him.

“Dad, don’t smoke around Amy ok, she doesn’t have a ‘healing factor’ like we do, she might get sick yah know.” He turns to his daughter, raises one eye brow.

“OK, I’ll put it out when we get to her house.” Sometimes the things that came out of Sasha’s mouth just amazed Logan, At times it was hard to believe she was only 7 years old. When they arrive at Amy’s house it’s 11:45 am, and true to his word, Logan puts out his cigar as they drive up the driveway. Sasha smiles at him.

“Thanks dad,” she said. They see Amy waiting in the window jumping up and down and waving. Sasha opens the car door and states, “I’ll go get her dad.”

“Ok, he answers, make it quick we got a ways to drive home yah know,” he reminded her. Sasha runs to the door and rings the bell. Amy opens the door right away. The two hug.

“Wait a sec, I gotta get my bags.” said Amy.

Hearing Amy, Sara calls from the bathroom, “Jimmy!”

“What!?” he barked, sounding inconvenienced.

“Could you please bring Amy her bags?” she asked.

“Shit! Can’t you bring ‘em to her?” he yelled back.

“Please hon, I’ve gotta get in the shower, besides they are kind of heavy, just do me this one favor, ok?” she whined. Logan hearing this, got out of the car and started walking up the stairs to help with the bags.

Jimmy puffs and picks up the 2 bags, he mutters to himself,“Stupid kid taking all this crap. What does she think anyway, she planning to move in with them, I wish she would, ain’t nothing but a little pipsqueak pest anyway.”

Just as Logan reaches the door and was about to knock, a black bag flies in his face knocking him down the stairs, flat on his butt as Amy and Sasha watch dumbfounded.

“Dad!!” Sasha screeched, “You big jerk!! You hit my dad with that bag, jerkwad!!” She ran out the door to her father’s side.

“Jimmy, you hit Mr. Logan!?” added Amy as she joined Sasha. Jimmy looked out the door pretending to be concerned.

He sees Logan on the grown and starts to laugh, “Hey man , I’m sorry.” he said laughing loudly as he talked. Logan upset, gets up and climbs the 4 steps to where Jimmy is standing in-front of the doorway leaving Amy and Sasha behind with the bag.

“Do you always act like that with children around!?” he asked angrily.

“Dude, don’t worry about it, they didn’t get hit.” he laughs on.

“Yah, but I did, ‘dude’ !” Logan barked as the anger built inside him. Jimmy kept on laughing as if he had not a care in the world. “Find that funny do yah?” Logan asked with a smirk. Jimmy stopped laughing as he noticed the tone of Logan’s voice.

“What are you gonna do about it ‘small fry’?” he challenged.

Logan quietly asked Jimmy. “What did you call me bub?”

Sasha giggled to herself and whispers in Amy’s ear, “Ooh dad’s really mad, Jimmy’s gonna get it good!”

Amy whispers back, “I hope so!” the two quietly giggle.

“I said you’re a shrimp, what are you gonna….” before Jimmy could complete his statement Logan reach Jimmy and snatched him by the collar and tossed him down the stairs where he fell to the ground face first. As Jimmy starts to rise up, spitting dirt and grass, he hears Amy and Sasha laughing big belly laughs.

“Shut the hell up you little bitches.” Jimmy ordered. The two girls stopped laughing as they saw Logan run down the steps and stomp Jimmy back to the ground.

“You don’t talk to little girls like that PUNK!” he yells. “Especially mine!” he continues as he bends down and sets his left knee into Jimmy’s back grabbing his ponytail with his left hand pulling Jimmy’s head up. Jimmy tries to grab Logan’s hand in an attempt to remove it. As he does, Logan grabs Jimmy’s arm with his right hand and pins it, holding it to Jimmy’s back. He pulls even harder on the ponytail jamming his knee even deeper into Jimmy’s back. Jimmy tries to squirm loose as he does Logan growls and slams his face back in the dirt. At this point it has become very clear to Jimmy that he picked the wrong man to mess with. The reality of the situation starts to sink in.

“Ok, Ok, I’m sorry ok, I didn’t mean it, come on man let me up.” Jimmy said. Logan pulls Jimmy’s ponytail even harder as Jimmy’s head raises up.

“Let me give you a bit of advice bub, don’t ever call me small fry or shrimp again, it ain’t healthy! You got me PUNK?” he asked pulling once again on the ponytail.

