Passion of Love: Chapter 11"Ripped Scars" rated R

Passion of Love
Chapter 11
“Ripped Scars” rated R

Jean wakes up with Scott by her side. “Good he still asleep.” she tells herself. She gets up and puts her robe on and looked back at Scott. Suddenly she found herself regretting last night. The guilt started to wash over her in waves of intense emotion as she walks softly to the door quietly opening it, walking out and heading down the hallway towards Logan’s room. As she reached the door another wave of guilt invaded her emotions. She could feel the pain and thoughts Logan had the night before. Confused, it began to dawn on Jean her emotions were not in her own control. The last time this happened to her was when the Phenix entity started to take over her mind. “Oh dear God, please, not that!” She thought to herself. “Something is off” she began to realize. “Oh my God I have to talk with Logan he so hurt , I never even saw it coming!” When she arrived to Logan’s room it felt cold and empty. “NO! He couldn’t have!! He wouldn’t, he wouldn’t do that to me!” she started thinking as she felt her stomach drop as if riding on a roller coaster and swooping on the high to plummet down at top speed.

“Logan?” Jean called out. “Logan!” she panicked, her mind blew the door off it’s hinges. Jean looked inside shocked, The place was a mess and she saw that the the window was open. "Oh, no, NO!!! she screamed as she held her head with both hands and fell to her knees. Items in the room started to take flight and rise as if caught in a whirl wind and twirled above her. She kept screaming out her emotions as tears rolled down her face into heavy drops that slashed onto her lap.

Scott awoke to hear Jean’s screams and waling. Fearing the worse, he jumped out of bed and ran down the hall as fast as he could, shouting out her name as he went. Scott rushed threw the door way of Logan’s room out of breath hardly able to stop himself from sliding his metal feet on the polished wooden floors. Stretched his arms out, he clung onto the frame work’s molding where the door once stood in place to stop his motion. Scott now seeing the chaos inside was over welmed with concern. “She’s out of control!” he thought to himself and rushes to her side to try to calm her down and calling her name several times before she seem to finally hear him as she fell into his arms crying, The objects dropped to the ground as Scotted used his arm to shield them against the falling debre.

“What happen Jean? What in God’s name has set you over like this?” Scott asked trying to catch his breath.

“S, S, Sa Sasha, She’s gone! She’s gone Scott!” Jean replies in disbelief trembling with emotion. “She’s gone, they are both gone!” Jean finished looking Scott in the eyes threw distorted visions of the water filled nightmare.

“GONE?” So Logan ran off! yet again and took her with him with no concern of your feelings at all? just like THAT?" Scott accused

“No, No Scott don’t. Don’t do that, don’t stick up for me. I hurt him deeply. I didn’t even realize I was doing it!” she stated threw her sobs. “It isn’t Logan’s fault. Think about it, if you went threw what I put him thew you might do the same.” she wiped back her tears still shaking. “Something is wrong with me”. she quietly said

Scott sat holding her closely feeling her heart pound, He realized it was true, her whole deceit, the blunt lies, they just didn’t seem like Jean, not the Jean he knew and loved. But he loved her and accepted what ever she was going threw always believing they could work it out together, it didn’t matter how bad it was, they could work it out together. Scott had questions on his mind and decided now was the time to inquire about them. He thought very carefully about his next statement.

“Jean, I had been meaning to talk with you about it. I was very hurt when I found you had a child with Logan, and lied about it too, but the child is here Jean. I am not so sure you and I should be together at this point. I’ve been trying to find a way to explain this, I was hoping the three of us, you me and Logan could get it settled, get past this and work it out moving on with what need s to be done. It PAINS me to say this but I know Logan loves you as much as I do. Jean you have his child, I think we, no you, need to go after him and fix this. Sasha deserves a real family.” Scott finished

“I don’t understand, I was so afraid to tell Logan about you coming back, I was so upset and trapped…”She started as Scott interjected

“I know Jean, I know, You love both of us. Jean I can’t give you what he did. I can’t give you a child, we can’t have a family together. I have been meaning to tell you, but I just didn’t know how.” Scott explained

“Scott. I love you, I can’t bare to loose you again! Not again! she sobbed, I Love Logan too. I want Sasha BACK!!! Jean caught her breath and settled her emotions enough to ask Scott to continue.

“When I was captured, they did more than just cut my legs off Jean, that was the last thing they did, Before then I was given many different injections and one left me sterile, I can’t have children. That’s all there is to it Jean.” Scott stated

“So you want me to go back with Logan?” Jean inquires, “Just like that? after all I did?” Why would you give in that easily Scott, why?" Jean asked

“If it is what needs to be done, I will make that sacrafice for the grater good Jean.” Scott informed her

“Answer my question Scott! Why?” she demanded

Scott turned away, he couldn’t face her, couldn’t look her in the eyes. Jean sense shame coming from him. She placed her hands on each side of his head Forcing him to look at her face to face. “Tell Me Scott.” she directed. with out a word Scott began to tell Jean what else happened to him as she read his mind.

