Passion of Love Cahpter 16 "Haert's Desire" rated R and chapter 17

Passion of Love
Chapter 16
“Heart’s Desire” rated R

“Come ON DUDE! It’s my trade mark man.” she grinned

Logan shot a stare at her followed by a short growl.

“Fine!” Jubilee agreed as she rolled her eyes. “You’re such a grouch, man.” She stated popping her gum a last time then pulling it out into a long stretch finally balling it up and abruptly sticking it on the top of the wooden back board of his bed.

Logan watched on in amazement at the gall of her. His piercing blue eyes now narrowed as he calmly spoke threw his teeth. “Get that off my bed and put it in the trash where it belongs… if you don’t mind Jubilee.”

When she saw the look in his eyes it surprised her. He usually took her monkey shines with a grain of salt, but not this time. “Sorry Wolvie” she said and promptly plucked the gum from it’s perch tossing it into the near by trash can.

“So, what’s your plans for the day anyway?” Jubilee humbly asked quickly trying to redirect the conversation.

“Ain’t got time to worry about plans little girl. Gotta see Chuck ‘bout a favor he’s gonna owe me.” Logan replied as he walked to the bathroom and shut the door.

Jubilee sat up now on the edge of the bed. "What the hell is wrong with you?’ she scolded herself. "How do you ever expect him to see you as ANYTHING but a little girl when you go around calling him dude and snapping bubble gum?

She told herself before she arrived that she was going to tell Logan for the first time how she really felt about him, but it seemed to her he was never going to see her as anything but a “little girl”. The pain that built up in her chest was becoming unbearable and she struggled to catch her breath. She pushed back the tears as she felt her face heat up when she heard the shower running. In her mind she saw Logan surrounded by clouds of white steam, his body slick with water and fresh suds from the soap. She closed her eyes and dreamed on, imagining herself in the shower with him, hugging him closely and kissing his neck. She could feel his wet warm body press against hers it felt so real she wanted never to open her eyes again. Suddenly she snapped out of the day dream st the sound of a knock on the door.

“Get real Jubilee. like that would ever happen.” She stated rolling her eyes at herself as she got up to answer the door.

“Kitty!’ she smiled

“Hey girl!!! I saw your fancy little red Beamer parked in the back and figured this was the first place you’d be. Kitty grinned “So you wormed your way in his room hah? Step one!” she said with her head cocked and lowered as she gave Jubilee a “you’re guilty” stare.

“SHHHHHHHH, Keep it quiet,” she whispered as low as she could. “He’s in the shower, you know how he hears things, With the damn mood he’s in, I really don’t need him hearing us talk.” her remark struck Katherine as being a bit callus.

“Jubs, give him a break, he just got his heart crushed.” Katherine whispered in her ear just as Logan got out of the shower.

Before they notice him, Logan was standing right behind them toweling off.

“I ain’t quite sure of everything you dames are chatter boxing about, frankly I could care less. Take it outside.” he ordered. "I gotta get dressed.

Jubilee frozen in place unable to speak as Katherine suddenly found herself choking down a giggle she didn’t dare let out.

“Well, go on, BEAT IT!” Logan spouted out now feeling his privacy being over welmingly invaded at their slow reaction to his request.

“Come on Jubs let’s go to my room and talk in privet, some people ’s ears are too big” she grinned at Logan. who didn’t have much of a humor about the comment at all. He just stood there glaring at them, waiting for them to get the hell out. Seeing the look on his face the two briskly walked out the door as it slammed shut behind them.

“Wow he’s grumpy.” Jubilee complained.

“He’s just hurt Jubilee.” Katharine informed

“Well sheeze, he needs to so get over it Kitty, I mean he should have known the minute Scott came back Jean would go running to him! It’s like, hello!” She judged

“It’s NOT that simple Jubilee. Look I didn’t tell you everything. There’s a lot more to it than just Scott’s return.” Katherine stated as they walked to her and Peter’s room.

“Yeah, yeah, I know the old, I love you, I left you spiel. Been there, done that, Get over it dude, it’s not like Jean is the ONLY woman on the planet.” She said rolling her eyes and waving her arms in a sarcastic matter.

