Passion of Love, chapter 26 "Kindred Spirits" R

Passion of Love

chapter 26
“Kindred Spirits” rated R

A male’s voice over a loud speaker entered Logan’s ears with out recognition.

“I hope you’re finding things conferrable …old friend.” he laughed. “Bet you’re wondering how Baytan caught you so easily.” he laughed again louder this time. “It simple Logan, or shall I say, Wolverine, Bayton has no sent! None of my pets do. During my stay on White Island I created them with mutants like yourself in mind, ones with the abilities of a blood hound. I acquired Baytan as a wolf pup. He became my greatest accomplishment! Would you like to know why Logan?” he laughed deep in his throat. “Because like any good dog, and unlike a human, Baytan was eager to please his master. During the White Wars I had the great pleasure of having Wolfbane as my guest. She didn’t last too long, a big disappointment I’m afraid. However she gave me a gift before she died.” he chuckled. “Her DNA, which I mixed with Baytan along with other ideas I wanted to test out, such as a serum that removed his sent. As I learned more with him he grew into the fantastic creation you see before you today, strong, intelligent, and completely loyal to me. Bayton and his younger brother are the only two of my creations who can speak. Bayton is also the only one created from a wolf, his brother was grown in a lab and my other pets are simple mutated humans and mutants, the Devil’s children, captured over the years, like those that handled Scott Summers. Mindless really. OH what a joy that was! They did quite a wonderful job getting the point across to HIM!” he said with a sickly and sinister laugh that filled Logan’s head making his very soul heave as he remembered Scott describing what happen to him on White Island.

“We’re going to have some REAL fun, you and I my grizzly friend. If memory serves me well, you and I are not that different, this will be just like old times for you won’t it?” he said

“I aint NOTHING like you, you sick sack of shit! Nothing!” Logan screeched.

“Aren’t you tho, I know your passed well, your fears, your weaknesses, I can assure you, dear old friend, I have learned from past handler’s mistakes! I won’t be repeating them.” he barked.

“Show yourself, coward! you hide like a COWARD” Logan shouted with conviction as he struggled violently in vain to break free from the chains that bound his wrist so very tightly.

“Coward am I? Well we shall see. By the end of this day, you will beg me to kill you!” The Deliverer firmly ended

Logan growled a deep low growl of determination sounding more like a wolf than a human, as the Deliver sat in his office with Baytan and his younger pup brother Sefferin by his side. Logan’s growls registered strongly in Baytan’s mind. It takes one to know one, and Baytan understood more than any human ever could what a growl like that meant. His sharp ears perked in defense mode.

“This mutant is not to be taken lightly. He is NOT like the others, he speaks the language of the ancestors!” Baytan thought to himself. “Master doesn’t know what was said…but I do. It is a fierce warning of war from a warrior with the promise to fight to the death that comes from the soul, the language of the ancients. Only a true wolf can speak like this. I will have to deal with the white wolf personally.” he finished preparing himself mentally for the battle.

Baytan was over seven feet tall and weighed in at 350 pounds of lean muscle. He had deep red almond shaped eyes and coved in thick jet black and indigo blue fur. Baytan had long shaggy arms with hands, razor sharp claws, and the strength of 10 men. His teeth were that of a wolf, polished fangs to the whitest of whites. Baytan sported the dominate wolf pelt that puffed high on the back of his neck just behind his head which was that of a wolf, in fact, other than his ability to walk and grab with his hands, Baytan didn’t look much like a human nor did he ever care to. The same was true with his younger brother, Sefferin. Both took great pride in being of wolves. Sefferin had bright golden eyes and a charcoal gray colored coat tipped shades of reds, and browns. He was the smaller of the two. asefferin’s weight was at 200 pounds. Tho not as strong as his brother, Sefferin was the faster one. Even though Baytan was loyal to The Deliver and called him Master, he had his own set of values, his own goals, and desired that the Deliver knew nothing about. Baytan dreamed of one day leaving and living with what he called The Ancestors, the ancients …a real wolf pack, like he was born to be in before he was stolen from his own pack as a pup. Safferin was not loyal to the master he was only loyal to Baytan, his brother. He would do what ever Baytan said and only Baytan. After witnessing so much torcher and death at the hands of The Deliverer, Sefferin did not trust humans. Both Baytan and Sefferin kept their true feelings hidden away from The Deliver until the day they could safely escape his rule. If he knew the truth the brothers would be killed by the 600 Dog Slave creatures which came from humans and followed with out thought The Delver’s every command.