When Scott was captured he was taken to a cave hidden in the snow. It lead to threw a long tonal and finial an underground large toucher chamber that his captives called The Fun House. His clothing was stripped off completely, and his visor taped tightly to his head by two large wolf like guards that walked upright and spoke in ragged voices. They were called “Pets” by a voice over an inter com system. The voice gave strict orders that were to be carried out to the letter.

“Good work my pets, perhaps this one will speak if we use the right extraction devices. Yes, this will be great fun! Great fun indeed. You don’t recognize my voice do you Mr. Summers?” the voice chuckled “Rest assure I do indeed recognize you my dear old friend, Cyclopes!” I am going to be generous to you in the name of old times, and in return, I require you to tell me all the names of the remain mutants both above and under your command. If you fail to complie as your pathetic and weak friends did, you will suffer ten times as much as they have. And I do hope you choose to be resistant I have a new toy I have been dyeing to test for months now!" he laughed

“I don’t care what you do, I will never tell you any names ever!” Scott replied and the torchers began.

“Do as you will my pets.” the voice stated in an aragonite tone The Guards seemed to grin as they started to salvinate at the mouth dripping large silver streams of liquid that draped over their white fangs and onto the floor. One snatched Scott by the neck and forced him onto his knees as the other stood in front hold him down with his weighted hands upon his shoulders. Scott could not move his upper body at all he was pinned under the smelly beast’s brute strength. The one behind him brutally grabbed his waist and pulled him back holding him firm as he did the unspeakable. Scott screamed in anger and humiliation, his crys fell on deaf ears as he heard the laughter of joy echoing threw out the cold room.

“All ways did have you pegged for “One of Those” the mysterious voice stated in humor. “So Mr. Summers, tell me, are your friends worth THAT?’” he chuckled

“I won’t tell!!” Scott screamed with a voice of thunder.

“Glory be to God in the highest, he that lay his life down for his brother will surly find his place in the Kingdom among the angels. Continue my pets and do try my new toy this time , won’t you?” he directed as if to ask a question.

The Guards scooped Scott’s limp body up one on each side as they hosted him upwards and onto a metal table. One Strapped Scott down as the other grabbed a shiny new surgical rotary saw.

“Now then Mr. Summers, should I direct my pets to proceed, or are you now willing to tell me what I want to know? The choice is yours Mr; Summers, what ever happens from this point will be of your own doing.” the voice warned

A river of sweat poured from Scott’s body as he stated firm “I will NOT tell you one name!” he said with conviction as he grit his teeth.

“FINE, you leave me with no other alternative, I tried to spare you, I gave you chance after chance and what do i get for my kindness? INSUBORDINATION! I’ am God’s right ARM. You spat in my face by doing so, you spat in the face of GOD! Bless it is He on the highest, you will pay threw pain and blood it’s the only way I can save your rechet soul!” the voice screeched loudly “Save this fool’s soul my pets then set him out side the compound for any one to see as an example to all of what will happen when they dare to spit in the face of God!” he demanded

The Guards cut off Scott’s legs at the knees and ate them in front of him as he bleed he could hear the guards feasting. They then dragged him back threw the tunnel and left him out in the snow.

The next thing Scott remembered was waking up in an underground hospital bed and looking at his legs screaming out in vain at the loss.

Jean was speechless, She held him closely and cried even harder. “It doesn’t mean your not a man, it wasn’t your fault Scott.” she told him

“I know, I tell myself that every damn day, and I was one of the lucky ones! I was spared for a reason Jean, I know this”. he simply stated

“It reminds me of the kind of things Logan went threw in the weapon X project.” Oh my God scott." she said in disbelief

“Yeah well I gotta tell you if he went threw anything like I did, I can sure see why he would not want any more pain.” Scott sympathized

“How can any human being do such things to another!?” Jean asked in amazement

“He wasn’t human, well not anymore. when I was in recovery I was told that this maniac called himself the Deliver, The guards he had, they were once human too and were a result of some sick experiment. They were most likely part of my own crew on that mission! I know first hand what this asshole is capable of Jean, I have my suspicions he is still alive and is the one behind the toxic gas. Every bone in my body tells me I’ m right!” We need Logan back here, he’s got to go on the mission, he just has to!" Scott finished

“Scott, I don’t think Logan would ever trust me again after this stunt, I just wasn’t able to do the right thing, I didn’t tell him the truth, It’s like I was in a fog of self need and only could see one side. My side. I am so ashamed. Now Sasha is gone, Scott I’m never going to see her again!” she cried

“It wasn’t your fault Jean, I KNOW you, better than anyone, I know you. that wasn’t You said so your self, something isn’t right, you should have known better but yet you didn’t, I could see something was wrong. If Logan is the man I remeber, he will forgive you. I have.” Scott ensured her. “We’ll go and talk with professor about this, tell him everything, he’ll help, Logan just needs to cool off, he’ll bring her back I promise Jean even if I have to go get him myself!”

