Passion of Love Chapter 15 "Light of the Darkness" G

Passion of Love
Chapter 15
“Light of the Darkness” Rated G

A moment of silence came between the two men, and neither made an attempt to rise up to take a leave. Just then Professor and Jean returned to the room. Jean couldn’t help but to smile with great approval over the out come of professor’s suggestion even if he did have to force the issue a bit.

“I trust you two have come to a mutual understanding and are now able to move on to more pressing issues?” he asked with a look of “see I told you so” on his face.

Scott was the first to break the silence, “Yes professor .” he stated in all confidence. “I’m ready to work agreeably with Logan on this matter.”

“Not so fast Scott, I have chosen to send Logan to investigate White Island alone. After speaking with you about what happened I have good cause to believe
The madman is indeed The Deliverer. From what I can gather, he is still hidden on White Island. We know very little about his true identity other than he is a break-threw scientist of medicine. Apparently he thinks of himself as some sort of servant of God sent here to rid the world of what he calls “the devil’s people”, the mutants.
He has formed quite a following. They are known as The Anointed Ones or TAO. They are a group of reliouse fanatics that believe all mutants are children of Satan and must be removed from humanity by any means nessary. They believe that “the devils people” must suffer a painful death. They must go threw hell in order to be sent back to hell. I will hand Logan the reports I have been receiving for him to review. Basically they are a collection of odds and ends concerning details that identify some TAO members and there current where abouts.

Scott looked at the professor confused as he spoke in disagreement of his choice to send Logan alone.

“I am the one who spent two miserable years there Charles! No one here would be able to find anything on that dissolute island with out ME!” Sending Logan will waist valuable time! I KNOW he is the best but he doesn’t know the area like I do. I insist you send me along, we should work as a team." Scott added

“No Scott, I can’t risk it!” Charles started when he was abruptly interrupted.

“I can HANDLE it professor!” I’m not some little child here, I can deal with the past, look, I have new equipment to use, these legs can contribute a lot in the fight!" he stated further pressing the issue.

“Scott that is not the point, the problem is you can not survive the gas or any other toxic substance should you encounter anything.” Charles stated

“So I’ll wear a MASK, come ON professor! I’m telling you I can handle this! Logan CAN’T go it alone. We should work as a team, right Logan!?” Scott asked now pleading his case to Logan who had his nose barred in the reports this whole time. he looked up at Scott.’ Not this time Slim, professor here is right, I’m the guy and I have to go it alone. It’s what I do best buddy." Logan stated

“So you understand fully what is required, what is expected of you?” professor asked Logan point blank

“You want me to hunt this scum-bag down, reveal his location.” Logan answered

“Yes, that’s part of it.” professor agreed

“And the other part?” Logan quickly snapped having a good idea as to what the answer was.

Looking Logan directly in the eyes Charles simply stated “Kill him.”

Logan’s jaw dropped and his eyes widened. "Did I just hear you say. “KILL him”?

“Yes Logan, that is exactly what you heard.” professor responded.

Scott stared at him in disbelief. Professor had never asked any of them to kill, let a lone Logan. Suddenly part of the conversation he and Logan shared rang in his ears, “They didn’t care if a few of them when down in the process, they wanted their weapon.” it began to truly dawn on Scott just what people really thought of Logan, what they wanted from him his whole life. A weapon. that’s what they did to him they turned into a living weapon, and now Charles wanted to use that weapon.

“Professor! You can’t be serious! Xmen don’t kill!” Scott tried tho he himself had a hard time believing he would follow protocol in this case.

“Scott this is NOT an Xman mission! The time for negotiation has long passed. This TAO organization is responsible for more than 3 million deaths so far, and counting! They will not rest until every last mutant is dead! The others and myself see no other alternative. We agree that Logan is the only mutant capable of doing this because of his training, healing ability, and yes Scott, because of what the military created.

Before Scott had a chance to respond Logan jumped in. “So let me get this straight Chuck, you’re asking me to assassinate the guy?”

“Yes, yes I am.” he says point blank, now closing his eyes in arrogance.

A moment of silence hit the room as Logan looked around seeing their faces. He didn’t like his friends thinking of him as a killer. He sat in deep in his chair and rubbed his chin in thought.

" I still need an answer Logan. Will you accept this mission?" he asked

He Looked professor in the eyes, and spoke in an even tone. “You want him found? Consider him found. You want him dead, he leaned in closer to professor, HE’S DEAD.”

“Good then we are in agreement?” he inquired with a slight smile

“What do you think?” Logan answered “We done here?” Logan ask as he starts to get up to walked out the door.

“We are indeed.” Charles answered watching Logan head for the door

“Just a minute Logan, I have some concerns of my own.” Jean states. Logan turns around to look at her. " What if The Deliver comes up with a way to poison you too, something that your healing factor can’t handle?"

“If I may, professor started and looking at Logan as if to ask permission for the interjection.

“Floor’s all yours Chucky boy.” he states placing his hand on the door knob in ready.“This is a concern for all of us Jean, which is why we must act now while we still have the upper hand.” Charles explained as he finished his last words, Logan opened the door and walked back down the all to read the reports in privet.

Jean watched him as he left, her heart filled with regret. She feared she would never see Sasha again and that Logan would never truly forgive her, “Why the hell should he?” she thought to herself, “I wouldn’t forgive me either.” Logan has always been a dear friend to me, he was there for me when I needed him most, and how did I repay his kindness? I lied to him. I was so caught up in what I thought was best I didn’t listen to even myself about what was really best. So unlike me. I don’t get why I couldn’t be honest in this case, Thing is, I do love Logan a lot and now he is gone forever. I wish I could turn the clock back just for one last night with him to tell him the truth when it needed to be said the most." she sighed

Logan relaxes on his bed leaning against the bed backboard on a pillow. He raised one leg and rested the papers as he read every little detail dilangntly and with conviction.

