Passion of Love Cahpter 7 "Winds of Change" PG-13

Passion of Love
Cahpter 7
“Winds of Change”

Later that evening Logan found himself restless again. He quietly pulled the covers off and sat up in the moonlit room he now shared with Jean. Logan turned his head to see her sleeping soundly. Jean seemed to be glowing with happiness, motherhood became her. He smiled and couldn’t resist kissing her on the cheek. Her eyes fluttered open.

“Logan” she started, taking note he was sitting up ready to leave. “Where are you going?”

“Can’t sleep Red, too exited.” he smiled

“Me too hon, but you gotta get some rest we leave early tomorrow you know.” She yawned.

“It is tomorrow darling.” Logan stated as he pointed to the clock which read 2:30 am.

Jean turned to look at the clock, “Logan get your little hairy butt back in bed silly, and get some rest.” she ordered with a giggle.

“Aint tired, I’m going for a walk, maybe that will help.” he informed her as he stood up.

Jean sat up and looked him over, “Surly you’re not planing to walk out like that are you?” she grinned pointing at him.

Logan has never has been one who took concern about nudity, not even with the younger girls present. He had no shame, it was a part of who he was. Jean thought he looked better naked than with clothing, it suited him well. But she always thought a little modesty wouldn’t hurt him!"

“Yep.” he simply stated and walked to his dresser to retrieve one of his stinky cigars she hated so much.

“Uggg if you smoke that thing you better brush your teeth before you come back to this bed, I can’t stand the smell of those cheap cigars of yours!” she scowled.

Logan grunted under his breath snatching his cigar and placing it in his teeth as he walk out the door slamming it behind him.

“Ooh that MAN! Sometimes I just want to ring his little fuzzy neck, and there he goes, swinging to the left and the right with no care as to who sees! She rolled her eyes and shook her head laughing at the thought. “I swear he’s the most annoying man on the planet.” she chuckled to herself as she fluffed her pillow and laid back down to sleep secretly dreaming of Scott.

Logan walked down the hall and to the left where two large sliding glass doors stood leading to the extensive back yard. It was lush and thick with woods that stood behind the redwood fencing. Just 80 yards ahead was a white gazebo. This is where the professor often sat in his wheelchair drinking his morning coffee and reading the newspaper. Logan spent time sitting in the large maple tree planted behind the gazebo, He called it his thinking tree. he loved the smell of it. The tree reminded him of Canada where he was born.

He opened the sliding doors and walked across the lawn until he reached the maple tree. He could feel the cool wetness of the mourning dew on the grass under his bare feet.
Logan popped his claws and climbed up the tree with his cigar clenched tightly between his teeth when he noticed 2 yellow glowing eyes staring back at him. He could see it was a large tomcat, one of many that ran feral on the property.
“Move over bub.” he directed shooing the cat away with his hand. The cat scramble and leaped to a near by branch. Logan leaned with his back on the trunk of the tree and sat letting his legs dangle. He was just about to enjoy his cigar when it hit him..“Awww DAMN IT! You canuckle head! you forgot the frickin’ matches!” he growled to himself. it was a deep loud growl. He could hear the cat leaping from branch to branch and hitting the ground in a full out sprint as it ran off. Logan chuckled into laughter at himself. "Oh well, spose it could be worse. " he thought settling in, placing his arms behind his head to rest as he stared into the sky and thought. “Looks like the old canucklehead’s luck has finally changed. Ha, imagine that, me a father!” he smiled to himself. “A lot to think about. How did I get so lucky? Somebody up there must of saw me and felt sorry for me”. he joked to himself. “I never thought in a million years that Jean would end up with me?! Ha, imagine that!” he laughs out loud. Logan thought about Scott. “Feel bad for ya Slim (Logan’s nick name for Scott), feel real bad.”
A tear rolled down his cheek. “But where ever you are buddy, I hope ya know I will do my best ta see to it that Jean and the baby are happy. I’ll take care of them both, don’t worry about a thing.”

Later Logan headed back to his room and slipped in bed, He looked at the clock which now read 4am. then closed his eyes to try to sleep. No sooner did he fall asleep when the clock alarm sounded off with a sharp blaring screech in his ears.

“Damn it”. he quietly complained under his breath.

Jean woke with a stretch and a yawn. “Come on sleepy head get up and pack so we can get out of here Kitty will be here in a couple of hours.” she informed.

“Kitty cat’s flying us?” Logan asked a little surprised.

“Yep!, She and Peter are going to stop by to visit a friend of his in Siberia. He has a lot of land there and the Black Bird would be well out of sight.” she responded

“How Long they staying in Siberia?” Logan asked

“Until the baby is born then I’ll call them and we’ll be on our way.”

“Thought Chuck wanted to get me a week from now.” Logan reminded with a sneer.

“Well, you made such a fuss about it, he decided to wait till the baby is born, besides it isn’t like you’re going to listen to what he needs until that time anyway, so he may as well wait, right?” She ended

“Yep.” Logan agreed and started grabbing his clothes and things, stuffing them into his black leather duffle bag he had under the bed.
Then he got dressed as jean packed and prepaired for the trip.

7 am and right on time, there was a firm knock on the door.
“Come on in Kitty,” Jean stated as she teliconicticaly, opened the door. “I’m almost done, just fining my final packing.” She stated from the bathroom.

“Ok. take your time Pete’s fueling up the Black Bird now as we speak.” Kitty said and walked around the bed to sit at the end next to Logan who was watching the morning news.

“So, exited? Kitty asked Logan

“Bout what?” he answered with out taking his eyes off the tv.