Katherine stopped and grabbed Jubilee’s arm pulling her face to face.
“Jubs, it isn’t THAT. Jean had Logan’s child hon. She had his baby. He thought he had a family with her, that’s why he didn’t expect her to go back to Scott.” she explained

Jubilee stood speechless with her mouth dropped in disbelief. Suddenly tears began involuntary running down her face. She had watch Logan go thew the loss of his love Mariko, she was there when he cried. She had always been there for him when he needed her, except this time.

“What? How… how could she do that to him? How could she do that?” Jubilee asked as she fell into Katherine’s arms sobbing for her dear friend’s pain.

“I don’t know Jubs, I haven’t seen her sense they got back from Russia after Sasha was born. I am too upset with her to talk to her. I’ve been trying to avoid her like crazy.” Katherine confessed.

“What the HELL Kitty? Why did you let her get off like that? She deserves to be told what a rotten bitch thing that was to do!” Jubilee stated with conviction.

“I know. Peter and I decided that it would cause more trouble than it would solve if either of us butted into this. It’s Logan’s life not ours, if he wanted us involved he’d ask us. Until then, we thought it best to keep out of it, let them settle this in their own way.” she stated

“Oh, so in other words, you pussied out on him!” Jubilee accused

“WHAT? NO We… I did NOT. it’s not my place, or yours for that matter to stick your nose in it and stir the pot making things WORSE Jubilee!” Katherine said in irritation.

“The HELL it isn’t! She hurt someone very special to me and I don’t think it’s right to let her off that easily Katherine!”

“This isn’t about you Jubs, it’s Logan’s business, not yours.” Katherine stated

“It’s MY business NOW!” She argued.

“You’re just going to make things worse for yourself Jubilee. You see how on the edge Logan is. If you butt in and he doesn’t see your good intentions, you are going to piss him off! Where is that going to get you hon? I’ll tell you where. It’s going to get you bouncing down the hall with his foot print on your cute little ass, that’s where! Stay out of it! Please! Please, I know how you feel about him, I don’t want to see you get hurt.” Katherine explained as she hugged Jubilee close.

Katherine saw the fire in Jubilee’s dark brown eyes. She felt like she was talking to the wall but preyed she was wrong.

“It was a BITCH thing to do Kitty, and he didn’t deserve to be treated that way, even if it isn’t my business, it was a bitch thing to do!” Jubilee ended

“I know hon, I know. Come on, let’s get to my room. Peter’s cooked up a fab Russian meal for us.” Katharine informed and the two walked down the hall to her room as Katherine held Jubilee closely in understanding.

After Logan got dressed he headed down to Professor’s office to discuss plans for the mission.

“Come in Logan.” Charles said before Logan even had a chance to knock at the door.

“Hey Chuck. Spose you’ve been expecting me hah?” he asked

“Of course.” Charles agreed “I see Jubilee has settled in nicely.” he stated as if he had something to be concerned about.

Logan picked up on Charles’s voice tone and facial expression. “Oh come on Chuck! he rolled his eyes and chuckled to himself. Give me a break, you really don’t think that somethings going on do you? It’s Jubilee we’re talking about here.” he reminded

“Yes, I am fully aware of that fact. I hope you are fully aware that she isn’t 14 anymore Logan. She’s a grown woman now. It wouldn’t be wise to underestimate that.” he warned.

“Get off it Chuck. I’m a little too old and you’re a little to young to be giving me fatherly advice on women bub.” he chuckled to himself “Besides, I didn’t come here to talk about nonsense.” he finished as he sat down in the seat in front of Charles’s desk.

Charles has known about Jubilees desires towards Logan for many years now. He thought once she grew up and was out on her own she would get over her school girl crush. However, sense her return he found his hopes were not the same as hers.
“My apologies Logan. We do indeed have more pressing issues to concern ourselves with.” he agreed

“Yeah, so anyway, the way I see it. I’ll need the small Blue Jet and some military explosives on board. Don’t worry bout getting them, I got a source for that. Been living in Canada most my life. Don’t know much about White Island sept there ain’t much out there. From what Slim described if there is anything left, it’s gonna be underground. Ain’t gonna be easy finding anyone in the snow underground Chuck. Gonna have to go under cover get information from some of the names listed first. First stop’s gonna be in Germany where this Hacker punk’s been hiding out. He’s the most resent TAO member discovered. Figure I’d start there. You know anything about the creep?” he asked

“Yes, he is located in West Germany, I’m working on trying to pin point exactly where.” Charles replied “When were you planing on leaving for Germany Logan?” he asked

First thing in the mourning Chuck. Aint got any more time to waist. I want to get this shit over with as soon as possible so I can pick up Sasha and get back before some nut job gets wise about her.