“Yah, yah ok I got you, I get it.” Jimmy said as Logan released him and stood up.

Logan turns to the girls, “So you two ready ta hit the road?” he asked with a smile.

“Let me just say good bye to my mom before we leave, it’ll only be a second,” says Amy as she runs back into the house to Sara who has been showering all this time. Sasha and Logan wait for Amy by the car. Logan is leaning against the car with his arms folded look at the door. Sasha stands next to him looking at Jimmy sitting on the ground spitting and wiping dirt from his mouth. She smirks and chuckles to herself. Jimmy looks up at Sasha, as he did, Sasha shot him the bird with her middle finger just in time for Logan to see it too.

“Knock it off, Sasha!” he scolded in a rough voice with a scowl. She puts her head down.

“Sorry dad,” she said. As soon as Logan turned his head, Sasha gave Jimmy an evil grin and stuck her tongue out. Just then Amy came down the stairs with her other bag.

“Need some help?” Sasha quickly offered as she left her father’s side and skipped over to Amy and help her with the bags. Logan turned and opened the car doors as Amy and Sasha loaded in. He put the bags in the back space then got in his car and drove off leaving Jimmy behind. Jimmy watches them disappear into the horizon then gets up and head back to the house. He doesn’t want Sara to see him full of dirt, he sneaks into the house and goes to the other bathroom and cleans up.

Chapter 5
“Cabin in the Woods.”

On the drive to the cabin, the girls sing songs in the back seat. “Come on Dad, you know this one.” said Sasha.

“ No that’s ok, I don’t think Amy back there wants to hear me howl.” he laughs. The girls continue singing on their own as Logan watches through the rear mirror. He thinks to himself, “It so nice to see Sasha with a friend having fun. Seems like a nice little girl. Ma seems nice, don’t know what the hell she’s doing with that jackass back there.” Logan shakes his head. “Go figure,” he thinks, shrugging his shoulders. As they drive up the dirt road Amy looks out the window. She sees a little brown log cabin surrounded by miles of trees forming a canopy .

She thinks to herself, “Wow this place is so pretty, Sasha is so lucky to live out here. I wish Logan was my dad.” Logan parks the car next to the log cabin.

“Last stop, everyone out.” he smiles. Sasha and Amy get out and start walking to the cabin with Sasha leading the way. Logan brings up the rear caring both of Amy’s bags. The girls wait by the door as Logan walks up , sets the bags down then unlocks the door. No sooner did he open the door, when Sasha rushes inside grabbing Amy’s hand dragging her along.

“My dad built this all by himself!” She bragged.

“WOW, Really!?” Amy asked looking around in amazement. The two flopped on the couch in the living room.

“Bathroom’s outside, the little grey building with the moon-shaped door.” added Logan walking inside. He sets Amy’s bags on the floor as he closes the door behinds him.

“Outhouse dad, it’s an out house not a bathroom.” Sasha corrects.

“Outhouse, bathroom same thing.” Logan said waving his hands about and rolling his eyes in annoyance.

“No it’s not dad, they’re two different things. See, an outhouse. is…” Sasha went on, attempting to explain when she was abruptly cut off.

“Can it! I know what the heck the difference is Sasha, I don’t need you ta spoon feed that information. Understand?” he said giving her a stern look. “Know -it -all smart mouth kid of mine,” Logan mumbles to himself. “You kids hungry?” he asked.

“YAH!” the two yell together.

“Dad,” Sasha reminds,”I said I’d cook remember?”

“Yep.” he answers as he walks in the kitchen. “Got some stew left in the icebox, needs eating, darlin’.”

“Beef stew?” asks Amy.

“Deer.” answered Logan.

“You’re gonna love it, Amy, dad makes the BEST deer stew ever.” Said Sasha. Amy timidly smiles at Sasha, she has never had “Deer stew” before, seemed like murder to her, eating a poor defenseless deer. She gulped at the thought.

“Don’t we wash-up first?” Amy asked Sasha.

“Wash up? What for, you dirty?” Sasha asked.

“Everyone washes there hands before they eat, Sasha. We do at my house. Don’t you?” Amy asked surprised.

“Nope”. Sasha boasts.

“No!?, that’s really gross, you could get sick from not washing. YUCK.” Amy answered making a disgusted face.

