Passion of Love, Chapter 27 "Snowball's Chance in Hell" rated R

“Passion of Love”
Chapter 27
“Snowball’s Chance in Hell” rated R

“Good boy Baytan my pet, now the The Pear of Anguish! This will be MOST fun. " The Deliverer commanded

Logan grit his teeth even harder as pain began to shoot threw the muscles of his clenched jaws. Sweat poured from him and he closed his eyes tightly prepairing himself for the unthinkable.

“No!” Baytan said in defiance as he secretly loosened Logan’s chains, allowing him to straighten his wrist.

Logan opened his eyes, he had won Baytan over. He slowly moved his wrist loosening the chains even further until one hand was completely free. Logan waited for the Delver’s reaction before he acted, he and the brothers still had the mindless 6 guards to deal with.

“NO?, Baytan! Did you DARE to say NO, to me?” The Deliverer shouted. “You shall pay dearly my PET! DEARLY. Safferin, go and let the others out, Let us see if your insubortant brother can last 10 minutes with the pack before they tare him to unrecognizable chunks of meat!” The Deliverer ordered.

“NO! Safferin shouted. I will NOT. I follow my brother, I do not serve you stinky HUMAN.” Safferin said with conviction

“Then you shall both die!” The Deliverer ended.

’He has gone to free the Dog Slaves, there are 600 of them White Wolf, Baytan told Logan “We must act fast to get out. Come Setherin I was mistaken, for today IS OUR DAY!” Baytan cried as he howled a deep loud howled with Sefferin joining in.

With that Logan popped his claws and cut himself down. He flipped as he dropped to land on his feet. taring the mask off when the 6 guards started to rush Logan in an attempt to stop his escape. One by one their heads fell to the ground as Logan stood standing firm blood and flesh dripping from his claws. Both Baytan and Sefferin’s mouth’s dropped in amazement .

“See my brother. This is what I was telling you about, the Master had spoken the truth about the White Wolf.” Baytan grinned in satisfaction.

“Yes my brother, I see that now.” Sefferin agreed.

“Come White Wolf, we have 594 of them to go threw to get to the Master, and it isn’t going to be easy, many of them are bigger than I, and have been warriors before Master changed them to Dog Slaves.” Baytan directed.

“The gun my brother, what about the gun. Tell him about the gun,” added Sefferin.

Yes pup. Quiet yourself down. I haven’t forgotten that gun." Baytan acknowledged

“Aint worried about no gun Baytan” Logan assured

“This one could change your mind White Wolf.” Baytan started

“Why? he asked .” And call me Logan, okay."

“Agreed, Logan. this gun does not shoot bullets, it shoots sharp needle darts. The darts are filled with a serum that Master invented when he was still a mutant, before he was called by his God to be The Deliver and send the Devil’s children back to Hell. The serum was to reverse the mutant genes, a cure of some kind that would allow them to become human and live a normal life. But something went wrong. Other mutants found out about this cure and they were against it. They contaminated the serum behind Master’s back. Master used himself as a test subject and injected the serum. The effects were not as he planned. He became twisted and deformed, now his body rots away with no way to stop it, his time is running out. He fears he will not complete his mission from God. That serum not only rotted his body, I believe it rotted his whole spirit and turned him into the monster he is now. The gun is filled with the same tampered with serum, only Master has perfected it twenty folds. He tested it on a mutant known as Sabertooth years ago. He was a white wolf too, like you from what I saw. At first it didn’t work, but Master found a way to stop his mutant gift from working and the poison took hold. He rotted alive in less than a week.

“Good!” Logan said

“Good? How can you say good? That means the serum works and you will suffer the same fate, we all will!” Sefferin said

“Sabertooth got what was coming to him! He wasn’t like me. He didn’t care about nothing or no one but himself. He killed a lot of innocent people. My guess is The Deliverer didn’t capture him, he hired him and when he needed a test subject he used Sabertooth like the garbage he was.” Logan finished

“He is right Sefferin, Sabertooth was brought in by Master as one of us, at first. I was but a young pup at the time, I remember him somewhat. He smelled bad and was very ugly.” Baytan recalled. The three laughed together but it was short lived.

“Come on, let’s bring this circus clown down. I have a plan!” Logan said

“Don’t you need some clothing stinky human, you will freeze to death out there. Sefferin asked

“Foolish PUP! Quiet yourself. Don’t address Logan that way.” Baytan barked slapping Safferin’s head

“It’s Ok Baytan, I do stink! Logan joked as he laughed . Respect is earned not given, I’ll earn Sefferin’s respect or I won’t , he aint required to give it to me. You two aint gotta worry about me freezing to death. I’ve been in extreme cold most of my life and most of my life out of my clothing!” he laughed again. Call of the wild I guess. Clothing would be nice, but you ripped all mine up Sefferin!" Logan finished

“I know where Master hid some clothing he took from the others. It is on our way to his chamber. Come let us go NOW while we still have a head start Logan.” Baytan suggested.