“Baytan, Take Sefferin and bring my toys to the ‘Fun House’. Then I would like you to pick 6 of the Dog Slaves to help restrain and guard Logan as you hang him by his feet!” The Deliver ordered.

“Yes Master, it shall be as you command.” Baytan responded.

“Oh, and Baytan, do watch those claws of his my pet.” The Deliver reminded

“Yes my Master, I will take heed to your warning. Come Sefferin, let us gather the others, bring your whip my brother.

As Baytan and Sefferin walked to retrieve the toys and set up the Fun House, his mind was bothered with what the master said while describing himself and his younger brother.

“Like any good dog” Baytan growled in irritation. "Sefferin and I are NOT dogs! we are WOLVES, we shall never be “a good dog” master has much to learn about a WOLF." he assured himself with pride and self awareness.

“Why do we sit threw these event for Master Baytan! Why not just let us tare HIM to pieces! We don’t need the others or those stupid toys!” Sefferin asked

“Quite pup! Never question such things out loud where other’s ears can hear them.” Master says the mutants are Satan’s children and must go threw hell in order to be returned to Hell. He is doing his God’s work, it is not for us to question. It is for us to obey understand brother?" Baytan explained

“No, I do NOT understand. This God, he is not OUR God. Why do we obey one who serves such a ruler.” Sefferin asked.

At this point Baytan felt his blood boil, his brother’s question were his own deep down inside his heart, yet he could do nothing. He feared for Sefferin’s life.

“Foolish, FOOLISH pup! How many times must I explain to you! We are but two! They are 600! We wait. Master’s time is growing near, his body rots as we speak, until the day he no longer breaths, we need him to control the other abominations, they are NOT of the ancient ones. They are mindless followers. After Master’s demise, I will rule and we will LEAVE this disgusting place, leaving them to tare each other apart! Today brother, is not that day. Stop with your questions and do as you are told!” Baytan demanded snatching Sefferin by his neck pelt and shaking him.

“Ye..Yes my brother , yes, I will do as you say.” Sefferin submitted to Baytan as they continued their walk.

Once they reached the room with the toys Baytan took a deep breath and opened the heavy door, He hated the smell of that room. It reeked of rotting flesh, musk, and filth. The room looked like a dark aged toucher chamber. All the ‘toys’ as they were called, were a collection of mid- evil toucher devises used during the crusades, they had never been washed after use. Bits of the victim and what ever else came along clumped and caked each device as it laid neatly in a row on a long wooden table. At the head of the table was a torture device known as simply as “The Chair” it was an all metal chair covered in sharp spikes in the seat as well as the back. Each arm had a restraining steal strap and to extra for the feet chained to the front legs. The chair has a small area under it where a fire could be started to heat the chair up for even more pain.

“Safferin, you gather the hand held toys and I will get “The Chair”. directed Baytan.

Sefferin did as his brother commanded gathering every torture device in his view and stuffing them into an old burlap bag that laid on the floor. First thing he grabbed was a The Pear of Anguish, The Pear of Anguish had the shape of a pear. As the handle was turned, the spoon-shaped lobes opened, increasing the pain. It was used for oral punishments, homosexuals, and cheating wives. Causing severe pain, after this torture was employed on the mouth, the victim’s teeth would get destroyed making blood pour out of the victim’s mouth often causing death. It could also be placed in the anus and the vagina, when used this way the device often ripped both the outside flesh as well as the insides of the victim causing death. Then Sefferin snatched The Cat’s Claw. This instrument looks very much like a cat’s paw with very long and sharp claws. It was brutally used to rip the victim’s flesh to shreds. Because of the dimension of the claws, muscles and bones were no obstacle in this barbaric practice. It was, of course, inflicted on victims tied up by the hands and feet. And lastly he grabbed a steal mask with long ears and a snout represented a silly ass person, with a pig face symbolizes being considered dirty. The masks had an inner ball device, which were forced into the victim’s nose preventing him or her from wailing and shrieking. He carried the now filled bag over his shoulder and followed Baytan to the cages where they would select 6 helpers to keep guard.

“Forgive me brother, but what do we need them for? We could do this ourselves” Sefferin whispered.

