Passion of Love, chapter 20 "Special Delivery" rated PG-13

Passion of Love
Chapter 20 rated pg-13
“Special Delivery”

Logan followed Emma’s instructions well and landed the small jet smoothly onto the dirt runway. He unbuckled his seat belt and took in the stale plane air as he turned around to see Jubilee still in deep slumber. Logan decided not to awaken her, but to quietly absent himself from the plane instead. No sooner did he step foot out of the plane when he was greeted by a tall firmed footed man of self confidence.

Forge, was of Native American decent and known as Maker to some, and Cheyenne to others. A mutant with brilliance unmatched in technology, he possess mystical powers, the ability to open portholes leading to other dimensions, and can make use of a person’s soul to enhance his spells. Forge has had a lengthy career as a government weapons contractor, specializing in holograms. He is able to create almost any device including robotics and prostedics. Forge rebuilt his right hand as well as his left leg after he lost his own. He also had a hand in creating Scott Summer’s legs. Along with his government experience, he has worked many years as a Shauman. One will often find Forge well armed with highly technical weapons he created.

“Good afternoon Logan. I’m glad you were able to find us in one piece.” he said in a truthful jest.

“You and me both buddy, you and me both.” Logan chuckled as he grabbed his bags.

The two men walked side by side talking of past and present events. “Logan, Emma told me you traveled with a partner?”

“Yeah, Jubilee, but she isn’t my partner in this Forge. She decided to come along and I decided not to argue. I aint taking her with me to Germany, she’s gonna be bunking here with you and the rest till I get done what needs doing.” Logan swiftly stated,

“Yes, well, we will most likely send her back to New York. She is of little use to us out here and we have limited space and supply, you do understand, don’t you?” Forge informed

“Sure, I imagine times are rough enough out here with out having to baby sit too.” Logan joked

“No, it isn’t that so much my friend. It’s just that she doesn’t have her mutant abilities yet we all do, and rely on them heavily. I just don’t want to take a chance of her running into something she can’t handle. that’s all.” he corrected

“I get it, but try telling HER that! Besides, to be honest, Jubes knows her way around a battle field pretty good, After all she was an XMen and on other teams as well. It aint like she can’t fight you know.” Logan reminded

“Yes I know this, still. I stick to what I feel in this case Logan. Trust me, I do at times know what I’m talking about.” the two laughed “So, where is she anyway?” Forge asked

“Sleeping. It was a long flight, and we didn’t get much shut eye. I decided to let her get in a few more snores.” he said

“So you left her on the plane? In a strange land? That will go over quite well Logan, considering it’s a mile and a half-walk up the mountain till we reach the plantation.” Forge informed

“Damn it! I thought that was it!” Logan stated now pointing at the brown bricked flat top building.

“No that’s meerly our storage complex.” Forge corrected

Logan puffed to himself and rolled his eyes, waking Jubilee was the last thing he wanted to do at this point. His plan was to just leave her on the plane and be already settled in so she had no choice but to sleep where she was told to sleep. Now he was going to have to deal with her more than he wanted to on the subject. “Hang on buddy, I’ll go back and get her.” Logan reluctantly volunteered

Forged watched as Logan ran back to the plane. “Left her on the plane? Sheeeze, what kind of way is that to treat a lady? No wonder he doesn’t have a girlfriend.” he laughed to himself shaking his head, baffled. “Oh well, it’s none of my business.” he chuckled

The plantation was a white wooden building that looked very much like an old Southern plantation straight out of the history books. There was a large vegetable garden in the back and a few animals running around, three chickens and two goats. To the left was a small orchard with 6 fruit trees. And to the right was a red barn that housed three horses and two burros. Once inside Jubilee and Logan were both impressed, tho not as big as the Mansion, it was every bit as affluent. Red cherry wood floors adorned each room complemented by hand loomed wool space rugs of veered origins. The living room had cobble stone on one wall and an inlaid black marble fireplace with brass fixtures. In the kitchen as well as the bathroom was more marble and stone. The bath tub was a hexagon shape and had 6 jets inside. not far from it was a brown marble shower with glass doors and two shower heads.

“So what do you two think of the place?’ Emma asked with pride as she emerged from the kitchen wiping her hands on a dish towel.

“It’s beautiful!” Jubilee popped out. "I just can’t get over how rich it is here. Just look at that back yard, all those trees and wildlife. It’s overwhelming to say the least!’