“I understand that. She misses you very much.” Charles added

“I know. I can’t talk about that right now. It’s busting me up inside not being with her. Listen Chuck, I’m gonna head back to my room, get things packed, make some phone calls, catch some Zs. You know, get myself ready. "Logan informed. As he got up Charles gave a nod in agreement and Logan left heading back to his room.

About 8pm Jubilee returned to Logan’s room and found him packing.

“What’s going on Wolvie? Come on, the gum wasn’t that bad” she joked

“It aint that, Jubs, I gotta go take care of some crap for the professor.” he answered stuffing articles of clothing into his duffel bag with out looking up.

She thought about telling him she was so sorry for what happened with Jean. She wanted to jump into his arms and prove to him that she would never hurt him the way Jean did, but Katherine’s words of warning ran in her head and she just couldn’t get the words out.
“What crap Wolvie?’ Jubilee asked

Logan looked up at her face he saw she was disappointed and he felt bad but he had bigger things to worry about, “I gotta go to West Germany Jubs. Gotta cut out some cancer before it spreads. Anit you heard? Thought you and Kitty Cat talked about everything?” he inquired

“She didn’t tell me you were going away to Germany.” Jubilee knew enough about Logan to know that when he said “cut out some cancer” It meant someone was going to end up rat food.

“Sorry Kid, but I anit gonna be able to have a happy reunion with you anytime soon darling. Don’t know when I’ll be back from this mission, if I come back at all.” he informed resuming his packing.

A fearful sinking feeling came over her like a wave of panic. She knew this might be the last night she would have to tell him how she felt. The timing was all wrong, but she was left with little options.

“Well we still have tonight to catch up.” she smiled

“Aint planning on staying up chatting little girl. I gotta get a good night’s rest. Getting and early start tomorrow darling.” Logan explained as he zipped up his bulging bag.

Jubilee felt her self about to cry but she sucked it up. She watched as he tossed the bag next to the door and headed to the bathroom closing the door behind him with out even so much as a glance her way.

That was all it took and Jubilee busted into silent tears the minute the door shut. Inside Logan’s overly sensitive ears picked up on her muffled cries. He never knew Jubilee to be one to cry. He thought what ever it was it must of hurt her deeply. “Can’t worry about that right now, gotta get it together.” he tried to convince himself. He grabbed the door knob ,as soon as he did Jubilee was silent. It was obvious to Logan she didn’t want him to know she’d been crying. So he played like he didn’t hear a thing and walked to the bed and sat on the edge next to her.
“Want the bed kid? I don’t mind taking the floor.” he told her

“You sure? I mean, I don’t want to you to get a rotten sleep because of me” she asked.

“Na, I’ll be fine, you take the bed kid,” Logan stated

“Okay, under one condition.” she started

“What’s that? he asked

“Stop calling me kid and little girl! I’m 24 years old, I’m not a KID any more, and thanks for NOT noticing by the way.” she smirked

“I’m sorry Jubs, force of habit. Is it okay to still call you Jubs, or is that too kiddy for you now too?” he joked

Jubilee looked at him with out expression, The two chuckled together as she punched his arm. “You’re a bum, you know that!” she joked.

Logan laughed softly, “Yeah I know it. Listen Ki… I mean Jubilee, I gotta catch some shut eye, so I’m gonna grab your sleeping bag here and park it.” he informed her now pulling the neatly folded sleeping bag apart.

“There’s an air mattress too that goes with it. Just pull the red cord and it will self inflate.” Jubilee informed as she took her jeans off and jumped into the bed. "Oh and Logan one more thing?’ she asked

“Yeah, what’s that darling?” Logan inquired turning his head in time to see her snuggling under the covers. he smiled at the sight.

“Don’t sleep nude in my sleeping bag nature boy.” she directed

Logan rolled his eyes and laughed quietly to himself. “I’ll think about it. Nuff talk, lights out… woman.” he ordered.

