Passion of Love, Cahpter 23 "Black Iced Beach" G

Passion of Love
Chapter 23
“Black Iced Beach” rated G

It was just a few days ago she was in the arms of the man she loved, but it felt like a decade ago. Jubilee returned to the mansion along with Emma Frost who had decided to accept Professor’s invitation. Professor invited Emma to help with the team while he attended to other more pressing issues. Scott was riding the razor’s edge of insanity so to speak, the depression had a hard grip around his heart and professor understood it was beyond Scott’s own control at this point. As Jubilee lied in Logan’s bed , in his room during what felt like the coldest night of her memories, she couldn’t help but to think of the nights she and Logan spent together, Tears ran down her cheeks at the thought that was taring her apart. Would she ever see him again? What if she could have gone, could she have saved his life? The more she tortured herself with these thoughts the faster the tears flowed until her pillow was soaked with the mildly salted fluids. Strong urges kept pulling at her legs to get up and her muscles twitched involuntarily. Finally she could lay still no longer. Jubilee found her self pacing the floors like an expected father at the hospital.

“I don’t care what Emma says or anyone else for that matter! I should have been with Logan on this mission. If he runs into anything that could attach itself to his mutant DNA, who will be there to help him? Who? I can! No one knows him like me, I have the training, and I don’t have to worry about being a mutant! Why can’t they see the sense in it! I just don’t get it” She stated as she now walked in circles at the foot of the bed,

Emma Frost was sent to watch over Scott, to help him deal with his pain of the current events. He had not come out of his room sense the last conversation he had with Logan. She felt like a nurse and that is just how she acted, treating him like a patient… at first.

Professor Xavor sat quiet in his office telepathically caring on a privet and exclusive conversation with Logan.

“What is the current state of this mission Logan, what have you learned?” He asked

“Learned a lot there Chucky boy, Hacker is dead, both Barton and Nagal Frankfort are dead. Turns out Hacker was doing Barton’s sister, they were a team, planting death every city the honeymooned in.” Logan reported.

“Yes. Well, that is what I sent you out to accomplish. Are we any closer to the Deliverer Logan?” professor asked

“Yeah Chuck, Got a hold of Barton’s cell phone too. Turns out he has all his connections on it, addresses, phone numbers etc. I got an ear full of the big boss’s voice when he was warning Frankfort about “the wolf” in other words, me. The guy knows who and what I am. he must have been someone I worked close with in the past. I got no freaking idea who he is, but I have a hunch he’s The Deliver. Any way, I’ll know his voice when I hear it, so I plan on calling every number till he picks up, then I can pin point where the sack of shit is. finish this, and get Sasha home.

“I’m looking forward to hearing the ending myself Logan. It’s been a long time coming.” Professor agreed

“How’s Jean doing Chuck? " Logan inquired

“She’s doing as well as expected my friend. It’s Scott I am most concerned about. He is trapped in the darkness of depression, I have invited Emma Frost to stay with us to help him threw this difficult time as I myself have other things that require my full attention.” he explained

“Yeah been there, it aint pretty that’s for sure Chuck. Painful stuff. Would have giving my right arm at times for some help, hope Emmy can pull him threw it.” Logan commented

“And yourself Logan? How are you feeling about these events?” Charles asked with concern

“I got no time to blubber here Charlie, you know that. After this mission, if I get back in one piece, I plan on taking a leave. I have my own ways of healing, things I learned many years before any of you were even born. Things that work for me, you know?” Logan informed

“Yes, I fully understand. We will keep in touch. Charles stated as he ended the conversation.

Logan sat on his bike in a thick wooded area hidden from anyone’s sight lost in his own thoughts. He reflected back on the first night he and Jean made love and how wonderful he felt to be able to finally be with her after wanting her all these years. Just as one scene faded another emerged and the next memory to his surprised played like a movie in his mind. He saw her soft, sassy smile, her black hair and how if perfectly framed her face as little wispy locks fell on her forehead. Jubilee, with her bright eyes that lit up with such fire at every touch he gave her. Her strong sent of desire only wishing to please him, to be with him in every way. A warm and pleasantly weak in the knees feeling took over his whole being just for that moment of reflection. Then the pain set in. The memories of the night Scott came home and how Jean ran to him with her very soul which had belong to him all the time they wear together. Logan curled his lip and let out a low growl as he tried to shake the anger away. “No! I aint gonna give in to that, I forgave her, I accepted Scott’s return, and that is that. Got more important things to think about!” he scolded himself as yet another image rolled in his mind. His heart pounded as she loved him with all her might, her very soul belonged to him. Logan took a deep breath and let it out. "Damn, I can’t stay mad at her. " he told himself with a smile. “She did what she did cause she loves me. I know what I felt. God help her, that girl loves me. I aint gonna throw her away.” he promised as he pulled Barton’s cell phone out and started dialing numbers. After about 4 failed attempts, the 5th number was a hit!

“Yes Mr. Frankfort, To what do I owe the displeasure of you interrupting my work?” a voice on the other end responded in annoyance.

