Passion of Love:Chapter 12 "The Visions of My Brother" G

Passion of Love
Chapter 12
“The Visions of My Brother” rated G

Logan Walked into the airport with his army bag slung over one shoulder and his baby daughter in the other arm. He sat down inside the airport on a cement fixture that had a tree planted inside as Sasha began to cry.

“Hang on little darling, I know, I know, you’re hungry.” Logan stated setting his bag down and fumbling threw it when a pretty middle aged blonde woman sat beside him.

“Need a hand, I have one of my own at home.” She explained now helping Logan hold his bag open. “What a beautiful baby.” she smiled. “Oh my, she is just adorable, I can hold her for you if you like?” she offered

“No, that’s OK, I got her, thanks.” Logan exclaimed

“Well let me help you get her bottle at least, you seem like you could use a hand here. by the way my name it Nancy.” she stated

Logan looked at the woman, she seemed friendly enough, he just didn’t feel comfortable handing his child to a perfect stranger.

Nancy looked at Logan seeing he was set on handling the bag and the baby on his own. “There is something different about this guy”, she thought, “He doesn’t strike me as the single father type, I mean look at him he’s built like a body builder, he must spend hours in the gym. Where does a guy like that ever find the time to learn about what a child needs? I’ll bet he doesn’t even know how to change a diaper!” she laughed to herself.

“You find something funny lady?” Logan asked calmly now turning his head towards Nancy

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh, it’s just that, well I can tell this is your first child, I’d be more than happy to help you with the bottle.” She smiled.

“Why are you so set on me needing your help, don’t you have a plane to catch or a person to meet?” Logan snapped

“Yes but, I’m sorry, it’s just that…” she suddenly burst into tears.

“Oh brothers! here come the water works! I don’t have time for this crap.” Logan thought to himself as he rolled his eyes, now grabbing a bottle from his bag stuffing it in Sasha’s hungry little mouth. She cried even louder as milk dribble-down her face. Logan was becoming quite irritated, He now had two crying females.

“One of you dames is going to HAVE to turn the water works OFF. Logan started “Look lady I don’t know what your problem is, don’t really care, I have a plane to catch and you’re holden up the show here! What’s your damn problem anyway?” he asked

Nancy wiped her eyes, I’m sorry, you’re right, it’s just that your daughter looks just like mine did. She died not to long ago. Some unexplained toxin, something in the air. No one could figure it out. My husband died too. He died in the White Rain war, on some mission. I’m not sapose to talk about it but it was a special mission he never returned from." She sobbed.

Logan listen on, feeling like a real creep for getting upset he handed Sasha to Nancy. She scooped her up into her arms and wiped her little face clean with a cloth Logan handed her.

“Your last name wouldn’t be Brown would it?” he asked now handing Nancy the bottle

“Yes, why yes it is? How did you know That?’ Nancy asked looking puzzled

“I think I knew your husband. Was he under the command of Scott Summers about 3 years ago?” Logan asked

“YES!” but how, how do you know, it was a secret mission." Nancy stated shocked as she held Sasha hungrily suckling her bottle.

" I know because I’m the guy that trained him for that mission, I trained all 3 of them under Scott’s command. I’m sorry about your husband, John." Logan told her

“How did you know his name was John?” Nancy asked

“The night they left, he told me thanks for all the training he got and that he knew he was coming home to his wife Nancy to meet their new baby.” Logan remembered

Nancy cried quietly, as she spoke threw her tears. “I knew you were different, I had a feeling about you. You’re a mutant , aren’t you?” she asked

“Yeah, I get that a lot Nancy.” he ended and started to repack his bag standing up to sling it over his strong shoulder. “Thanks for your help with Sasha I gotta be moving on now.” he stated stretching his arm out to receive Sasha who just finished her bottle. Nancy placed her in her daddy’s firm arm and Logan started on his way.

“Hey, I didn’t get your name?” she called after him

“Just call me Jim!” he directed as he kept walking.

Logan took the next plane to North Alberta Canada then rented a truck and drove to the Cree Nation Reserve deep in the woodlands just north of Peace River.

“Hope the old Okimahkan remembers me. Been a long while sense I’ve seen his face. Last I remember him, he was just a boy lost in the snow” Logan recalled.

One winter was unusually bad, even for Canada. The food was scares and the Cree Nation was starving when Logan came a pond them. The snow had fallen hard that day, Logan was on the hunt when he spotted a young native boy tying to get up next to a heavily snow covered tree. He had fallen and broken his ankle. When Logan approached him, the boy was very afraid. Logan could see by the boy’s clothing that he was Cree. The Woodland or Swamp Cree, as they were sometimes called spoke English or French. Knowing both languages Logan tried each and found this boy spoke English. He told the boy he was here to help him and not to be afraid. The native boy began to trust Logan.

