My first OzFest: A true story.

My encounter with Ozzy Osbourne.

Yes, The Oz himself, Prince of darkness, Godfather of metal, what ever name you know him as. LOL

I had an encounter with him once that will never leave my mind! It started with a radio announcement, “OzFest is coming to San Fransico, get your tickets now at Bass outlets!”

OZ FEST! BASS outlet! Oh shit… I’M THERE! Sense I don’t drive I called the ticket out let and orders 2 tickets to be picked up at the box window upon arrival. Why 2? Well, I had to get a ride there too. I had 2 hard core Ozzy fan friends. I knew one of them would be able to do it.
So, the big day came and I of course find a ride! lol When we get there we stand in line to get the seats. I knew I was in 19th row and I was to have seat 19 and 20. “Sucks.” I thought, “19th row, boo!” I wanted at lest 5th row damn it. But the other fans beat me to it. “Just my luck!” I pouted as I waited in line for my 19th row tickets.

When my friend and I got to the window I gave the ticket person my name and zip-code then showed my ID and got my tickets. We walked to the arena to find our seats. There were a few officials there helping people locate their seats. My friends already knew how to do that so he found them with ease. We stood looking at the seats then again at each other, in shock. Our tickets took us right to front row center seats. “NO WAY!” we said, “There must be a mistake here, we aren’t doing this right.” So we went to find the official and he said “Yep, those are your seats, enjoy the show.” I still don’t know how that happened, I told my friend we had 19th row, but when we got to the window, we got hella better seats! We just grinned at each other and quickly sat in the seats. I looked at my ticket, yep it said 19th row, so why was I in the front row center seats? We looked and looked I noted that the ticket had a little red star in the corner. As people came in and filled the seats I asked the girl sitting next to me if I could see her ticket, I looked at it and hers had a black star. So I’m thinking my friend and I got some kind of special tickets, maybe by mistake… “Oh who gives a shit! I laughed, their mine now, and you aint getting my butt out of this seat!” I thought to myself.

Well, after a great show from the other acts, Ozzy finial came on. This year he came with Black Sabbath so it was a double treat! heehee. They played all my favorite Sabbath songs. When They got to “Sweet Leaf” that’s when I REALY had fun! before he sang it, Ozzy asked the fans “How many of you here ever do the leaf?” I shake my head no and say never. Well THAT got his attention. To my surprise he stopped talking, turned his head and looked right at me! Then he asked with widen eyes “Never?” I shook my head “No”. Looking a little confused he stated, “Not ever, nothing?” I said “Nope.” Hah, was the last thing he said before they started the song. For thoses who don’t know me, I may like the music, but I am a drug virgin and plan to keep it that way. Guess that was a big shock to Ozzy. One of HIS fans, at HIS show not doing drugs??? Why it’s unheard of! LOL

That wasn’t the end of it either. Every Ozzy fan knows what happens when you dare to sit in the front row at an Ozzy concert. Chances are pretty dang good you will be soaked from head to toe because Ozzy will toss water at you from buckets or hose you down! I had Forgotten about that and in San Fransico, in June, the nights can be chilly enough!
FOLKS there is a price to be paid for having a red star on your ticket at OzFest, and being the only “virgin” at the show and in front row… EASY PICKING! YEP, you guest it, I GOT IT! lol ALL frieakin’ night. It wasn’t the buckets, it was a huge hose. I got nailed ever time… and I KNOW he did it on purpose cause more than a few times, I was the only one who got it!
I was soaked from head to toe, by the time it was over, and brother I was COLD!

Shivering , my friend and I made it to the car for the drive home. It was cold as hell ‘cause his damned window wouldn’t roll up all the way! When I got home it was 2 am, and the first thing I did was jump in a HOT bath. The clothes I wore that night, I never washed, I saved them “as is” like any good fan would! LOL It was worth every shiver!

My first OzFest: A true story.

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A true story by a real fan

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