Logan pulled out a cigar along with his silver lighter from his left breast pocket. He sat the papers down on his lowered leg while he lit the cigar. Holding the cigar in his teeth he smoked as he picked up the reports and continued reading.

“Huh, this jerk wad’s a real piece of work! Thinks he’s some sort of reincarnated Hitler. Well. I’ve got news for you bub, Hitler didn’t make it either.” He exclaim now popping one of the 3 silver claws he posses in each arm. He watched it jet from the back of his hand with a gleam as it caught the light, ripping threw the skin as it healed as quickly as it was damaged. Then he poked the paper, tearing it just a bit.
“I’m going to show you the meaning of the word EXTINCTION first hand scum bag! Something you ain’t gonna live long enough to forget. You can count on THAT.

The next mourning Logan awoke with the sound of birds chirping outside his bedroom window. This was the first real good nights rest he had gotten sense his return to the mansion. He stretched and sat up in his bed. The open window let the chilled breeze gently flowed inside to touch his warm skin.

“Little too chilly” he thought getting up and closing it. The mansion was much quieter now than in the passed, "Not very many of us left here. White Rain killed so many of ‘em. Rouge, Gumbo, Elf, Bucket Head, Beast to name a few. Some friends, some not, but we all fought on the same team, for the same cause in those times. Elf use to always tell me about God and his plan, his purpose, how he knows what you are and loves you anyway. I never really understood what the hell he was talking about. I get it a little better now. God made me the best. The hell Scott and I went threw, the deaths, they ain’t gonna be for nothing in this world. I’m gonna be the cleanser of this evil and that’s just the way it is.

Rising to his feet Logan was just about to head for the bathroom when there was a tap on the door. He took two sniffs and knew well who was behind it.

“Come on you fur ball, I KNOW you smell me.” The smartalick comment was followed by a sharp “pop” sound then the strong sent of original flavored bubble gum and hair gel jumped right up his nose uninvited.

Logan stopped in his tracks chuckling to himself and shaking his head, “Damn girl, never changes. Wonder how much crap she packed in that shopping bag of hers this time!” he laughed to himself

The tapping now turned into a hard series of knocks, followed again by that “popping” sound. “Dude! I KNOW you’re in their I can see the reflection of your feet under the door Logan, open up or I’ll have to barge in.” she threatened.

“Hold your water, I’m coming!” Logan bellowed as he walked to open the door.

“Sheeze took long enough! What’s a gal have to do to get you to open the door around here?” She joked

“Well where do you get off calling me “fur ball” little girl?" Logan laughed as he spoke

“Oh shut up.” she grinned and jumped into his arms to plant a big kiss on him.

“Wow, what was that for darling? "Logan asked with a smile

“Missed you stupid, what do you think? Now where do I set my things?” she asked gently pushing him aside and walking in.

“Woe, hold on there Jubs, You ain’t planning on staying here, in my room are you darling?”

“Why not Logan, heard you got a raw deal and I want to be here for you, what’s wrong with that?” she asked now setter her bags on the floor.

“Jubs, I ain’t seen you sense you lost your powers… wait a minute… who’s been flappin’ their gums about stuff that don’t concern them anyway!” Logan barked

Jubilee rolled her eyes, “Oh come on Logan, you KNOW Kitty and I are close friends, we talk about everything. Stop acting like it’s a big deal. She told me in an email, so I decided to come for a visit help lighten things up with my super amazing sparkly SMILE!” she half joked with a wide smile full of white perfect teeth.

Jubilation Lee was Chinese American and at one time a mutant. During the White Rain War she was one of the lucky young mutants captured who made it out alive. She had been give an experimental drug intended to kill her in her sleep, in stead it removed her powers and she became as a normal human. However she still had her street smarts and her Xmen training so she was able to escape. In her past Jubilee was just 14 when she joined the Xmen and quickly formed a bond with Wolverine aka Logan. He trained her to be the fighter she is today. She had partnered with him on many missions and worked on different teams. Over the years Jubilation Lee developed a mad crush on Logan tho she would never admit it to anyone, anyone that is except Katherine Pryde. Katherine was the only person she ever shared her true feelings about Logan with. During one such conversation Katherine told Jubilee what happened between Logan and Jean. It made her blood boil, but she kept that part to herself. She had always respected Jean and dreaded the day she’d give in to Logan’s wants. Now that day had come as she always expected, and Jubilee knew it was a mistake. She never thought Jean was the one who should be with Logan because she herself was interested in the role! But she was too young to act on it. “I can’t believe her! I would kill to have him in MY bed, and what does she DO? Ungrateful wench. Well I’m not that cute little 14 year old anymore, I’m a grown woman now. Katherine may not have the guts, but I’m NOT katherine, Boy is SHE gonna hear it from ME first chance I GET” she vowed to herself.

“So what do you say?” She asked now flopping herself on the bed with her hands behind her head blowing a big pink bubble from her mouth.

“Why can’t you park it in your own room? Why do you think you need to be here little girl?” Logan asked now irritated,

Jubilee sat up to answer “I can’t stay in another room, it’s creepy! I feel all our old friends, and they’re not there! it’s just too creepy, spooks me out man. Look I have my sleeping bag, I’ll just stretch out on the floor and junk, but I’m NOT sleeping out there.” she informed with another pop of the gum.

“Ok, fine. My room, MY rules. First rule Get RID of the DAMN GUM!” Logan ordered with a scowl as he closed the door.

Passion of Love Chapter 15 "Light of the Darkness" G

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