Passion of Love, chapter 19"Embers Burn Hot" rated PG

Passion of Love
Chapter 19
“Embers Burn Hot” rated PG

The Phoenix is an extremely powerful entity that came from another universe. On a mission beyond this planet long before The White Rain wars of ethnic cleansing, Jean Grey was killed when her spirit encountered the Phoenix who had chosen her because of her mutant abilities. She resurrected Jean’s body and she became forever bonded with the Phoenix. The power of the Phoenix enhanced her own all ready powerful abilities. Soon Jean’s powers grew so great that she herself could not control them. The Phoenix started to take control of Jean becoming darker in nature, pushing her true self further and further away from her own awareness. Professor Charles Xavor placed blocks in Jean’s mind to trap Phoenix and allow her to regain control of her mind and body. Jean like Logan, must forever fight ‘the beast within’. With her emotions pushed to the limit, she finds herself unable to overcome her nemesis and The Phoenix is rising once again.

At 1:30 am loud pounding echoed in Charles’s ears from his bedroom door. He sat up automatically from his sleep.

“Enter.” he directed.

Scott couldn’t turn the door handle fast enough and swung the door wide open and hastily walked in with Jean trailing behind him. “Professor, I’m sorry to interrupt your sleep but we just had an encounter with Phoenix! We need to stop her.” Scott went on when Jean gently tugged at his arm.

“Scott, let me handle this.” She spoke in a weaken voice as he supported the weight of her body. “Charles, she’s back!, She wants control and if I loose and leave this earth she’s going to take Sasha! I want an induce coma, That’s the one way we can trap her inside my mind. Maybe I can fight her there.” Jean in formed

“I have sensed her presence Jean, I wasn’t fully aware you were loosing control. I apologize I was so pre occupied with Logan’s mission and finding The Deliverer.” he sat in his bed disappointed in himself.

“It’s fully understandable Charles, I should have asked for help sooner, I didn’t realize what was happening, there is nothing for you to apologize for. We both know we can’t let her control me, if that happens The Deliverer will be the least of our worries.” Jean warned.

“I agree Jean. It must be done, Are you prepared for this my child? You know you may never awaken Jean,” Professor informed

“I understand, It is a chance I am willing to take. If I never awaken and don’t die, at least she will be trapped. Yes I am fully prepared Charles.” she replied now standing with her full weight on her own feet.

Scott couldn’t let go of her hand, he tried to be brave but the thought of never being with her again was overwhelming to him. He sucked in the air hard. “Let’s get this over with.” he simply stated.

Scott and Jean helped the professor out of his bed and into his wheelchair. The three traveled together for the last time down the long dimly lit hallway to the infirmary.

“Promise me two things Scott?” Jean asked

“Anything Jean.” he replied as they walked

“Promise me that you will tell Logan the truth about how I really felt, and don’t spend the rest of your life waiting for me, I want you to live your life and be happy. I want you to find a good woman to be by your side if I never return.” Jean asked

With his voice shaking he choked the tears back and spoke threw his teeth as clearly as he could. “I promise Jean, I promise.” Scott couldn’t help but feel that Jubilee’s irrational actions sent Jean over the edge and the thought of that moment played back in his mind in vivid color as his anger grew more and more intense. Not wanting to make things harder than they were Scott tried to push the feelings out of his mind and concentrate on his last moments with the woman he loved as they entered the infirmary. Scott watched on with a heavy heart. His blood pounded in his ears and he fought with all he had to stop himself from interfering with the actions he now was witness to. Jean crawled into the cold bed and surrendered her mind to the professor as he placed his hands on each side of her head. Once inside her mind Jean gave Charles the keys to her freedom and he locked her out of her own self awareness. She could not return unless she could telepathically contact Charles.

Two and a half hours had passed when announced “It is done.” as long streams of emotions ran down each side of his face.

Scott turned his back to the professor and placed his hands on his hips then spoke. “Professor, do you mind if I have a moment alone with her?”