It was indeed the voice Logan had over heard Barton taking orders from. The same craggy almost in human voice. Logan was silent in wait as the now aggravated individual continued to speak.

“Come now Mr. Frankfort, I have no time to play silly games, what is it you need, and be quick about it, I am in the middle of my VERY important work for God you know!” he barked arrogantly

A sinister sarcastic chuckle was the response he got abruptly followed by his now irate voice tone.

“What has gotten into you Barton? How DARE you, I can have you killed for such insubordination!” he barked once again

“Don’t bother Bub. Job’s already been done…and YOU’RE next! The ‘wolf’ is coming for you.” Logan calmly responded in a low deep tone as he closed the cell phone ending ,the call.

In shadow a dark figure sits uninhibited in his leather backed chair his fingers held together each tip touching each tip of the opposite hand. He smiles and states out loud to himself

“Then so be it. Come. I await your arrival my old friend.” ending with a displeased smile the dark figure leans back fitting comfortably in his chair.

Logan sent the number threw a special tracking computer Forge had built in his motor bike panel. It uses any form of communication device that is known any where in the world, even Amateur radio prefix 3Y or ham radio. Kraterisen, Bouvet Island popped up.

“Damn it.” Logan stated as he rubbed his chin in thought. “Hah, big surprise! This guy would pick the most remote island on earth to set up shop! he growled. Gonna need more than this leather jacket. Skin ripping weather, near Antarctic.” he puffed. Better get Forge on the wire , gonna need more details as to what I’m dealing with here." he finishes.

Logan placed the ear communication device in place and turned the receiver on.

“Wolverine to Forge, come in Forge.”

“Forge here, what can I do for you?” he responded

“What do you know about Kraterisen, Bouvet Island Buddy? Seems that’s my next destination.” Logan ended

“It’s the most remote island on earth, an Antarctic Volcanic Island, founded around 1793 by Jean-Baptiste Charles de Lozier, a French commander. One of the Volcano, Wihelm ll Plateau is believed to contain molted lava in it’s caldron. The island is located in the Atlantic Ocean and is uninhabited, the only life are sea birds, moss, and some lichen. The place is hard to get to, only real way is by helicopter from a boat. You’ll have to go to Cape Town in South Africa to even come close. Bouvet Island is about 93% ice and the beach is nothing but black lava sand, There’s no post code, no area code, not even a real time zone. Wireless communication is available threw satellite and what’s known as Ham radio. Hell of a place to be, don’t know anyone in their right mind who would want to go there Logan.” Forge ended

“Yeah, well we aint exactly dealing with people ‘in their right mind’ here, are we?” Logan commented

“Apparently not!” Forge quickly agreed. “Come back here to Spain Logan, I will set you up with supplies that you are most definitely going to need on that island.” Forge suggested.

“Can’t, got no time Buddy, I gotta press forward on this. just tell me the basics and I’ll load up myself.” Logan replied

As the wind from the speeding motor bike raced threw his hair. Logan focused on one thought. “Dead meat” this Deliverer as he called himself, is DEAD. His plan was to get to the nearest airport, hide the bike set the cloaking device, and catch the next flight to Cape Town, South Africa.

The air was bitter and crisp. The kind of air that cut your insides like a knife the moment you sucked it into your lungs. It was just the way he liked it, perfect. The Deliver sat in his office surrounded by test tubes and detailed journals. He was the creator, the master mind behind every death sense the end of the White Rain Wars. His only goal was to create the greatest destroyer ever discovered, a poison so toxic that not even Wolverine himself could over power it. Then every living mutant would be dead. He would have done God’s will. he would have cleansed the earth of all the devils children.

“So close! So very very close! I can almost reap the joy as I speak it!” he stated in glee.

The excitement of science had always been a driving point, and the main focus in his life, Once he fought side by side with them, was even one of them, now he is nothing like them, he has seen the light of God, had risen from his brother-en’s dark ways and took his place in history as “The Right Hand of God”. that was the way he saw it, what he was told, and what he now lived for. The man known only as the Deliver looked over his works with great pride. He walk threw his frozen domain hidden from all behind a black ragged cloak, looking not as the hand of God, but the Grim Reaper himself.

“I’ve waited too long, my time is running out as my own body has decided to rebel against me!” he stated firmly, shaking his fist against the air. Tiny bits of rotting flesh fell from his raised arm. Only the extreme cold could preserve what was left of his flesh as it painfully and slowly decayed before his hate-filled eyes. “Come my friend , come and kill me, for you will FAIL! You can not kill a dead man!” he laughed a loud boirstrus laugh that echoed threw out the compound.

Passion of Love, Cahpter 23 "Black Iced Beach" G

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A key chapter to “The passion of Love”

I know a lot of my friends are now gone who were reading this, so I hope if you are knew you will enjoy the read as much as I did writing it

I had to do research on this chapter as well as a few others, the island and other locations are all real!

Core [C.O.R.E]
Dark artists, dark art
Heart & Soul

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