“We don’t get sick. Never been sick a day in my life.” Sasha bragged smugly. Back in the kitchen Logan had the cast iron pot belly stove lit and was warming the stew when his ears were invaded by Sasha and Amy’s conversation.

“Sasha! he called.

“Just a minute, Amy, My dad needs me, be right back.” she trotted off to the kitchen. “Need help dad?” she said with a smile.

“Nope,” he answered turning to face her. “I just wanted to remind you NOT to go shootin’ your mouth off to Amy about things she doesn’t need to know. Get me?” he asked, looking her in the eyes.

“Yes sir.” She agrees.

“Go look in the back shed, in the camping gear. I have some handy wipes you two can use .” Logan suggested.

“Ok dad, I’ll tell Amy,” said Sasha.

“Make sure that’s all you tell her,” he reminded. Sasha shook her head yes and walked back to the living-room area.

“Amy, dad says there’s some handy wipes in the back shed let’s go and get ‘em.” Sasha said.

“Ok” replied Amy as she got up and followed Sasha. Sasha took Amy to the back shed behind the cabin. Amy looks around, thinking, “The woods are so thick.” As she looks up she spots a pair of squirrels running in the trees chattering as they go. She begins to wonder what type of animals live here. “Hey Sasha, are there any wolves around here?” asked Amy.

As the reach the shed Sasha opens it and answered. “Yep, sure are, all kinds of critters live around here. Mostly wolverines, man do they stink!!” said Sasha as she found the wipes in a near by bag.

“What’s a wolverine? Is it like a little wolf?” asked Amy.

“No, not really. It’s a big weasel. Dad says they’re the biggest land weasel in the world. They have really nasty tempers, once they get your scent they never give up,” explains Sasha.

“You ever see one?” ask Amy.

“Yah,” she stated as she closed the shed door. “Once I saw one right here in this very spot”, she egged, “it was huge!! Biggest thing I’d ever seen. All snarling and growling with claws as long as your whole arm! You should have been there, it would have made your hair stand on end!” Sasha teased as she chased Amy all the way back to the cabin. They came into the cabin screaming and laughing just two kids at play.
“Settle down you two, get cleaned up and sit at the table.” Logan directed. Sasha hands Amy a handy wipe and pulls one for herself. They wipe their hands and sat at the table. Logan came to the table with 2 bowls of piping hot deer stew. He set a bowl in front of Sasha along with a spoon.

“Mmmm” she said picking up her spoon.

“Wait for Amy,” said Logan as he handed Amy a spoon and set a bowl in front of her. Logan himself sat down in-front of his bowl, already on the table along with a water pitcher, a bottle of beer and 2 glasses.

“Can we eat now?” Sasha eagerly asked.

“Yep”, replied Logan picking up his spoon. Sasha started eating exclaiming how good the stew was as Logan smiled watching her eat. Clink, clink clink. Logan looks up from his bowl to see Amy fiddling with the spoon in her bowl. “What’s wrong kid, you ain’t hungry?” he asked. Amy felt like she was on the spot. She didn’t want to eat “Bambie” and she didn’t want to be rude.

“I’m a vegetarian.” she lied.

“I’ll eat hers!” Sasha said looking up from her now empty bowl. Logan looks at Sasha.

“Quiet.” he orders looking back at Amy. “There’s carrots in your bowl kid, just eat those.” he said, continuing to eat. Logan had a sneaky suspicion Amy was lying. Amy sighed as she continued to fiddle with her spoon making tink-tink noises. “Ok kid, what’s the problem?” Logan asked looking up from his now empty bowl. “You don’t like the idea of eating deer, that it?” he asked annoyed.

“Yes sir,” Amy answers shyly with her head down.

“Give it here,” he said, and Amy slid the deer stew over to Logan. Logan eats Amy’s food and turns to Sasha. “Go take Amy outside to the garden, let her pick out some vegetables.” he directed. Sasha does what she’s told as Amy followed. They come back into the house and set the freshly picked vegetables on the table. Sasha sees 3 empty bowls and Logan in his chair in front of the fireplace reading a newspaper.

“Ok, dad, she’s done. Sasha announced.

“Well good, take her in the kitchen, clean and cook ‘em up,” Logan replied as he turned the pages not looking up from his paper.

“Aren’t you gonna cook ‘em!?” Sasha asked.

“Nope.” Logan answered point blank, still reading. Sasha looks at Amy, her mouth dropped.