Later around midnight while Logan was sound asleep Jubilee found her self wide awake. Her eyes sprang open and refused to stay shut. She kept thinking about talking to him. Her thoughts ran around her mind like a kid hyped on a sugar fit till it evolved into a strong pull that caused her to sit up and get out of the bed. She paced back and forth along side it contemplating. Finial she stopped and sat on the floor next to Logan and watched him sleep. He looked so peaceful. She had never seen him a sleep before. She watched over him for a long while then reached her hand to stroke his thick black hair. The minute her hand touched his his skin his eyes popped opened and he snatched her wrist in a defensive mode as if it was a hot iron rod.

“Don’t like to be touched when I aint expecting it.” he informed.

That, wasn’t the reaction she expected to receive, she thought he would smile at her and ask what was wrong. Not snap and get defensive.

“Sor.. sorry Wolvie, I.. I saw a spider and went to brush it away.” She lied, stumbling over her own tongue in the process.

“Let me get this right, you jumped out of bed, followed the “spider” all the way over to me… in the dark, because you just knew it was going to crawl on my face?" he inquired

“Logan you’re hurting my wrist.” she responded

“Sorry darling, knee jerk reaction,” he stated as he let go of her wrist. “Not a good idea to touch me when I’m in a dead sleep and not expecting to be touched. You could end up shiskabobbed. So what’s the real reason you woke me up, and don’t tell me some bull shit about a damn spider.” he laughed now sitting up. “Make it quick, I gotta get up in a few hours.” he stated now giving her his full attention.

Jubilee was put on the spot but that’s when she shined best. She flipped threw her thoughts and came up with a quick fix. “Okay, you’re right, there was no spider.” she confessed

“Do tell. " Logan Mocked

“I had a nightmare and got scared, I was too embarrass to tell you the truth because I didn’t want to hear you call me a damn kid again!” She carried on, spinning the story as she went.

“What was so terrible you needed to get out of bed Jubs?” Logan asked as he sniffed the air. He had a pretty good idea what was really going on and he knew she was lying. “Maybe Chucky boy had a point after all.” he thought to himself “No, you’ve gotta be kidding me , not Jubilee, no way that girls got it for me.” he thought to himself in hopes he was right.

“It was about our friends. I could see all their faces, something about being he spooked me and I wasn’t expecting it, you know.” she fibbed sounding more and more like a prevaricator each word she spoke.

“I’m sure you’ll live Jubs,” he rolled his eyes,

“Yeah but you may not Logan. What if this is the last time I ever see you, my last chance to tell you how..” she stopped cold realizing what she started to say. It came on so fast, yet she was not ready to tell him all of her true feelings just yet. But it was too late, she already let the squirrel into the nut hatch.

“Tell me what Jubs” Logan asked as her sent grew even stronger. There was no denying that smell, He knew she didn’t have a nightmare, or see a spider, she had a burning desire and it was starting to get to him.

She took a quick deep breath her heart pounded with anxiety, but she pressed forward.
It was now or never, she wasn’t going to mess it up. She made up her mind to tell how she felt while she had his full attention. Jubilee gently took his hand into hers and held it, feeling the warmth. She put it up to her lips and kissed it, nestling her cheek as she closed her eyes and spoke.

“This may be my only chance to ever tell you what you mean to me. I love you Logan. She said now opening her eyes and looking him in his. “I’ve loved you from the first day I met you. It wasn’t just a stupid school girl crush. Even after I left and met a boyfriend, I still felt the same. I know it’s real.” She said her voice now quivering with fear and tears streamed down her face. There was no denying it she was in love with him. It touched him unexpectedly in a way he didn’t antisipate. A warm feeling seemed to surround his whole body. He sat staring at her not quite sure what to think, or what to say at the moment. Jubilee released his hand and wiped her tears away from her eyes with her palms. She pulled her knees to her chest and hid her face between them. She couldn’t face the rejection she knew was coming her way. Rocking briskly back and forth she tried hard to suppress her tears, but they flowed like a river despite her valid efforts. She thought of running far away and could feel her legs begging to sprint. She was just about to give in when a warm pair of strong arms wrapped around her holding her closely. Jubilee emiditly responded with grasping arms and flung herself into his chest where she felt safe again. Unable to speak she sobbed with emotion as Logan gently rocked her. When she began to feel her self regain composure she spoke.

“Sorry I lost it like that.” she sniffed and wiped her face dry on her tee shirt. “You don’t have to respond Logan, I just had to let you know how I felt, I don’t expect anything from you.” She smiled now relieved it finally had been said after all these years.