“We need them because YOU do not know who WE are dealing with. Master has worked with this human. He has seen him take down entire armies, If we slip up, we will need back up. Though I have my doubts that will help,which is why I told you to bring your whip.

Logan sat waiting for what he understood clearly to be one of the worst and most painful events in his life…unless he could find a way out of it. “I don’t know what this sack of shit is, but I understand what Baytan is. Lived with wolves enough times in my life to understand them.” Logan thought to himself as he began to form a plan hearing the sounds of chains rattling and metal doors slamming in the distance. “He gathering the troops, get ready Logan here it comes.” he told himself in preparation for what awaited him ahead.

“Strip him down to nothing! Bayton barked to Sefferin as he opened the door.

Sefferin did as Baytan ordered and ripped off the rest of Logan’s clothing as the other six watched on in ready.

“Now mutant, we will make this trip to Hell fast or slow for you, it is up to you. If you fight and give me trouble, you will pay 6 times what I have in mind at this moment.” Baytan explained looking Logan in the eyes and seeing no fear. He sniffed Logan twice and detected no sent of fear, not even a hint. Logan was the first human he had ever meant who was unafraid. “This human is a true warrior, he will not go down easily.” Baytan thought as he signaled Sefferin to use his whip.

Sefferin whipped his whip with a mighty lash and it once again wrapped itself around Logan, pinning his arms to his sides allowing the helpers to remove the chains,careful to keep his wrist bent re-chaining them along with his feet to hang him by his feet as they hosted him to the ceiling. Baytan then took the toys out of their bag and into Logan’s view. The toxin that was on the tips of the metal barbs had lost it’s effect on Logan, his body developed anti toxins and resisted the second attack but he didn’t let on. Instead he played like the toxins still had an effect on him a faked passing out.

“What the HELL?” Logan thought in shock as he peeked threw one eye recognizing the equipment. “Mid evil torcher devices? Is he kidding, what kind of fucked up loony toons is this guy?” he thought.

“He is out my brother.” Sefferin alerted Baytan

“Remove the whip Sefferin.” Baytan orders as he grabbed the cat’s claw and raked it deep down Logan’s back. Logan grit his teeth tight and refused to scream understanding that screaming is what The Deliver wanted from him.

Baytan looked at the ripped flesh dripping with skin and blood and again began to rack Logan’s back when he stopped in mid stroke and watched in amazement as Logan’s wounds healed before his eyes. He weld back and dug the cat’s claw in deeper this time, Still Logan grit his teeth and refused to scream as sweat pour from his body.

“He won’t scream my pet, At least not that way. Do try another one of my other toys. The Pear of Anguish is a good choice .” The Deliver directed with another sickly chuckle.

“Why don’t you do it your self you gutless wonder!” Logan yelled.

“Silence FOOL!” Baytan barked raking the cat’s claw once again, re opening the freshly healed wounds.

“Come on Bayton, you’re too intelligent to be some nutmeg’s lap dog! That aint what wolves are bub.” Logan baited.

“WOLVES? What do you know about being a wolf MUTANT!” Baytan growled.

“I know more than you do. I’ve tasted the freedom of running with the pack, the wind in my hair. You can’t tell me you don’t yearn for that every day! Every TRUE wolf does!” Logan baited on

Baytan stop in silence for a moment almost lost in his own dreams. “You have lived with the ancestors human?” Baytan asked with great interest

“For 20 plus years bub, I lived with them, I can tell you more about who you are that your so called Master ever could. “You help me out of this and I give you my word, wolf to wolf, I’ll help you and your brother get back to them.” Logan bargained now realizing that he had something Baytan wanted.

“Baytan stop this non sense talk, He’s lying and I do not wish to hear him speak again, place the jackass mask on the jackass!”

“Yes Master, it will be done as you command.” Baytan agreed as he put down the Cat’s Claw and picked us the donkey pig’s snout mask. Before he placed it on Logan’s face he stuck his thumb inside and popped off the torturers steal ball catching it in the palm of his hand as Logan looked on. Baytan then strapped the mask on.

“Do what you gotta do, buy us the time we need, I can take it.” Logan whispered

Passion of Love, chapter 26 "Kindred Spirits" R

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WARNING contains torture

This was a very hard chapter to write, I hope you enjoy it anyway, lol…tho it isn’t funny.

again, if you see something wrong please let me know :)

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