“You want trees and wildlife? You should see Canada darling! Now THERE is some wildlife!” Logan laughed

“Yes Logan, we all know about your “wild life” Emma said with a wentchy sneer as they giggled at the crast remark.

“Real cute” Logan muttered under his breath

“Jubilee, why don’t you come help me set the table. Tonight is my turn to prepare dinner and I have quite the meal to serve.” She explained as Jubilee followed her into the kitchen.

“You and Frosty playing house Forge?” Logan asked as soon as the women were out of sight.

“If by “house” you mean are we together as a couple, then, No we aren’t. Some of us have other things on the top of our priority’s list Logan" he responded

A zap of anger snatch Logan by the color at the implication he was sure he understood. “What the hell is that sapose to mean bub?” he snapped, his eyes now narrowed in annoyance.

As Logan awaited for Forge’s answer to his irate question, it became very clear that there would be no answer when Forge simply walked away and headed to the table just as Emma and Jubilee finished setting it. Logan watched him walk still nettled at the disrespectful remark.
“What bug crawled up his ass? Fine have it your way bub, no skin off my nose.” he complained to himself with a puff swaggering behind.

“Quite a spread you laid out here Emma.” Logan commented impressed

“Thank you Logan, nice to be appreciated.” she smiled “Please, take your seats gang, looks like it’s just the four of us tonight, seems some of the others had pre-made plans.”

“Their loss man! This so rocks, you really went all out woman!” Jubilee stated with enthusiastic approval.

“Well let us hope this Chicken Alfrato came out as well as it smells, come on, eat up!” Emma directed as she started filling plates, setting them in-front of each guest.

After the meal Logan not only found himself full, but tired as well. “Which room you want me in doll, I hate to be a party pooper, but I’m hardly able to keep my eyes open here.” he yawned “Could really use some down time.” Logan informed

“There’s a little problem with that Logan, we only have the one extra room.” Emma replied when a thought shot into her mind from Jubilee. Emma tried her best to be respectful of the young girl’s privacy but this was a very strong pull. Suddenly Emma knew more about her two guest then she wanted to. Her face turned red as an image she never meant to view passed threw her own thoughts. She glanced at Logan just long enough for him to catch her.

“No problem, Jubes here can have the room, I’ll snap the bag and go sleep under the stars, It’ll be quieter anyway, no one yapping at me to put out my cigar. Logan informed.

Emma could sense a thought forming in Jubilee’s mind, she could also tell by the solution Logan just spouted off he’d rather sleep alone tonight. Before Jubilee could open her mouth Emma came up with a solution of her own. “I don’t think that’s a wise idea Logan, Jubilee can share my room, I have more than enough space. It’s going to rain tonight and around here that means buckets of water, you’ll drown before you close your eyes. You take the extra room, besides you need all the rest you can get before tomorrow. AND if you’re a good boy, I’ll even permit you to smoke your cigar, providing you open the window and close the door.” Emma directed

“Thanks darling.” he smiled and snatched up his bags as he headed down the hall. Jubilee watched him walk. he didn’t even say goodnight. She tried not to be hurt but she was.

“Wonderful meal Emma, why don’t I help you ladies with the dishes, it’s the least I can do.” Forge offered.

After the dishes were washed the three watched a movie, later Forge headed to his work shop to complete a special project he was working on for Logan’s mission, while Emma and Jubilee headed for her room. Emma frost had the most beautiful room in the house. Mostly white, with a touch of powder blue here and there, Victorian decor. The bed was a king size brass bed with a thick white ruffled bed spread with glass bead work, powder blue satin pillows with big bows and more ruffles matching her velvet drapes with tasseled trim. It was breathtaking.

“Sheeze, Emma, this is amazing, it looks like “Barbie’s Town House” come to life.

“Yes, It is rather fairy tail like, isn’t it?” She agreed “Set your things next to the door and come sit here,” she said patting the bed.

Jubilee did as directed and sat next to Emma. "So, do you want to talk about it Hon? You look like you could really use a friend. Emma smiled

A tear ran down Jubilee’s face. “Is it that obvious? Sheeze, I thought I was doing so well hiding my feelings.” she chuckled

“Nice try, but No. I didn’t mean to pry, it’s just that, well I wanted to let you know I’m here if you need to talk.” she smiled brushing Jubilee’s hair back with her fingers.

“Thanks, I think I would like to talk a little, if that’s okay?” Jubilee shyly asked.