Logan sat before her agape as he watched her pull herself together. “Jubs I..” he started

She interrupted him. "No it’s OK I understand, you don’t have to say a word she choked down trying to be strong.

“Yes I do Jubilee, I can’t sit here in silence with out saying something after what just happened.” he said

“It’s Okay, forget it, "she started to get up.

“Sit your CAN down and talk to me!” Logan barked now becoming inpatient. "You want me to treat you like a woman? Then act like one! " he demanded

As she sat back down a swirl of sent se-rounded the room, desire and fear. despite her tough girl act, Jubilee was afraid. For the first time he saw something he never expected to see. Jubilee sitting before him… with her mouth SHUT.

“Act like a woman he says, okay I will.” she thought to herself. "You want a woman, I’ll give you a woman she informed now removing her tee shirt and tossing it aside. "This woman enough for you Logan she stated now crawling closer to him in nothing but her black thong. “Move over, because a woman is going to get in that sleeping bag with you and show you just what she wants. Think you can handle that?” she asked and slipped in next to him. Before he had a chance to protest she pulled her thong off and tossing it aside, softly pushed him down and positioning herself on top of him. Taking him by complete surprised, she resting her bare chest on his. She nudged his heavy muscular legs apart with her own slender smooth leg and settle in-between them laying her head on his hairy chest while planting tender kisses all over him. “I knew it.” she stated.

“Knew what sweet heart?” Logan asked stroking her hair softly.

“I just KNEW you wouldn’t listen when I asked you not to go all nature boy on me!’ She replied.

Logan chuckled, “Yep, you called it darling,” he agreed, smiling and enjoying the warmth of her silken skin, His heart pounded and filled him with blithe all the way down to his toes and he pulled her up higher holding her in place for an impassioned kiss.

“Oh my God Logan, you’re…” he put his finger lightly across her lips.

“I don’t know if I can give you everything you need Jubs, but I can give you what you want at least for one night darling. That’s gonna have to be good enough for now.” he explained.

“Then lest make it a night we both will always remember Logan.” She smiled and kissed him.

Logan held her even closer in his arms as the two kissed, the fires burning red hot. He let her do what ever she wanted, and Jubilee took full advantage of her position, exploring ever inch of him not wanting to miss so much as even a tiny hair.

“Been a long time sense I felt this good little darling” he spoke deep in his throat as his breathing grew heavier.

“I want to please you, I want to make you smile for years to come.” she whispered in his ear.

“Oh I’m smiling darling, God I’m smiling!’ he told her kissing her.

Soon his kisses became harder and wilder as the excitement began to build up with in him. She felt him grow beneath her and knew he was ready. She opened her self to him completely and he took her, placing his hands along her sides and guiding her motions. He quickly found out she didn’t require much guidance and he let her send him into sheer bliss growling in pure pleasure at her passion for him, reveling in every touch and movement she made as she raised a up and lowered back down on him. Logan nibbled at her ear lobes, suckling each breast, and kissing her as if to devour her. At their climax together Logan’s claws involuntarily popped out as he howled in ecstasy. She flopped her upper body on his chest and held him closely. He wrapped both his arms around her possessively, their hearts both pounded then slowly resuming normal pace. Neither said a word, both falling into a deep slummer held affectionately in each other’s arms.

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Passion of Love
Chapter 17 rated R
“Sparkling Diamonds”

As Scott and Jean Summers slumbered they were awaken by the sound of a howl.
“What the heck was THAT?” Scott snapped, now sitting up in his bed. “It sounded like a wolf! I don’t remember there ever being wolves around here do you Jean?.” he asked lost in confusion.

“It wasn’t a wolf Scott, well not the animal anyway.” she answered knowing fully well what the sound was and what it meant.

“Not a wolf? what do you mean not a wolf, because that sure in the hell sounded like a big wolf to me! if that wasn’t a wolf then what the hell was it?” Scott protested.

Jean placed her hand on Scott’s arm as she looked him in the eyes. “Scott honey, it was Logan.” she informed with a slight chuckle at Scott’s reaction.

“Logan?” Are you Joking? I have never heard him make that sound before!” he stated now even more in shock.

“Well, that’s because you’re NOT a woman Scott.” Jean said, now placing her hand over her mouth trying to suppress her giggle.