“Which way do you live son?” Logan asked.

“I think my village it that way?” he pointed. “I am not sure, I fear I am lost and the Great Spirit has forgotten me.” the boy sadly stated

“You aint lost as long as I’m here boy. We’ll find your nation and bring you home in no time.” Logan promised with an reassuring smile as he picked the boy up and carried him on his back setting out for the village he remembered seeing the last spring. “I have a hunch your tribes just down that slope, hang on tight, I’ll take you there.” he said. True to his word Logan got the boy home, As it turned out the boy was the son of the First Nation’s Okimahkan, or Chief . His son had been missing for 2 days. The young brave decided to go out and look for food to feed his starving brothers.

“Look! Silver Stream has returned! He rides on the back of a white man like a horse!” announces a young brave as the Chief emerged from his birch bark wigwom.

The Chief waited for Logan to come closer with his son. When he got just with in eye’s view the Chief introduced himself.

“Tinis, I am Chief Grey Cloud. The Great Spirit had shown me that you would bring my son back to us, I have been waiting for your arrival. I would ask you to stay and feast with us, but we have no meat in which to feast on my brother.” He explained

" I can get some meat." Logan replied

Silver Stream’s brothers gathered around to help carry him to medicine woman’s wigwom.

“Thank you my brother for my son’s life, we await your return.” Chief Grey Cloud gratefully replied as he placed his right hand on Logan’s shoulder.

Several hours later Logan returned to the Cree with a caribou, and 2 fat rabbits.
They ate well that day. Logan stayed with the Cree Nation until they were able to hunt again on their own. Then he left. The native boy, Silver Stream never forgot him.

When Logan returned with Sasha, The young brave was now Okimahkan of the Cree Nation with children and grandchildren of his own. Logan explains to him what has happened and he agrees to help in any way needed.

“You are my brother, your family is my family, your pain is my pain, your needs are my needs." Chief Silver Stream exclaims.

Later that evening as Sasha sleeps Chief Silver Stream talks with Logan alone in the his wigwom.

“My brother, are you sure taking the child away from her mother is what the Great Spirit would want of you?” Chief Silver Stream started

“I know it aint right, But I just couldn’t take it! I Need to clear my head, get my bearings.” Logan explained

“I understand, it is a hard path you are on, but I sense fear in you brother, Anger is fear, and you have too much inside.” The Chief went on

“Yep, you’re right about that my friend. That’s another reason why I left, I had to. I was scared to death that I was going to kill someone. Coming from a guy like me, them aint the kind of feelings to be ignored.” Logan tried to explain

“Yes you are like the bear who can not turn his back from the hunter’s gun, even if he is shot in the head. He will strike out to the death rather than run on coward’s feet.” he started

“So you’re saying I ran on coward’s feet?, that I should have stayed and fought?” If I did that, I would have regretted it. Does that make me a coward Chief? Logan asked

“No my brother, The coward is the one who stays and gives in to his anger, the one who battles for his own needs with out care of taking the life of others…because he can. Just because it is in one’s nature, does not mean one has to be ruled by the blue prints of his mind. It is the soul, the spirit, that makes a man, a man. You take a few days, get back to your spirit, then you will do the right thing and bring the child to her mother.” he explained

“You don’t think the Great Spirit is going to be mad at me for taking her away?” Logan asked not sure he bought all this talk of a Great Spirit, but he did respect his friend and the Chief was often correct in is advice.

“The Great Spirit allows these things to happen for a reason. There is a lesson to be learned on both sides. A price that must be paid by all who break the Spirit. Your Spirit is now broken. Your child’s spirit is broken as well. You came to us, your brethren, to repair the Spirit, The great spirit will guide you in your quest, and guide your spirit home my brother.” He ended, as he got up and patted Logan’s arm. "Sleep well, for tomorrow is a healing day. "The Chief stated and walked to his own sleeping bed for the night.

Chief Silver Stream awoke with the rising sun emerging from his humble home to give thanks to the Great Spirit for his life, and that of his brethren’s. He gave thanks for the lands which they owned, for the traditions passed on by their Cree ancestors, and most of all for all that was provided by the Great Spirit for the First Nations. After giving thanks he reentered his wigwong and awoke Logan.

“My wife is out picking nuts and berries for our breakfast, She and my daughter will care for the child while you and I go on a Wake to start the healing of your Spirit.” the Chief informed Logan.

Logan sat up and rubbed his eyes as Chief Silver Stream’s daughter, Little Rabbit entered the dwelling. She stretched her arms out to receive Sasha as Logan handed her the baby. “You bring her right back when we’re done little girl.” Logan directed looking Little Rabbit in both eyes. The young woman smiled and shook her head in agreement.

