Passion of Love: chapter 13 "The Crossroad" pg-13

Passion of Love
Chapter 13
“The Crossroad”

Nightfall came and Logan fully understood that this was to be the last night he was going to spend with the Cree Nation for a while. After supper and a good conversation with Chief Silver Stream they laid down to rest for the evening. Logan waited for Sasha to fall fast a sleep before he arose and walked outside the boundaries of the small reserve.

“OK Chucky boy, I know you’re out there lurking around. Don’t pull any more sneak attacks there bub!” he Chuckled to himself hoping the professor was awake.

Logan sat quietly in waited on the lush woodland floor carpeted with thick greenery. He looked up at the stars and remembered once again the vision he saw in the sweat lodge when he heard Charles Xavor’s voice enter his mind.

“My humble apologies for my past actions but I had to attract your attention. I tried asking your permission several times and got no response from you.” he started

“Yeah I know, I’ve been ignoring you Chuck. Just wasn’t up for hearing about other people’s needs.” Logan explained “Look, I know you would never have invaded my mind like that unless it was something really important, so I’m willing to hear you out.” he finished

“First allow me to express something to you as a friend who cares about you Logan. I understand why you left. Quite frankly I do not blame you one bit for your actions. I know about Sasha Logan, she is very unique as I am sure you are discovering.” He paused for a moment and sighed. “Honestly Logan if I didn’t have to, I would not be asking you to return, I realize how painful that is for you at this time my friend.” professor stated

“Look , I aint ready to see Jean play kissy face with Scott! I just can’t stomach that! Can’t you understand that Chuck?” he snarled

“Yes, I do. " he simply stated and started to explain some of the details that he didn’t have a chance to explain before.

“Many mutants have been turning up dead. This air-born toxin is chemical warfare on us Logan. as far as we know there is no cure, no real way to detect it. It seems to attack like a venomous virus. Some one is planting this toxin in chosen areas . We are guessing it came in a seemingly harmless source. A package addressed to a family in a targeted town. Once they open the box the toxin became air-born. It attached it self to the lungs and grew with in the body walls. We don’t know much but we do know it desolves the victim’s organs just like a venom would and it spreads like the command cold. I have some leads on where the source may be but I will need you to check it out, prove it and stop these people from mailing any more packages…at all cost. Logan, can you possibly work with Scott for this cause, he knows where the main compound was, he has been there, we suspect.” professor waited for Logan’s reply

“Who’s to say I’d be able to find a thing out, why not send the Eagle Scout out on his own if he knows so much.” Logan barked

“Because Logan, Scott does not have the skills I require for this mission, you know that.” he answered

“Let me put it blunt to you Pro sense you aint getting it too good. Part of the reason I left was because of SCOTT. I left cause I want to kill him, you understand that Chuck. Do you really think it is WISE of you to ask me to go on an away mission with the Boy Scout as a Partner at this time!?”

“Yes, I honestly feel once you return and talk to Scott about what he went threw, you and he will see each other with different eyes. Logan, there are a lot more people to consider than Jean and Scott. Innocent children for example, children not much different than your own child.”

Logan pause, not thinking a word. he reflected on his daughter and how much it would hurt if anything like what Nancy went threw ever happened to him.

He took a deep breath and let it out. “Ok professor. Ok, I’ll come back and talk with Scott. I’ll try to work with him. But I aint bringing Sasha. I can’t be worrying about her safety too. She safe here with some good folks I know. The kid stays.”

“Agreed.” professor stated.

“Just give me a few days to rap things up here and I’ll be on my way.” said Logan

“I will await your arrival Logan.” Professor agreed and ended the conversation leaving him to his thoughts.

“Sneaky old bastard.” Logan laughs to himself. “Damn him, DAMN that SCOTT!” he growled a deep growl to himself. “I’d like to rip his fucking head off and kick it down the road like a soccer ball!” he growled once again, balling his hands into fist and popping his blades as they caught the moon’s light. Logan looked at them and saw his own reflection. He didn’t like it. He reminded himself of a wild beast filled with bloodlust. “Get a hold of your senses Logan, is this the kind of father you want to be to your daughter?” he asked himself as every bone in his body fought to preserve his humanity. The more Logan thought of his own child, the more he resized he had to be the bigger man, he had to do what ever it took to stop these killings, he had to forgive Jean and Scott. He swallowed hard into his throat and decided he was going to win this battle as he got up and walked back to his baby daughter’s side and held her closely falling asleep till the next mourning.

At sun up Logan found Chief Silver Stream giving thanks to The Great Spirit as he did every mourning. He waited in side the Chief’s wigwam and quietly watched on. upon the Chief’s return Logan began to speak in a soft voice as not to awaken Sasha, he couldn’t bare to hear her cry.

“I have a request to make of you Okimahkan.” Logan started

“What is it my brother?” Chief Silver Stream asked.