“Certainly Scott.” He replied as he turn his chair away from Jean and left the infirmary.

As soon as the professor was gone Scott walked to Jean’s side and looked at her motionless body. He dropped to his knees next to her grabbing her hand and putting it to his lips for a kiss as he weeped silently and hard.

The airways were clear that mid afternoon as they flew over Portugal. Jubilee sat in the pilot’s seat trying to keep herself from falling asleep but it was a loosing battle, her eyes kept feeling heavier by the minute. Finally she could deny it no longer, she was exhausted.
“Hey Logan,” she called to the back seat. “I’ve been fling for 4 hours straight and me and my cute little fanny are falling asleep . You’re going to have to take over dude, unless you like cold sea water, man.” she joked

Logan sluggishly sat up and stretched shaking himself awake. “What time is it darling?” he asked

“It’s about one o’clock in the afternoon dude, Need you to take the wheel here.” she informed.

“Yeah no problem.” he agreed crawling to the front of the small craft as the two switched places.

“One o’clock? That’s weird, thought ole Chucky boy would have contact me by now, wonder why he aint? Maybe I better check in about that, it aint like him not to have an update by now.” Logan thought to himself.

Jubilee couldn’t lay down fast enough. “MmmMMM thanks for warming the seats up for me Logan.” she smiled and closed her eyes.

“Any time sweet cheeks, you know me, always thinking of ways to make you smile!” he chuckled as he reach for the communicator.

“Logan to base, Logan to base, come in base.” there was no answer. He rolled his eyes in irritation, and tried again. “Logan to base, come in Base.” Still no answer. “Come on Slim pick up! Shit.” he said slamming the device in it’s holster. “Something aint right.” he worried to himself looking back at Jubilee now sound asleep. He tried to remain calm and concentrate on contacting Charles but the feeling of doom kept creeping in just as the radio sounded.

Base to Logan, base to Logan, come in Logan.

“Slim!” he thought snatching the receiver up. “What the hell took you so damn long to respond boy?” He rattle off

“Sorry about that Logan but I just went threw hell and back no thanks to that little brat you just had to take with you!” Scott barked

“Little brat!? Scott what on earth is your problem? If you’re pissed off about her and I be a man about and just say it!” Logan stated a little surprised at Scott’s attitude that wasn’t like him to have.

“No I am NOT pissed about anything of the sort. That’s none of my business, but Jean IS my business Mister and you bet I am PISSED. Scott replied with conviction.

“Okay, now I’m really lost buddy. I have no clue what the hell you’re talking about, mind filling me in?” Logan asked completely baffled.

“Oh I’ll fill you in all right, I’ll be more that happy to fill you in. Jubilee came banging on our bedroom door yesterday about 4 in the mourning and when we answered the door, she SLAPPED Jean in the FACE then walked off! Scott started

“SLAPPED HER??? Why would she do a stupid thing like that? Logan asked infuriated.

“Apparently for YOU according to Jean, who by the way I might add did NOT hit her back!” Scott stated growing more and more irritated

“ME? Slim I NEVER told her… Logan started

“I know that, and that’s not the issue her. Because of that impulsive irrational action she did Jean reached the braking point of control Logan.” Scott informed

“Breaking point? what do you mean breaking point buddy?” he asked as a sinking feeling hit him.

“You want to know why she was acting so strange and distant the past few months? She’d been struggling to remain in control Logan. Jubilee’s immature stupidity sent her over the edge and Phoenix returned! She said she couldn’t be sure she’d be able to keep her from taking over and possible killing her! Jean told me phoenix wants Sasha, so she asked the professor to lock her mind off to herself. She’s in a fucking a coma and may never be free to get out of it!” Scott finished breathing hard and trying to hide his emotional state as his voice quivered each word he spoke again.

There was a moment of silence then Scott spoke. “Logan are you still there?”