Baytan led the way with Sefferin close behind as Logan followed the two brothers.

“Do you really trust this stinky human my brother? Look at him, he isn’t one of us, he’s ugly and naked, no fur at all, and where is his neck pelt?” Safferin went on as he turned his head slightly to see Logan still following them.

Logan heard every word Seffrin told his brother and he suddenly felt more naked then he ever remembered feeling before in his life. "Me Ugly? You need to polish your looking glass there bub!’ he thought silently to himself.

“Quiet pup, Logan has lived with the ancestors, he knows their language and for that reason, yes I do trust him. I can see he is different, but he is still one of us! If you do not trust him, then you keep your mussel shut. I know what’s best! We will live with the ancestors in a real pack.” Baytan finished

Sefferin had his doubts of ever getting off that Island alive, but he trusted his brother fully. “Yes brother.” he quietly agreed

Here is the room I referred to Logan, just grab the first thing that fits and let us be on our way. Baytan said

Logan saw the clothing piled up to the ceiling, he couldn’t believe haw much of it there was. The sent of death was strong but he pressed forward and snapped up a leather wool lined coat not that much different than the one he came with. It was two sizes too big, but good enough. As he dug further into the pile he pulled out a green army jump suit, it was also too big but wearable. Lastly Logan grabbed a pair of black army boots, One shoe was a size bigger than the other, but he slipped them on his feet anyway, there was no time to be picky.

“Okay boys, let’s get the hell out of here.” Logan stated as he finished butting the coat.

As they walked on their way Baytan asked Logan about his plan.
“What is this plan of yours Logan?”

“Remember when you two snatched me? Well my back pack is still out there, I had a lot of plastic explosives and planted them all around this compound. There’s enough to send this place to the moon and everything with it. I figure we get back to that spot, set off the designator and blow the whole place up.” Logan explained

“That’s easier said than done mutant, first we have to get past THEM.” Sefferin stated as he pointed to the scene ahead.

The Deliverer had gathered all his Dog Slaves and was now blocking their path to the outside. They had no sent and did not look like Baytan and his brother, these were mutated creatures that looked like apes with dog’s feet and a dog’s mouth. As Logan and the brother s saw what was ahead of them Logan could see at least 6 different variations on the Dog Slave’s mutations while he looked for the easiest pathway to mow them down.

“We either move or they will Bub! Get your fighting face on and start using those claws!” Logan took charge leading the way, charging into battle with claws popping to their full extension.

“I’ll Take out as many as I can , you and Safferin make a break for the door and get the hell out of here, don’t look back , just RUN!” Logan ordered

As Logan hacked away, the two brothers ran for the door. Safferin was the first to get out when Baytan was snatched by one of the Dog Slaves and dragged into the blood thirsty crowd.

“BAYTAN!” he shouted

“Run pup! RUN, don’t look back RUN as fast as you can!” Baytan shouted trying to fight his way out but he soon was swallowed up from Safferin’s sight into the brutal bloodlust.

Safferin wanted to go and help his brother but he knew that he would end up dead. He ran as a snow storm started to the place where they caught Logan with the hope s that he would be able to get Baytan out as well. Logan spotted Baytan in trouble and fought harder to get to him with the Dog Slaves ripping at his clothing and then his flesh. Ignoring the pain he managed to reach Baytan just in time to grab him and run out the door as the Dog Slaves Chased them. The falling snow seemed to slow them down and visibility became harder and harder.

“Hang in there bub, don’t die on me, hang in there.” Logan said running into the storm caring Baytan on his back. Weaken but alive Baytan told Logan where a small cave was hidden in the icy ground. They got to the cave as if guided by instinct.

“They can not follow us in this storm Logan.” Baytan began to speak in a weakened voice. They are not like Sefferin and I. The Dog Slaves have no several instinct of their own and no hunting skills. That’s why we were sent to retrieve you and not one of them. They’re stupid mindless beast." Baytan explained breathing hard.

“You need your rest, why don’t you stay here while I go find Sefferin.” Logan said

“No, Wait a few moments and I will heal, I don’t heal as fast as you do ,but I do heal fast. This cave is a hole I dug as a pup. I came here to dream of the wild and get away from Master, but he always found me, he knows of this cave. He will soon find us. The Dog slaves are not his only creations, there is one other. He is more like Sefferin and I but can not speak. Master will get him to lead the survivors to hunt us down.”

“Why aint he used that thing back there?” Logan asked

“Because he is the back up for me. Master always feared the possibility I could become too smart and turn. So he created the Wolf Beast to kill me should his fears be true. I have seen him once he is much bigger than I.

“Yeah but is he as smart as you?” Logan asked

“I’m not sure, Sefferin and I have never been allowed to spend time with it.” Baytan said as his healing was completed.