Scott sat baffled for a moment and scratched his head. “Not a woman? I don’t get it?” he replied

“Think about it Scott, or do I have to spell it out?” she asked still grinning

“Beats the hell out of me Jean, maybe you better just tell me, I’m lost here.” he conveyed

“It’s sex Scott. Do you get it now?” she asked looking at him with her head slightly cocked.

“Sex?’ Scott asked now trying to think about this further when it hit him. “Oh!! I get it. Oh my God! You’re kidding me?” he asked now in a full grin.

“NOPE” Jean popped out. as the two giggled quietly.

“And I’ll tell you another thing, he only would do that if she was REALLY giving it to him good.” Jean added with a smirk.

“You should know.” Scott smarted off not quite comfortable with the conversation.

“I thought we were passed that! I mean, Scott, you WERE missing for two whole years, we thought you were dead.” she reminded him

“I know, I know, I’m just not in the space to hear about the details.” he said rolling his eyes. “So who’s giving it to him anyway? Scott asked. Then it hit him when he saw the look in Jean’s face. “No. no way.” Scott stated in a mock disbelief.

“Yep, the one and only.” Jean informed

“Jubilation Lee!” the two stated in unity.

Holy COW! I guess it wasn’t a school girl crush all these years after all,” Scott, said

“I guess not, she’s had it for him for a long while now, We all thought she’d get over it.” Jean pointed out.

“Well good for him, I’m glad he found someone to be with. Good for him, now maybe he won’t be so damn grumpy.” Scott joked fluffing his feather pillow to a comfortable pile and lying his head back down. As the pillow cradle him, he returned in sleep.

“yeah.” she timidly agreed now sitting up in the bed with her knees to her chest in thought. A warm wet stream ran down one side of her face. and flashes of herself and Logan danced threw her mind like an old fashion pitcher carousel. “Where yeah going Red?” she remembered him asking. “I thought I’d go make us breakfast, aren’t you hungry?” she heard herself say. He chuckled with a wolfy grin, “Yeah, REAL hungry” she saw him in her mind’s eye pulling her closely, kissing her possessively with a burning passion that has yet to be matched. Jean snapped out of the thought and looked over at Scott, now sound asleep. She laid back down behind him snuggling, and holding him tight as she kissed the back of his neck and fell back to sleep pushing back her tears.

Jubilee felt herself rising and falling to the rhythm of Logan’s breathing as he held her. She smiled and snuckered down like a kitten in the loving arms of a sweet young girl as she felt the warmth of his skin under hers. It amazed her that he was such a silent sleeper. Most guys snored but not Logan, “Guess he never has a reason to snore. He’s never been sick or even has gotten so much as a stuffy nose, Things that would cause the average person to snore just aren’t issues Logan has to deal with. Lucky for me…I HATE snoring!” she thought to herself and laughed softly. She looked over to the digital clock that which read 4:15 am. All she could think about is that Logan was going to have to get up a leave soon and only God knew when he’d be back.
“He’s NOT getting away from me that easily.” she thought in determination and found herself wide awake and unable to sleep once again. Jubilee tried to slip out of the sleeping bag a slowly as she could, but the minute she did he woke up a gently grabbed her hand.

“Where yeah running off to darling?” he softly asked.

“Damn!’ she thought. “I got the munchies Logan, happens around this time after so much hard activity,” she explained with a wild grin “Just going to go to the fridge and grab a slice of that cake I saw in there last night.” She continued as she got up and slipped into her black tee shirt and thong.

“Better slip on my robe doll. Wouldn’t want that cute little fanny of yours getting a cold. “he smiled and rolled over on his side falling back to sleep.

Jubilee loosely put the robe on and quietly opened the door carefully closing it behind her as she headed down the hall right pass the kitchen. She remembered a little trick Logan taught her about dealing with PSIs and kept her mind clear of thought as she walked briskly onward bear footed. “I’ll have that cake after I settle a little unfinished business first!’ she told herself.

When she got to the door where the Summers rested soundly in side she abruptly knocked three times.

The door opened and as soon as Jubilee saw Jean’s face the anger hit her full force, She raised her hand. It happened so quickly no one had time to think, The sound of Jubilee’s hand striking Jean’s face with a powerful “SMACK” now echoed in Scott’s ears.

“What in the HELL is wrong with you!! he barked “Have you LOST your mind totally!” Scott asked in an angry shout. “What the FUCK Jubilee?” he finished

“She knows, “WHAT” Scott!” Jubilee snapped with a scowl pointing to Jean and turned around walking back down the hall as if to dare them to do anything about it.