“Yeah Buddy, I’m here.” he snapped

“Listen, I’m messed up right now, I know I was sapose to help guide you and give information, man I’m just too fucked up to even think straight at the moment. I just hope you didn’t make a mistake by bring that brat along Logan.” Scott stated with disapproval " Anyway, Professor said he has information for you and he needs a moment to recover then he’ll contact you. Head for Spain, there are some of us waiting to give you guys supplies there, Professor has the details. I’m sorry, I gotta go lay down." Scott sniffed as he clicked off

Logan sat firmly in his seat flying the plane in silent rage as Scott’s words reverberated threw out his mind.

The once warm room seemed cold and empty as Scott laid on the bed they once shared shutting his eyes and begging for the relief of dreaming for a better day. No sooner did he fall a sleep when Scott heard a quiet rapping at his door. He arosed from his slumbered state to drag his heavier than normal body to open it.

“Professor, come in, I thought you were resting”. Scott asked.

“I was, then I was interrupted by a disturbing reality.” professor started

“Oh God! What happened NOW?” Scott popped off

“You told Logan about Jean’s state Scott. Why? What was the reason for this action, because you were upset at Jubilee? You don’t realize what you have done? Logan still cares for Jean very deeply, she’s the mother of his child what kind of effect do you think this will have on him? Honestly Scott your timing could not be worse for making a stupid decision.” professor explained

“I Know professor, I know, I’m sorry I fucked up! It just came out, I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry.” Scott tried to explain but deep down he didn’t feel anything at all.

“I’m requiring you to stay here and rest for now, Do not attempt anymore contact with Logan until your emotions are under control. I’m on my way now to speak with him in privet and I do not wish to be disturbed. I will contact you telepathically show we require anything from you at this time, you understand Scott?’ He asked with concern.

“Yeah. I’m just going to go to sleep and hope I never wake up.” Scott stated as he flopped himself back onto his bed pulling the blankets over his head.

Professor rolled his chair closer to Scott’s bed becoming alarmed that he could fall into a state of depression at this point. “Scott I know you are hurting. So am I my boy, very much. But there is nothing we can do at this point but trust that Jean’s capabilities will allow her to prevail. Our pain and worry will only cripple us in the end should we become dominated by our own emotions. We must remain strong and continue with our life’s responsibility for the good of all who require our assistance.” he rationalized

Scott sighed a muffle release from under the blankets. “I understand professor, I just need some down time like you said, that’s all. I’ll be okay.” he informed as Charles turned around and rolled himself out of the room leaving Scott alone to deal with himself.

Logan was less than an hour away from Spain and professor realized he didn’t know the exact connection point as Scott was in no frame of mind to inform him. He sat in his chair with the door shut and locked as he prepared to contact Logan telepathically.

“Logan, I have in formation for you as you are currently embarking upon Spain.” He conveyed. The anger from Logan shot back at him like a wave caused by an underwater volcano. Charles could only hope this anger would be controlled.

“Yeah Charlie, we’re close. So what’s the scoop?” Logan replied in his thoughts

“Use your cloaking device if you haven’t all ready, land in The Montsenat Mountains not far from The River of Manzanares. Emma Frost will guide you, she and the others are expecting your arrival.” Charles informed

“The white Queen herself, HA! he chuckled. You know that dame aint too crazy about me Chucky.” Logan sneered

“Personal differenced are irrelevant Logan.” he reminded

“Yep.” he replied

“Logan, I understand you have Jubilee with you?”

“Yeah I KNOW bad move! I don’t need a lecture about it, it aint gonna help at this point.” he scowled.

“I’m not going to give you a lecture Logan, I mealy wish to suggest that you leave her in Spain with Emma and the others. Do not allow her to accompany you on the rest of this mission, she will become a liability I’m afraid. That could effect you in making crucial decisions.” professor informed

“I’m with you on that Charlie. I aint planing on having her tag along, besides, I’m not feeling to good about her at the moment after what Scott told me she did.” Logan stated

“Yes, I expect not, this is part of my concern Logan..” he started

“Don’t have a conniption on me over my hot head Chuck! I got it under control, Aint gonna let on about knowing anything, I’m gonna store it all up and unleash the beast on this Deliver guy’s ASS. Won’t be nothing left but a greasy spot when I find him.” Logan informed.

