Passion of Love, chapter 24 "Into the Spider's Web" PG

“Passion of Love”
Chapter 24
“Into the Spider’s Web” rated PG

Scott Summers opened his eyes as the morning’s sun rays shown threw his bedroom window’s sheer curtains. He took in the crisp air with one deep breath then releasing it as he raised himself up to sit on the edge of his bed. Scott bent down and stretched his arms out to grab his prosodic legs and strapped them on for the first time in over a week.

“Wow I sure could use a shower right about now.” he chuckled quietly at himself.

He stood up reaching his arms as if to desire to touch the sunshine. To his surprise the thoughts that ran threw his mind were not of Jean Grey, but the White Queen, Emma Frost!" He had gone threw the hardest thing he felt he’d ever go threw and here he was thinking of another woman, but not just any woman, she was a friend who stayed by his side his whole depression. They had developed a close friendship that was pulling him in much deeper than he ever dared to imagine.

“I’m I falling for her?” he asked himself with concern “No, no I’m NOT, I love Jean!” he tried to convince himself with little success as his true feelings became more and more in bedded in his heart.

Jean Gray was the only woman Scott had ever been with, and he was the only man she had ever known. They were each other’s first. They met when he was 16 and she was 15. Scott never had a real family other than the Xmen. He was taken in by Charles Xavor at the age of 12. Jean had arrived previously as a young child. Her parents brought her to Charles to help her control her over powering gifts. The two trained together along with other students, developing a lasting bond. As they grew older, they fell in love. When Scott was 21 he discovered he had a brother named Alex Summers. At first Alex did not want to join the Xmen he was a bit on the rebellious side, but with a little convincing he changed his mind and joined the team. Not Long after that the professor hired Logan to help rescue his students. After the job was done he invited Logan to join the team. At first Logan declined then he saw Jean Gray and changed his mind. However Scott strongly disagreed with the professor’s invitation because Logan was a killer for hire in Scott’s eyes. Jean was the only team member to accept Logan despite his past. he fell in love with Jean and that’s where the problems began for Scott and Logan. Alex however became fast friends with the ill tempered Canadian. He and Logan not only went on missions they also chased women and drank together, much to Scott’s disapproval.

The hot water ran hard over his bare body and thoughts of Emma danced thew Scott’s mind once again.

“Woe there, Hey get it together. Get your priorities straight man! Jean is lying in an infirmary bed, fighting for her life and you’re thinking about your dick? What the hell is the matter with you?” Scott scolded himself

At that very monument the object of his desire was walking down the hallway on her way to his room to check up on when his thoughts invaded her mind like a light house beacon in the middle of a storm at sea. Emma stopped just outside the door absorbing the events inside. One thing stood out clearly… he wanted her. A conquering smirk arrogantly curled to the end of her smile at the expected turn of events. Emma had always had a desire for Scott but never wanted to cross swords with Jean Grey. Tho it filled her with destain to even allow the thought into her mind, truth be told…Jean was more powerful than the White Queen. Both Emma and Charles understood that Jean was not going to recover anytime soon and another satisfied smirk ran across her face at the opportunity before her. Emma Frost was no angel. She was once the leader of the evil Brotherhood before she joined the Xmen. Logan never liked her and she detested him, over the years however the two learned to get along and even tolerant each other. After time Logan grew to trust Emma. This was the turning point for her with the Xmen. Everyone understood that Wolverine had the upper hand when it came to judging a person’s true self, so once she earned his trust, the rest followed along easily. Emma had proven herself a great asset to the team and not only earned their respect, but their affections as well.

Knock Knock, Emma tapped on the door as an attempt to be respectful. When she received no answer, as she expected, she called out.

“Scott,”she called. When there was again no response, she repeated it again in a louder voice. "Scott!’

Scott turned the water off and shouted back, “Just a minute Emma, I’ll be right out.”

Emma smiled slightly cocking her head, “Do you need any help?” she asked as she walked into the room.

“No. no, I’m fine. I don’t require any help here, thank you.” he half joked.

“Oh Kay, just let me know if you change your mind” she replied now sitting on Scott’s open bed, running her hand across the still warm sheets.

Scott climbed out of the shower dripping wet as the steam fogged up his infer red crystal glasses. He could never remove them because he suffered brain damage as a child and cannot control his gift without the specialized eye-wear.

“Help?” he laughed to himself at the thought. “She’s offering to help me get out of the shower? Good grief” he quietly laughed to himself , shaking his head in humor of the idea.

He grabbed for the towel when his leg gave way just enough to cause him to fumble. Scott looked down and saw that the prosodic had not created a tight seal before he showered and some water got in between causing a slippery environment.

“Damn it!” he popped off in annoyance as he plopped himself on the closed toilet seat.

“Is everything all right Scott?” Emma asked alarmed upon hearing the mild ruckus. she roses from the bed and walked to the bathroom door. Emma knew Scott was fine she was searching for an excuse to get that door open and seemed as though she was going to find one.

Logan had driven his motor cycle to the city of Frankfort where he picked up supplies for his trip to Kraterisen, Bouvet Island. On his list of expenses was one airline ticket to Cape Town, South Africa. After landing in Cape Town, Logan then had to book a boat with a helicopter to drop him off on the icy island.

“We are now approaching Bouvet Island sir, we’ll be landing soon.” The pilot informed Logan.

“No Need” Logan replied as he gathered his gear , opened the helicopter’s door and jumped out without a parachute something he was known for doing on special missions. The pilot abruptly turned around and shouted after him, but it was too late.

Logan landed on the hard cold ice with a fearsome smack that knocked the breath right out of him. An ordinary man would have been dead where he laid but he was far from an ordinary man. Logan’s entire skeletal system was laced with a the hardest metal known to man called antamatium making him indestructible. What ever cuts and other injury he would have gotten healed before he even finished gathering his senses. From the moment Logan hit the ground he stopped being Logan and was now Wolverine. Wolverine is the hunter, the killer, the last thing his targets ever saw. Wolverine stood up, re adjusting his body and equipment. He had one over sized thick canvas army back pack that he wore over a fur-lined leather coat with a hood topped with leather mitts that matched the coat. On his feet were fur lined black boots with short spiked tread on the bottom. Sniffing the frigate air for anything unusual, he picked up a decaying. yet filmier sent. Wolverine followed it like a bloodhound. As it became stronger a compound began to come into focus.

“Well, what do you know about that. Not even hidden under ground. This guys thinks he’s above approach… he thinks WRONG.” Wolverine stated as he continued to track the sent.

It was almost too easy. He wondered why in the back of his mind and pressed forward with caution.

Passion of Love, chapter 24 "Into the Spider's Web" PG

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Comic fans note: some of the history of the Xmen have been adjusted for this story’s line.

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  • Kevyn Paul Eisenman
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
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  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
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  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
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  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
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  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
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