Emma gave an accommodating nod as Jubilee began. “I feel as if I did something wrong, And I know I didn’t! I mean not to my knowledge. But Logan keeps giving me this feeling of being blown off! It really bothers me too, I mean the whole thing about the room, and sleeping outside! As IF! There is NO damn reason we can’t share that room! No reason at all! But he acts like he’s ashamed of us, like he has to keep us a big secret! It just makes me so fucking mad! I LOVE him and I don’t give a care who knows about it. I thought Logan was the same way. All the years I’ve known him an seen him with other women, he has never been embarrassed about sleeping with them! Why is it he’s so concerned about people knowing he slept with ME!” Jubilee spouted off.

“Mmmmm, well I agree that sure doesn’t sound like our Logan, Jubilee.” Emma calmly replied.

“You know about it don’t you? Come on Emma, I KNOW you know! please, just tell me, I can’t stand it.” She begged

“My dear sweet Jubilee, you know I can’t enter Logan’s mind with out him knowing I did so, and if I do he’s going to be upset, I do HATE his fowl crude temper.” she informed

I know, and I respect that but if you can tell me anything… otherwise I’m going to go to that room and wake his ass up and make him tell me himself fowl temper or not!" Jubilee stated as she started to get up

Emma grabbed her hand, pulling her to sit back down, “I don’t think that’s a wise choice on your part Hon. You have to respect what is going on, put your feelings and needs aside. Be a woman about it. For all the years I’ve known Logan, I have never known him to purely hurt someone he cares for. My advice to you is see this for what it is. This is a mission, in fact, from what I understand it’s an assassination, an order of death. Let me explain something to you Jubilee. Professor Xavor did not agree easily to this idea of sending Logan to kill The Deliverer. It took quite a bit of convincing from Forge and myself that this was the only solution. And to be quite honest, I knew Logan wouldn’t refuse this assignment. The facts are had he figured this all out on his own, he would take it on himself to go and do the job with out question. You and I both know that. You can’t possibly expect him to be someone he isn’t? Look I am sure he cares greatly for you, but this isn’t some relationship you are in and this isn’t a vacation for a lover’s get away Jubilee. This is a very serious mission that only one man can do and millions of lives depend on that man being successful at it. Surely you must see how much is sitting on his shoulders.” Emma explained

“So you’re saying I need to quit my blubbering and take it like a man.” Jubilee half joked

“Not quite how I would put it, but in a way, yes. After all you came to help him, not add to his troubles, right?” Emma smiled

“Yeah, you’re right, I’m acting like a little kid, aren’t I? Sorry about that.” She said sheepish

“No need Hon, let’s get ready for bed and have a good rest, shall we.” Emma suggested knowing full well Logan was planing on leaving for Germany with out Jubilee.

Around 4:30 Am Logan quietly arose from his bed and collected his things taking them into the bathroom. He looked at both the tub and the shower contemplating which one to use. “Boy, sure wouldn’t mind a nice soak right about now. Too bad I aint got the time,” he sighed. turning to head for the shower instead. The moment he stepped inside, the shower started to speak in a pleasant male’s voice. “Please set your desired temperature on the key pad to your lower left. You may adjust it further later if you wish.” it directed “Fancy.” Logan said as he set a temperature he thought he’d enjoy. The shower began to fill with warm steam then the water jetted from the shower heads body temperature at first then to the temperature Logan had set. “Nice!” he said enjoying the experience as he grabbed the near by bottle of body wash." After his shower Logan returned to his quarters and completed his packing then headed to Forge’s workshop.

Forge had just entered his work lab moments before he heard a tap at the door.

“Come in.” Forge responded while continuing working on his project at hand.

“Got a bone to pick with you bub.” Logan began

“Oh, what’s that Logan?” Forge asked looking up from his work surprise, and wiping the motor grease off his hands with a paper towel.

“What was that crack all about last night before dinner buddy?” Logan calmly asked.

“I’m sorry, what “crack” are you speaking of Logan?" he ask confused

“Last night, just before dinner, you popped off some wisecrack about ‘some of us have other things on the top of our priority’s list’ then walked off. I’m asking what the hell was that all about?” Logan inquired

Forge tossed the paper towel in the near by trash can. “I apologize for insulting you. I didn’t mean to. I just didn’t see the point in getting into a conversation about something that would only end up with the two of us ruining the meal Emma worked so hard on over an irrelevant subject.”