“Yes, so I anticipate. I Have located one Mr. Hacker. His full name is Andrew Johnson Hacker, he’s of American/Dutch, decent, tall thinly, built with blonde hair, and is commonly known as “Hacker”. The last place of residence was in Berlin. But I have reason to believe he now resides in Borken. Borken is a Kreis (district) in the northwestern part of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany in the Region Münsterland. Neighboring districts are Bentheim, Steinfurt, Coesfeld, Recklinghausen, Wesel, Cleves, and the Dutch provinces Gelderland and Overijssel.Contents. After you make your connection in Spain have a rest. Emma has informed me she will house the Blue Jet and have a veical available with supplies ready for you. She and Forge may also have additional information as well.

“Forge hah? Always did like that guy.” Logan commented “How ’s Jean doing Charlie? She hanging on OK?” he asked

“She is stabilized Logan, but she has a long hard fight ahead of her.” he replied

“She’s a strong gal, she’ll make it threw professor, I know she will.” Logan stated believing ever work he spoke.

“Let us hope so Logan.” Charles added in agreement ending the conversation.

“Got a lot to think about before I talk with the “Frosty Wench” he snickered to himself. "Not looking forward to that mouth of hers! Logan chuckled. “Then on the other hand, aint gonna mind the view too much! Wow that braud’s got curves.” he grinned as the radio began to sound off.

“Frosty Wench to Wolf-man, come in Wolf-man.” the voice requested with a laugh

“Logan’s eye widen as he raised his eye brows in surprise. "WOLF-MAN? He repeated trying to suppress his laughter. You could have at least use Wolverine, Frosty he chuckled.

“Yes, In fact there are many names I "could have " used, however, I’m feeling shareable today, Wolfy." she sneered.

“What’s the word on your location Emmy?’ He asked

“If you will allow me to Logan, I can transport the exact location directly from my mind to yours, it would be a lot quicker that way. Do you trust me enough to open your mind?” She asked

“Question is do you trust me enough not to throw a memory on you that would scar that pretty little head of yours for life? Last time you entered my mind you ended up puking your guts out if I recall.” he reminded.

“Honestly Logan! she stated now rolling her eyes in irritation. “You just can’t stand it that I may have the upper hand can you? You should be grateful I am kind enough to ASK your permission in the first place.” she barked

“Wouldn’t advise just popping in unannounced there Frosty. Might never be the same by the time you leave.” He warned half joking.

“Well I don’t have time for this childish behavior, none of us do. Do you want my help or not Logan?” she arrogantly asked

“Come on don’t get your G- string in a knot, I’ll be good. Lay it on me babe.” he laughed as he opened his mind for her guidance.

Emma Grace Frost was a powerful telepathic mutant who also posed the ability to shape shift her skin into diamonds. In her diamond state she can not be invaded by other teleapaths and it gives off alight ultra violet glow in the dark. She doesn’t require food or drink in this form, however she can be shattered. Emma Frost is noted for being externally sexy and manipulative. One will find her deck out in mostly white satin, tall boots, and ash blonde hair. Her telepathic abilities are similar to that of Jean Grey’s.

Logan landed the plane and unbuckled his seat belt. he turned around to see Jubilee still sleeping. As he watched her he realized he may have made a big mistake letting her get close to him the way he did. “Should have put my foot down when she crawled into that sleeping bag, damn it Logan. Aint you learned by now thinking with your dick only gets you in trouble you canknucklehead ( Canadian knuckle head)! Shit now I have to deal with this crap too, great that’s all I need. Idiot.” he scolded himself

Passion of Love, chapter 19"Embers Burn Hot" rated PG

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