“You’re feeling better I see” Logan stated

“Yes, let us go find Sefferin before the Master does.”Baytan said now crawling out of the small cave with Logan behind him.

“Baytan, you know of a way off this Island buddy?” Logan asked

“Yes. The boat. I have stirred it many times for Master to get food and other needed supplies from the main land.” he answered

“Soon as we do what needs doing, we get the hell out of this place.” Logan replied

“Yes, we will.” agreed Baytan

The two soon caught up with Sefferin who was clutching the back pack as he sat against the wall to shelter himself from the on slot of the storm.

“Well done pup! WELL DONE!” Baytan parsed seeing Safferin found the back pack.

“I Hope this intense cold aint ruined the explosives, they weren’t made to be used in cold like this. We better set ’em off while we can.” Logan sugested

“Agreed.” Baytan said reaching his arm out to help his brother to his feet.

As Logan and the wolf brothers huddled around the back pack ravaging threw it looking for the designator, they were abruptly interrupted. A long shaggy hand snatched Sefferin by the neck pelt and tossed him harshly as a set of yellow dagger like teeth began to snap in Baytan’s face. Logan again popped his claws when he felt a sharp needle plunged deep into his left leg.

“Haahahhhhhah, Got you Wolverine! This storm works both way friend. It not only provide cover for us, it masked my sent as well. The Deliverer explained “Take care of him my pet!” He ordered the Wolf Beast as he continued his attack on Baytan.

Logan jumped Baytan side to help, but Baytan refused to let him.

“He’s MINE Logan, come what may! Blow this place to hell where it belongs, leave this fight to me!” he ordered.

Logan turned around to face more of the Dog Slaves. One by one as Baytan fought Logan killed each one but they kept coming. Logan grew more and more tired, still they kept coming. Sefferin found himself lying on his back in the snow healing , He could hear the fate of his brother and Logan. “NO, the Wolf Beast. Baytan!” he thought. I will not let this happen!" Safferin charged towards the sound regardless of the fact he wasn’t fully healed. Logan fought harder but his strength was running out when he heard the growls and barks of Sefferin as he jump in ripping the first Dog Slave he saw to bits. They fought together until there was one Dog Slave left. Seeing that the brothers were holding their own Logan ran to where the back pack was and laid himself face down in the snow setting the designator off. Only half of the explosives went fired the cold had damage the rest. Logan lifted his head to see The Deliver trying to run away.

“He’s headed for the boat Logan!! If he reaches it we will have no way off this island! Stop Him Setherin and I will finish these two off!” Baytan shouted as he fought.

He ran after The Deliverer. He had a good head start but Logan could see him limping. “You aint getting away from me you scumbag! If I gotta breath my last breath I’m gonna do so with your meat dangling from my claws!” Just as Logan embarked upon him The Deliver fell into the snow. Logan snatch him by his tattered cloak.

“Now let’s see what kind of piece of shit I’m dealing with!” Logan yelled as he tore the hood off. A half decayed face was still reminisced of it’s true identity. “NO! It can’t BE! It CAN’T be you! Hank!! We thought you were DEAD!” Logan said in shock

“Hank McCoy IS dead! You all ways were a dim witted BEAST!” The Deliverer said

“Why? Why did you turn like this? WHY?” Logan demanded

“WHY? WHY NOT? Mutants ruined my life, my work, I had it all, I had the cure and they ruined it!! That’s when I was called to be God’s right hand! The Deliverer.” he stated

“God’s right hand?, The Deliverer? What kind of God are you serving? I may not know much about God But I KNOW He aint like this! That stuff messed you up bad buddy!” Logan stated

“You are correct, you DON’T know much about GOD in fact , you know nothing! I sent the Devil’s children back to their father, you should be THANKING ME!” he screamed

“Thanking YOU! THANKING YOU! You cause the death of millions of people and I should be THANKING YOU? I’ll thank you alright! Logan said as he popped his claws. I’m gonna send you to hell where you belong!”

“You would kill your old friend Beast? Your buddy Hank McCoy?” He mocked

“Hank McCoy is DEAD! I’m killing The Deliverer!” Logan stated

“Go ahead, but let me warn you, you won’t get far before my fate is your own!” he laughed

Logan plunged his claws under The Deliverer’s ribcage ripping up to open his chest cavity, exposing his still beating heart. He pulled it out and tossed it in the snow. The Deliverer was dead. “I had to see if you even had a heart you sick son of a bitch.” Logan said now looking at his leg. He had been hit with the same stuff that killed Sabertooth a mutant with the same healing factor as his own. “According to Baytan, I got at lest a week. That will give me enough time to pick up Sasha, drop the wolf brothers off in there new home, and get back to the mansion to say my good Byes.” he sighed

Passion of Love, Chapter 27 "Snowball's Chance in Hell" rated R

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There is only one more chapter left! I will most likely write it sometime this weekend or sooner.

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