“My Nation, my people need me, that feller you knew about, the one that sent my vision, he’s requesting my help. A lot of lives depend on me doing the right thing. I have to go back, but I can’t bring Sasha. I know the Great Spirit aint gonna be too happy with that and all, but he aint gonna like it even more if she dies out there. I need you and your brothers, the nation, to watch her until I can return to take her home. Can you do that for me Chief?” Logan asked

The Chief nodded in agreement. “We will do this for you my brother. Do not worry, your daughter is our daughter until your return.” he assured

Logan reached into his pocket and pulled out some money and handed it to the Chief, “This is for what ever you need it for, I don’t know when I’d be back or where I’m going but I will try to send more if I can.” Logan promised

“We will be OK brother, we have plenty. Little Rabbit knows what to do, she and my wife will be your little one’s sisters. We will call her Wild Rose after her father’s spirit.” he smiled and patted Logan’s shoulder.

“Wild Rose sounds about right Chief.” Logan agrees as he turned and picked up Sasha holding her tightly.

“Well little darling, daddy has to leave you here for a while. But don’t worry I’ll be back, it won’t be for long. I promise. The Chief here is gonna see to it you’re safe while I’m gone.” he whispered to her

He hugs her closely once more and kisses her as a tear runs down his face. Then he hand Sasha to the Chief.

“You take good care of her, hear, she’s my heart, my little Wild Rose.” With that Logan waved goodbye and left heading back to the mansion.

Jean sits in her room on the foot of her bed, Nothing can sooth the pain she now feels deep inside. She can’t think of anything else but Sasha. Her emotions are working against her as she tries to be strong but can no longer bare it and she breaks down crying softly as Scott enters the room seeing her cry he rushes to her side.

“Jean.” He said looking at her teared filled eyes as his heart was breaking. Hang in there, it will be OK, Professor told me just now that Logan is on his way back, he’ll be here in a few days." Scott stated

She looked up as a gleam of hope shined in the promising words he spoke. “There coming home! Sasha and Logan, both?” she asked

“No. not both Jean, professor and Logan have agreed it is too dangerous to bring Sasha back at this point so Logan left her with his friends.” Scott in formed

“LEFT her!! He just LEFT HER there! SCOTT she so far away! He left her all alone with strangers!’ She sobbed deeply as Scott held her closely.

“Jean, these are people he has known longer than he has known us, they aren’t strangers my love. I Know it is a painful thing to hear, and I AM here for you, but I agree with Logan and the professor, she is safe where she is at this time. We can’t be worrying about her with God knows WHAT we are going to have to deal with. Be strong and trust the professor. he has never lead us wrong yet, you know that jean. You know it.” he finished as he looked her in both eyes.

Jean clung onto Scott like a drowning man, she hung on his every word and it soothed her soul for the moment.

Late the next evening a taxi arrives in front of the Mansion and Logan stepped out. He looked around in the dark, reaching in his front pocket pulling out 2 Ben Franklins and handed them to the cab driver.

“Here you go bub, keep the change.” he stated as the driver took the money in hand.

“Gee thanks buddy!” He exclaimed

The taxi drove off as Logan walked towards the mansion, and up the steps to the door.
He reached into his pockets searching for his key when it hit him… “Damn! Forgot about my key!’ he growled at himself "No problem. “ he continued. “I’ll just cut out the lock.” and he popped one of his claws. He stabbed threw the wooden door and cut the brass handle easily cutting the metal like a hot knife threw melted butter. The handle fell and hit the tiled porch with a clang. Logan pushed the door open and quietly walked inside the dimly lit entry way. He walked down the hall to where his room is. On his way, he passed Jean’s room. He could hear the two breathing soundly and paused by the door. Logan sniffed twice he smelled Jean and Scott. He scowled and quietly growled as he continued walking down the hall. When he arrived at his room he opened the door to find the room was exactly the way he left it, Closing the door behind him Logan sat on the edge of the bed and removed his boots and all his clothing tossing them like rags onto the floor flopping on the bed ti a on his back. Soon he fell into a deep sleep. It has been a long and emotional trip, he hadn’t resized how tired he really was until the moment his head hit the pillow.

There she was, dressed in nothing. She moved closer to him, wrapping her nude form around his. Planting tender kisses all over his chest, shoulders, and face, she placed her hand on his member and began to pleasure him, lightly tangling her fingers into his softest flesh. The sound of his own moaning woke him up and he found himself with his hands full. Logan looked down at his own hand where hers should have been and felt his face flush. “DAMN IT!” Logan snarled as he popped his claws stabbing them deep into the bedding. “Damn that woman!” he stated as Jean filled his nostrils he remembered the last night they made love together, and the sheets still carried her sent. Logan abruptly shot out of his bed and ripped the silky pink sheets to shreds, tossing them out the window. “The HELL with this!” he snapped putting his blue jeans back on. He slammed his body onto the bed as he laid on his side with an angry silent scowl and tried to get what sleep he could.

The next mourning He awoke as soon as the sun was up. He looked around from his bed thinking this place that he once called home, now seemed so cold and strange to him. Putting on the rest of his clothing, Logan walked to his bathroom and washed his face. “So many memories in this room, memories of me and Jean.” he though as he looked at himself in the mirror. He once thought how lucky he was to have his dream come true, now he wished he could wake up from this nightmare. He dried his face on a towel and walked out the room closing the door behind him.

Passion of Love: chapter 13 "The Crossroad" pg-13

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