“Come on Amy, let’s get this over with.” Amy follows Sasha to the kitchen. They clean and cook the vegetable. Amy eats them as Sasha finished off the pot of stew left on the stove.

“You kids clean up the table, yah here?” orders Logan.

“Yes sir!” they reply in unison. Sasha and Amy played board games and talked until it started to get dark.

Chapter 6

As the sun started to set, Logan got up and walked to the fireplace mantle where he lights 3 lanterns that sit along the mantle. The soft yellow glow of the lanterns cast long shadows on the walls of the small cabin.

“Dad?” ask Sasha.

“Yah” Logan replies.

“Can we go fishing tomorrow morning?” ssked Sasha.

“Yah sure,” he answers.

“I don’t know how to fish,” Amy states.

“No biggy, dad and I will teach ya!” Sasha replies.

“You girls better start getting ready for bed if we’re going fishing tomorrow, gotta get up at the crack of dawn,” he smiles. Amy walks over to her bags and pulls out her nightdress, pillow, a toothbrush and her favorite stuffed animal, Moo Cow, an old stuffed cow she’s had since she was 1 year old.

“Where do I get ready?” she asked.

“In Sasha’s room”, said Logan. “She’s back there now waitin’ for ya.” He pointed towards Sasha’s room. As Amy walked to Sasha’s room the cabin seemed different to her. She noticed the floor planks squeaked and the flickering of the lanterns seemed to make everything come alive. A sinking feeling hit her at the thought of going to sleep in the dark. She suddenly wished she was back home, then she remembered Jimmy and decided this wasn’t as bad as home right now.
“Sasha?” Amy called timidly. No answer. She walked closer, entering the room. “Sasha?” she called again. Suddenly Sasha jumped out.

“BOO!” she shouted. Amy screamed as Sasha giggled into a belly laugh. Hearing them, Logan just chuckled to himself walking to Sasha’s room with one of the lamps.
“You kids about ready for bed?” he asked stopping at the doorway the glow of the lamp casting long flickering shadows behind him. Sasha and Amy screamed as they brushed their teeth in an old fashion bowl with a picture along the side spitting tooth paste.

“Dad!! You scared us!!” exclaimed Sasha.

“Oh did I?” he mocked and they all laughed together. The girls finished and cleaned up with towels Sasha brought in the room. She opened the window and tossed the water out of the bowl.

“Tell us some stories Dad!!” said Sasha.

“YAH!!” added Amy. Sasha and Amy jumped on Sasha’s bed giggling as they got under the covers. “Oh wait, I forgot my moo cow,” said Amy.

“What the heck is a “moo cow” ?” asked Sasha.

“He’s my old buddy from when I was a kid.” explained Amy.

“Was a kid!?, You’re still a kid.” Logan joked as he sat at the foot of the bed.

“Well I was a smaller kid then,” said Amy as she crawled over the bed to retrieve her beloved Moo Cow. As Logan watched her climb back into bed, he looked at the old tattered stuffed cow.

“That’s what you forgot?” he asked. “Maybe he should have stayed forgotten.” Logan mocked.

“Hey, he’s my friend. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks,” she replied smugly as she hugged moo cow tightly.

“What ever makes ya snore, kid.” Logan said as he begins telling them a story. Soon the two friends fell fast asleep. Logan raised from the bed and kisses Sasha on the forehead stroking the side of her little face with his finger. She smiles in her sleep as Logan whispers, “Good night, little darlin’.” He pulls the covers up around Sasha and Amy’s necks and smiles. Logan walks to his bedroom the floor planks squeak behind him as he blows out 2 of the 3 lanterns still carries one with him. He sits it on the near by night-stand of his room and sits on the bed. Logan pulls off his boots, jeans and shirt. As he blows out the lantern, he gets in bed and soon falls asleep.

During his sleep Logan has a nightmare. Sasha has a very strong psychic link with her father. She feels what he feel, always has every sense she was a baby. It’s part of her mutant gift from her mother’s side. Because of this she knows things about Logan that she is too young to understand. Logan is unaware of his daughter’s knowledge. Sasha tosses and turns in her sleep. All the trashing about wakes up Amy. Amy sits up in the moonlit room. The full moon shines threw the window.