“Come, my brother, Little Rabbit has helped with many children, she knows what to do, your baby will be fine.” He smiled as Logan got up and followed Chief Silver Stream to the Sweat Lodge.

When they arrive at the lodge, the Chief informs Logan to leave all his clothing out side by the door. There is another brave standing in wait, Silver Stream tells Logan he is the one who will help with the fires. The brave picks up a wooden bucket of water that sat by the door, he has already placed hot coals in the burning area in the middle of the lodge. There are wooden benches stretch around the fires in a half circle. The three men walk in nude an take their places. Logan and the Chief sit on the benches as the young brave ties the Lodge’ s flapped door shut and pours water onto the hot coals creating steam.

“Now my brother, relax and let your mind go free, let your true spirit come forth from with in you and with out thought.” Instructs the Chief.

Logan did as Chief Silver Stream requested, it reminded him of his meditation at first, as the time passed and the Lodge grew hotter the sweat pours from their bodies like running water. Logan began to have a vision. He saw a big tree with dried dead leaves, when the leaves fell to the ground they became dead people. Many bodies started to litter the ground till the tree is bare and the branches had blackened with death. As the seen moved closer to the dry tree Logan saw the bark turn red and liquified as the tree devolved into a river of deep red blood and carried the bodies away as they too devolved into the river of lifelessness.

At the same time Chief Silver Stream also had a vision, he saw Logan transforming and splitting into a big white wolf growling at his human form. The wolf was Logan’s spirit, his soul and his human form was trying to put a collar on him, trying to tame the wolf. By doing so he only caused the wolf to grow even more angry. The two have a fearsome battle, neither won and neither lost. They were evenly matched. The human form had to learn that only by making friends with the wolf would he then return to join his human form as one. The body and the soul, one can not control the other but must learn to act together in the same being. When Chief Silver Stream opened his eyes he saw Logan before him still in his vision. The outer glow of a white wolf surrounded his whole being. The White wolf was snarling in anger as Logan growled with his Spirit. When the white wolf reentered Logan’s body he awoke from his vision. He opened his eyes to see Chief Silver Stream’s kind face watching him. The two brothers sat facing each other not speaking with their voice but with their souls.

’Wow" Logan broke the silence.

“Yes wow,” agreed Silver Stream.

“What did you see Okimahkan,?” Logan asked respectfully wanting to understand more about what just happened.

“I saw your spirit my brother, it came out of your body and surrounded you like a sun ray. " It was a sight to behold!’ He answered in au

“My spirit? it came out of my body? What did it look like Chief?’ Logan asked stuptitified

“It was a big white wolf, it growled at me as you growled aloud with in your vision. When the white wolf returned in your body you awoke.” You had a vision my brother, I know it was a real vision or the white wolf would not have shown it self to me. The white wolf is your true nature, it is who you are and it is white because you are true." he explained. You must follow the white wolf my brother. to denie him is to starve your spirit." he ended

Logan sat in disbelief at hearing the Chief’s words and explain his own vision to Silver Stream.

“What does it mean?” Logan asked,

“It is not a meaning my brother. Your vision was a gift sent to you from someone very important in your life. Someone who can communicate with in your mind. You have great respect and at times obedience for this brother. The vision is of the future also a gift from the Great Spirit. It is about your own brethren, your people, your nation.

Logan thought in silence to himself, reflecting on the Chief’s words he remembered what the Professor told him about the need to go on a mission and find the source of this toxic gas. Flashes of Nancy came to mind as well. It began to dawn on Logan as to who had sent the vision and what it meant. Everything Chief Silver Stream had stated from the first day he arrived was falling into place in Logan’s mind. Professor Charles Xavor was communicating with him in a way he could not detect.

“That sneaky son of a bitch.” Logan laughed to himself shaking his head.

“Come brother, let us get our clothing on and go eat the breakfast my wife has prepared for us. You will need your strength as you have a long journey ahead.” The Chief stated rising up with Logan following behind.

As they walked back to the Chief’s wigwom, Logan thought of what was said and he understood he would have to go back to the mansion and go on that mission. But he wasn’t ready to see Jean and Scott together, he was still fighting to get passed it. Each time he thought of the day Scott came home and how he felt, he growled to himself knowing his fears, the reason he left, that desire, was still with in him.

Passion of Love:Chapter 12 "The Visions of My Brother" G

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I did research in this chapter on the Cree First Nation, if you know about the Cree and have information that would add to this chapter, feel free to input.

This chapter is one of my favorites so far in the story.

Check out this wonderful art that crosses over ideas by Colorblind

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