Professor Charles Xavier has awaken and is outside in the garden gazebo reading some reports enjoying his morning coffee. As he takes a drink from his mug he sees Jean and Scott walking in his direction. Professor has been expecting them.

“Good Morning Jean and Scott.” he addresses as they walk under the gazebo now shading them from the bright morning sunshine.

“Professor, Logan’s pulled one of his disappearing acts, he took off last night with Sasha.” Scott starts to explain

“Yes, I am aware of this.” professor responds calmly as he sips his mourning coffee setting the mug down and then the reports.

“You know?! Why didn’t you stop him?!” Scott demanded

“Stop him? Scott I was asleep. Logan left with out a sound , not even so much as a single cry came out of Sasha. Which by the way brings me to my next subject at hand,” he stated looking at Jean

“Where is he Charles?! where did Logan take my baby!” She asked fighting hard the tears that now threatened to burst out.

“I don’t believe you quite understand Jean. Logan didn’t take Sasha, she wanted to go, in fact she demanded it.” seeing the look of confusion on both Scott’s and Jean’s faces he continued. “Let me explain if I may. Sasha formed a bond with Logan.” he started

“Yes Charles I am fully aware the bond my daughter formed with her father.” She impatient snapped

“If you will allow me to finish Jean, I will explain something you are not fully aware of, not even I was aware until this mourning when I a woke. The night of Scott’s return was very hard on Logan, he was devastated and when he took Sasha with him in his grief, the young child absorbed all his emotions and merging them with her own. The bond that created open a link and two minds became as one. The baby feels what Logan feels and felt as if it happened to her. And in return, Logan feels what she needs and wants. I suspected this as I held the child for the first time but It was so hard to comprehend. She was barley a month old! She is a special mutant Jean, one who was born with her mutations fully realized, rather than one who grows into them with time. In other words she was born fully loaded so to speak. I am not sure what other gifts she has but empathy links and thought reading at least emotional thoughts are but a few I suspect.

“Oh my God, so she felt I didn’t want her! that’s why they left!” Jean feared

“No Jean, that is only a small part. the night she connected with Logan also set off a reaction to you, and myself as well. She some how shield you from your self, I don’t fully understand it myself but she stopped you from feeling anything such as guilt over Logan. This aloud her to be alone with her father and make the bond while you stayed with Scott. I suspect it started when she was born and sensed some type of rejection from you.”

Jean cried as Scott held her trying to console her. “Professor how can this be, Sasha is just a baby?” he asked

“Yes Scott I know, none of this was done with thought or reason, it was her natural instinct. For her it is a natural reaction. It even effected me. Like Jean, I woke up knowing more than I understood last night. Once Sasha was away, the block was lifted and the knowledge we collected came forth.” professor ended

“WOW, that’s incredible professor, is Logan aware of her gifts?” Scott asked

“I very much doubt it Scott. Logan is not a telepathic mutant, Sasha is only able to block telepathic mutants from themselves and preventing them from seeing the need to further read minds. She can not use this with non tepatihc beings, it is some sort of manipulation instinct, as a form of protection I imagine.” Once she is no longer physically present the telepathy will resume normal abilities. So you see this would not work on her father, or you for that matter. However she can as I stated before read emotions the way Jean and I read thoughts. But at this point she is far to young to understand anything passed what instinct tell her.

Passion of Love: Chapter 11"Ripped Scars" rated R

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Artist's Description

WARNING toucher and rape senes are in this story

Poem by Sally Omar

deceit lashes back
and slaps you in the face
embarrassed and humiliated
standing in disgrace
there is always pay-back
for sins you do commit
screaming to the heavens
in a rage … a fit
but there is no peace
once you have destroyed
someone who loves you
that you have treated as a toy
don’t play a game
with a loved filled heart
if it is your intention
to say goodbye and part
how can you make up
for causing so much pain
causing someone who loves you
to become so angry .. insane
deceit lashes back
and slaps you in the face
embarrassed and humiliated
standing in disgrace


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  • Sally Omar
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
  • LTScribble
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
  • © Karin Taylor
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
  • minou41
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
  • Martin Muir
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
  • Shanina Conway
  • Patricia Anne McCarty-Tamayo
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  • wingsoffire
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