“Sasha,” she softly calls as she shakes her arm in an attempt to awaken her friend. She hears growling. It sounds like a dog. Amy looks around the room expecting to see a wolf as her heart pounds with fear. “Sasha wake up, there’s some kind of animal in here,” she whispers, starting to panic. “Sasha, Sasha, wake up!” Amy shakes her harder. The growls grow louder. Amy begins to realize that there is no animal, the growling is coming from Sasha. Amy’s breathing becomes heavy as fear starts to settle in. She jumps out of the bed, clutching moo cow and runs to Logan’s room next door.

“Mr. Logan, Mr. Logan, Sasha is have a weird nightmare and can’t wake her up! I’m scared,” Amy says in a huff. She hears that same growling sound, only deeper. She becomes even more afraid and starts to cry. “I want to go home!” She panics as Logan’s growls get even more wolf like. “I want my mother!” she sobs loudly. Tears stream down her face. Her crying wakes Logan up. His eye pop wide opened as Amy hears a something that sounds like a sword being quickly drawn from it’s sheath, she looked around but it’s too dark to see what it could have been.

“What’s all the noise about kid?” Logan asked startled to find Amy in his room. She shaking and crying. “What’s wrong?” he asked concerned. Now fully awake, Logan hugs the child in an effort to confront her.

“It’s Sasha,” she sniffed, “She’s having some kind of nightmare, I can’t wake her up. She just keeps growling,” Amy explained as she cried.

“It’s ok, I’ll go check on her. Hand me my robe , it’s hanging on the door.” He pointed at his door. The moonlight lit her way and she turned around to get the robe then handed it to Logan. As she got closer to Logan she could see his muscular hairy chest.

“Oh my gosh! they’re werwolves!” she thought. The smell of Amy’s fear became even stronger it filled Logan’s nostrils.

“It’s ok Amy”, he told her calmly, “I’ll take care of everything.” He put his robe on and got up and they walked towards Sasha’s room. All of a sudden they hear Sasha screaming at the top of her lungs.

“DADDY!!!!! DADDY!!!!!!!” Logan runs to Sasha’s room with Amy following close behind him. When they get to her room Sasha is shaking and holding her hands up in front of her face . They are covered with blood and bits of hanging flesh. Sasha sees her father coming. “It hurts daddy! Make it stop!” She cries as the moon illuminated the look of pain on her face. It brought Logan to tears as he sees the boned claws sticking out from the back of her little hands. Amy looks on, shocked.

“Oh my gosh , Sasha you’re turning into a wolverine!” She put her hands to her face. Amy’s comment only magnifies Sasha’s fear.

“I’m a freak!!” Sasha states. Logan turns to Amy with a scowl.

“Amy, she not turning into anything, it’s normal,” he barks. Amy stood idly by quietly hugging moo cow as she watch on.

“Darling’, it’s ok, you’re all right,” Logan tells Sasha as he moves in closer and holds her to him, kissing her forehead. “You’re ok sweet heart, you’re ok. It’s normal,” he reassures her.

“How do you know?” Sasha asked, her voice muffled as she spoke.

“Because darling’, I live with ‘em everyday of my life. You got them from me.” Logan answered holding his hand up as he popped his claws. Sasha and Amy watched in awe as 3 silver claws pierced threw the skin of Logan’s hand drawing very little blood. Fully extended, they were 8-12 inches long. Sasha began to calm down, wiping her eyes dry with her fingers. Her bone claws began retracting back into her hands, the wounds heal right before her eyes as if nothing had happened. She looked at her father’s claws, the reflection of the moon shined on the polished metal. Logan watch the look on his daughter’s face as she reach out and touches one claw with her finger.

“Careful doll, they’re real sharp.” Logan warned. Sasha smiled at her father.

“Will mine look that that when I’m older?” she asked.

“I hope to God not, darlin’. My claws were once like yours, until one day someone got the wise idea ta make ‘em like this.” The look on her father’s face told Sasha that this was something her father did not want.

“Who did it?” Sasha asked curiously. Logan took a deep breath as he retracted his claws and exhaled.

“An experimental weapons facility, back when I was in the Army.” he answered.
“How did the army get the metal on, Dad?” she asked.

“They cut me open, nabbed me when I wasn’t looking,” Logan explained as honestly as he thought his daughter was able to handle.

“Did it hurt?” She asked.

“More than words can say,” he answers, looking her in the eyes. She could feel his memories of pain as she listened to the tone of his voice. Suddenly Sasha burst into tears and hugged Logan as tight as she could crying uncontrollably.