“Do you really think you’re just going to walk away from this, as if it were nothing!” Scott angrily demanded starting to walk after her when Jean suddenly snatched Scott’s hand in objection to his action.

“Leave it Scott!” she ordered

“No way in hell I ‘m letting her get away with THAT Jean!” he turned to face her.

“I said LEAVE IT Scott!’ Jean insisted “She’s just sticking up for Logan, She loves him deeply.

“Look Jean, that doesn’t give her the right…” Scott Started

“I didn’t say it did, but I’m not going to call her on it either.” Jean explained

“Why the HELL NOT?” Scott asked raising his voice once again

“Because Scott, I could kill her! Don’t you understand that. I CAN’T risk confronting her while I am in this frame of mind, you KNOW that better than anyone. How could you even ask me such a thing?” Jean explained with out a tear, with out any emotion, she swerved around and walked back to bed leaving Scott standing by the door dumbfounded at her lack of action.

Jubilee headed back to Logan’s room thinking she was going to pack her bag and go with him on that mission whether he and the others liked it or not. She walked swiftly and again passed the kitchen until she reached Logan’s room. “I hope those big ears of his are OFF!’ she joked to herself, quietly opening the door. On her way to the bathroom she noted some white papers glowing in the moonlight that shined threw the window. They were sitting on Logan’s black duffel bag when Jubilee snatched them up. Once in the bathroom she closed the door and turned the light on, sat on the toilet and read with great interest. The papers were just what she thought they were, information about the mission with hand written footnotes in the margins. 1. get Blue Jet, 2. stop by, pick up booms. wires and tools. 3. kill him once found, DEAD MEAT! at the end of the words was a hole from a pencil furiously planted under the explanation point. As she read on it began to dawn on her, this was no mission, it was a HIT. The professor had ordered a hit on this Deliverer guy and Logan was the HITMAN. Jubilee continued reading the reports, her eyes darting as she eagerly turned each page. “Shit, a hit?! I never thought professor would EVER order THAT, and ASK LOGAN of all people to do it! Woe!” she thought before flipping the light off than opened the door. Jubilee headed back to the duffel bag and returned the papers before returning to where Logan who was in a deep sleep until she crawled in.

“Damn, woman you’re cold. Woke me right up.” he half complained grabbing her and pulling her close.

“OH, do you have ideas on warming me up Wolvie?” She asked now trowing her arms around his neck and pushing her hips into his. He smiled and softly growled in her ear while planting tender little kisses on her cheek and down her neck, returning the effort then opening her legs with a muscular thigh.

“Ideas? You bet I got a few darling.” he spoke pushing her gently on her back and popping one of his claws. “First idea, get rid of the thong.” he told her as he sliced the fabric then retracting his claw. “Second idea,..” he smiled pulling up her tee shirt and kissing her chest, tenderly nibbling one of her breast. “Third idea…”he said as he gently entered her, holding her at the waist as closely as he could get her. Jubilee wrapped her legs snugly around him and whispered in his ears, “I love your ideas Logan”. the two lovers kissed pleasantly entangled in each others limbs until the sun’s rays brightly filled the room.

“Crap!” Logan stated looking at the digital clock which now read 8:00am “I gotta get going doll, meant to get an earlier start but I didn’t count on a certain naughty little girl keeping me awake in the twilight hours.” he grinned kissing her before getting up to dress.

Jubilee watch him dress and pulled herself out of the sleeping bag gathering what was left of her clothing.

“What, no shower Logan?’ She asked curling her lip at the corner in discuss.

“Ain’t got time, lost too many hours as it is darling.” he explained as he slipped into his brown leather jacket.

Realizing she wasn’t going to be able to stall him any longer she leaped into her clothing and swiftly gathered her things rapidly stuffing them into her bags.

Logan stopped and stood staring at her. “What are you doing?” he calmly inquired.

“I’m going with you, that’s what.” She in formed

“No YOU’RE NOT.” he barked looking at her as she defiantly walked to his side bags in hand.

“Jubilee, I don’t know where you think you’re going, but it AINT with ME.” Not on This mission little girl, NO WAY.” he informed her point blank.

Passion of Love Cahpter 16 "Haert's Desire" rated R and chapter 17

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