Logan looked at his face tho he seemed arrogant, he decided to let it go and move on. "You’re lucky I didn’t knock your block off like I wanted to. "Logan thought to himself. “Yeah anyway, so the professor told me that I’d have some supplies and accommodations for the trip to Borkin. So, what do you have for me Forge?” Logan asked getting to the point

“In hurry to get started Logan?” Forge asked

“More like in a hurry to get this shit over with!” Logan barked

“Well in that case, just give me a few more minutes here to clean up a bit and I’ll show you what I’ve got.”

Logan watched in anticipation, he knew what ever it was, it was going to be something fantastic. In truth, he was really looking forward to using a custom made never before seen weapon created by Forge.

“All done, now come here and feast your eyes on this my friend!” Forge announced with great pride.

There it sat a silver gun like device with black grips around the hilt. It was just small enough to hang from a belt on one’s side. Logan scratched his head in thought. “That’s real nice there buddy, but I really don’t need a gun, I have more that my share already.” Logan replied a bit disappointed.

“Yes, but THIS is no ordinary gun Logan. In fact, it isn’t a gun at all. Well not the kind with bullets anyway.” seeing the look of doubt on Logan’s face posed quite a challenge for Forge. “Look, let me introduce you to her. Note the larger than normal mussel, and inside you’ll also see that there is a high powered lends. This is a mini projecting device which you may find very useful. It has several different functions. One is a hologram. When pointed at a target you can appear to have an army with you. The hologram projector will project your image one hundred times over giving the appearance of an army. It also will confuse the enemy, they won’t know which image is the real you thus giving you the upper hand and extra thinking time. Another feature is if you point it at yourself the hologram will mimic the background and project it, creating the illusion that you are invisible. One draw back is it doesn’t fool dogs! So it would only help in some situations. There is a special red button that will give you a shape shifter ability. In other words you will appear to be something other than you are, like a seven foot monster or one of the nine other choice images I’ve programed in. There is also a cloaking setting, however it only works on the weapon itself, meaning it can cloak itself to appear invisible so that others don’t see it in your hand. This green button is a security system, keep it activated at all times. The weapon is tailored to you only, if it falls into someone else’s hands and they try to use it or tamper with it it will self-destruct. This blue button…and this is very important to know, the blue button will turn the projector into a surgical lazier, you could cut diamonds with this baby!” Forge finished.

Logan rubbed his chin in thought. “Very impressive, but I could cut diamonds with these babies too.” Logan added popping all three claws on his fisted right hand.

“To THAT I have no doubt my friend, however… could you do it two or three hundred feet away with out jumping to the target? This device could be a real time saver Logan, even for a man with your skills and gifts.” Forge pointed out as he handed the “gun” to Logan.

Logan took it in hand. “A perfect fit. Perfect weight and size. Buddy you’ve done it again” he smiled

“Yes, consider it a going away present from me. It’s yours. Just make sure you return to us in one piece!” Forge smiled as the two men shook hands. "Come on, I’ll show you the “car” that goes with these." Forge beckoned jiggling a ring of 2 shiny silver keys as Logan followed him to the garage. As they walked Forge led the way to a silver and black motor cycle.

Logan took one look and a grin of satisfaction ran across his face. “Ha! you know me so well!” he stated in jest as he patted Forge on the shoulder.

Forge smiled, “Just doing my job” he replied

“She’s a beauty buddy. Got her all souped up too,” he added as his eyes gleamed in approval. " This baby tailored to me too?" Logan asked

“Wouldn’t have it any other way.” Forge answer in full confidence. "There is a trunk you can place needed items in, it has a radio, and the communication device is a wireless system not that different from a blue tooth. Just keep it in your ear, it looks like a small hearing aid so no one will even know you have it.

“Got You.” Logan responded as he sat on the bike gripping the handle bars. “Feels right, this is the best fit I’ve ever had, real nice!” he admired.

“Well it should be, I have it a little smaller than the average bike and the tires are a bit wider too handle your extra weight and activity, Better balanced if you ask me, less chance of a spill. Just so you know it also has a cloaking device when set in park and a security system like the gun.”

“Thanks for all you’ve done, Forge, I’ll be heading out now.” he said while the two shook hands.

“One more thing before you leave Logan, Emma printed these out yesterday before you and Jubilee arrived, It’s a list of this Hacker guy’s hang outs, and some people’s addresses that may be connected with him. It’s not much, but it’s a start.” Forge finished, handing Logan the papers.

“Be sure to thank her fore me, and tell Jubes I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to her later.” he smiled

Passion of Love, chapter 20 "Special Delivery" rated PG-13

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