“My daddy. my daddy, how could they do that to my dad!” Her reaction took him by surprise. He held her closely.

“Daddy’s ok sweetheart, he beat ‘em,” he continued as he rocked her in his arms. A brief cold blast of fear ran down Sasha’s spine as she felt how Logan had to beat them. She gulped as a flash of an image raced threw her head of her father. He was nude and coved in blood, his claws extended as bits of flesh plopped off them and hit the ground. She saw the look in his eyes, it was less than human as he raced out of a thick metal door leaving a trail of broken bloody bodies behind him.

“He had no other choice, it wasn’t his fault”, she convinced herself as the vision faded away. Amy came towards Logan and sat next to him. She started hugging him too, unaware that she dropped moo cow. Logan’s heart just melted and he reached an arm around Amy hugging her as well.

“I saw it dad.” Sasha said, looking up at Logan.

“What do you mean, you saw it?” Logan asks, confused.

“In my dreams,” she replied.

“Dreams? Can you tell daddy about theses dreams darling?” he asked.

“They’re awful, sometime I wake up and my bed is wet from all the sweat. I didn’t tell you about them because I just wanted them to go away, then one day they did. Until tonight that is,” she explained. Logan listened with as Sasha began telling him her dream in full detail. His face dropped when he heard her describe the exact same dream he himself woke up from that very night. Logan sat in disbelief, listening to his 7 year old daughter talk about the tortures of the Weapon X project. “I didn’t know until tonight those dreams were about you dad, When I saw your claws I started putting it together. That’s how I know what they did to you,” she went on.

Logan put his head in his hands. “Oh dear God, I’ never wanted you to see that stuff, I’m so sorry Sasha,” he said as a tear streamed down his cheek. He lifted his head. “When did these dreams start darling ?” he asked, his voice and face changed.

“ I first got ‘em last year, dad are you mad at me?” Sasha asked.

“No, it’s not your fault, none of it is anyone’s fault but those who did what they did to me,” he explained. Logan took a deep breath and looked at the two girls hugging him, one on each side.

“Mr. Logan?” asked Amy looking up at him as she hugged him with both arms.
“Mmm?” he acknowledged.

“You said it’s normal, does that mean I’ll grow claws too, my mom never told me about claws.”

”No, Amy, ya ain’t gonna grow claws.” He sighed, “Listen kid, Sasha and I are different than you and your ma, we’re Mutants.”

“Mutants!?” I thought you guys were werewolves. Boy, was I wrong,” she smiled.

“Werewolves?! You thought we were werwolves?” Sasha laughed. “Oh my gosh, Amy! Ha-ha, there’s no such thing as a werewolf! Next thing you’ll be telling me there’s a Santa Claus, too,” she chuckled, shaking her head. “Can you believe that dad?” Sasha asked, looking up at Logan. “You’re a werewolf,” she mocked as Logan chuckled.

Amy began feeling quite stupid as she tried to smile, “Yah, what was I thinking? Pretty stupid of me huh?”

“Yep!” Sasha immediately agreed. Logan saw the embarrassed look on Amy’s face.
“You’re not stupid, Amy, I think that was a normal thing for a young girl ta think. Heck , I would have thought the same thing if I saw my friend with claws popping out of her hands on a full moon,” he smiled. Amy smiled back looking up at Logan. “Well,” said Logan scratching his head, “looks like you two are gonna have ta bunk with me for the rest of the night. Can’t sleep here in this bloody bed,” he stated.

“YAH!!” they screamed jumping up and down.

Logan smiled, “Come on you little squirts, let’s get some shut eye.” He scooped both girls up, one under each arm as they giggled all the way to the bedroom.

On the way Amy asked, “Mr. Logan? Do you hate humans for what they did to you?”

“No, I don’t hate humans Amy. I’ve loved quite a few of them in my day.” He smiled. “Like everything else in this world kid, there’s good and bad on both sides,” Logan answered as they got under the covers and fell back to sleep.

Daddy's Little Girl

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Artist's Description

Author’s notes:
This is an Original Fan Fic written by me. It was inspired by a dream and my favorite super hero, Wolverine.
I wrote this story LONG before Marvel ever came up with an idea of Logan having a daughter.

This is a work in progress, if you see errors please let me know. (for those that don’t know, I am dyslexic and it is hard to catch them all my self ;) so if you want to help it is most welcomed! ) also please note there is slang in the wording.

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