“You know about what!” she teased as she nudged him with her elbow.

Logan sat quietly as Jean chimed in. “Don’t let him fool you Kitty, he’s ecstatic!” Aren’t you , you old bear?" she teased giving him a kiss as she turn the TV off.

“I aint no bear, I’m a wolverine, remember! Big difference darling.” he reminded

“We know!” both Kitty and Jean stated in unity. “Come on, let’s get going.” Kitty said as she got up to walk out the door with Logan and Jean behind her.

Katherine Anne Pryde aka “Kitty” to her friends, was just 14 years old when she first arrived at Xavor’s School for Gifted Children 15 years ago. Her mutations allow her to phase threw walls and other solid matter becoming untenable at will. She is fully trained by Logan both personally and in the classroom. Katherine is a computer genus as well as accomplished dancer, making her perfect for undercover missions. She is one of the few younger students who not only worked side by side with Logan on assignments but one he was quite fond of and thought of as his own daughter. Katherine returns his affections tho she sometimes over the years has thought of him differently than a father figure. She dates the big Russian mutant Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin. He goes by the name Peter. Like Logan, he has no living relatives, the XMEN and Katherine are his family. Peter can transform his flesh into organic steal armor on his whole body and has super human strength. He and Kitty were among the few younger Xmen that survived the White Rain wars.

When they arrive at the hanger where the Black Bird is stored they find Peter just finishing up and doing a last minute check on the aircraft. He turned around to greet them.

“Good morning my comrades!” he bellows with great enthusiasm. "Are we not ready for the trip to mother Russia!, I am so glad to see the baby will be born not too far from my birth place, this makes us brothers. "he smiled

“Yeah, you could say that” Logan agrees, "You can also help change the dippers too, being family and all. " he laughed

“Da”. Peter agrees. “Putting up with you has giving me much practice in dealing with what goes in the dipper.” he came back as Katherine and Jean both chuckled at his attempt of wit at Logan’s expense .

Logan shot a a glair Peter’s way, “Very funny boy. Get your can in the plane and stop flapping’ your gums.” he barked

“I thought it was a good one.” Kitty smiled as she walked along side Peter and kissed him holding his hand.

“Da, as did I” Peter agreed smiling in pride.

Logan rolled his eyes and puffed and annoyed sigh as he helped Jean abroad the Black Bird.
“Smart mouth kids.” he grumbled under his breath.

During the flight Logan fell asleep he was dead tired. Jean took this as the perfect opportunity to communicate with the professor about Scott with out setting off Logan’s instinct and having to come up with lame excuses for her lack of communication in front of Peter and Kitty.

“Charles, have you heard anything more about Scott.” she began

“Yes Jean I have. have you told Logan that Scott is alive yet?” he asked

“You know I haven’t Charles, I’ll do it after the baby is born, he is so exited, I don’t want anything to spoil that for him.” she stated firmly.

“I very much disapprove of your decision in this matter, but as you have stated this is your affair and not mine, therefore I will respect your choice.” he complied

“What have you heard, I can’t get threw and I have been trying for months now, it’s driving me crazy not to know.” she insisted

“I know Jean, I have been slow in informing you of what I know. You can’t get threw to Scott because I have been blocking your ability to do so.” he confessed

“WHY the HELL would you do that Charles…WHY?” She demanded now getting angry.

“Calm down Jean, All will be reveled, please trust me.” he instructed I could not risk your health by upsetting you until I had the entire story myself and understood it well enough to help you threw this. Scott has gone threw some intense changes during the war and it took a long time to even get the line of communication going. Scott was captured and tortured by the Brothers Of Humanity who were under the Deliverer’s command. They were trying to get him to revile the names of all mutants he worked with, Scott would not comply and paid a dear price. His legs were cut off at the knees and he was left in the waist lands of Canada on White Island to die when he was rescued by our allies. He has been undergoing surgery after surgery to repair tissue and nerve damage he suffered while exposed in the cold, He was fitted with specially designed prostedic legs similar to that of Tony Stark’s Ironman. Scott has now been undergoing therapy to learn to walk again and intense training to use his new metallic legs which also have weapons attachments." Charles paused

Jean struggled to hold back her tears at the thought of what Scott had to go threw. It was the hardest thing sense she lost him she had ever had to do. No one could comfort her, she had to deal with her pain on her own. She looked over at Logan and started to understand why the professor was so against her not telling him. She wanted so much to jump in his loving arms and have him hold her and tell her “Red, it’s going to be OK darling.” but she knew that was never going to happen, not now, not ever, She sobbed quietly to herself."

“Oh Charles, she started in between sobs, What am I going to do?” She asked

Charles sat in his custom made wheel chair alone in his office wishing to God that she would have listened to him, but it was too late. Scott was coming home in a few weeks and he knew it wasn’t going to be a time for celebration. He sighed “I’m not the one who can answer that for you Jean, you are going to have to work this out, find the strength with in you to deal with what’s ahead.” he informed her “I have other matters that are in the mist Jean. I have been receiving more reports on a matter I can not yet discuss with you or the others, but I will soon need to make a decision myself on the best way to handle things for the good of us all not just you Jean.” he informed her.

Jean had no choice but to accept what the professor was telling her.

“Charles did you tell Scott about Logan and I? Does he know about the baby?” She asked.

“No, Jean. The communication isn’t fully clear at times, I had to use my time wisely, I just got the information needed in the time I had. You will have to deal with the rest when he arrives. You and Logan.” he ended

Jean wiped her eyes dry with her hands, inside her emotions were a bag of mix match puzzle peaces to which she had no idea how to fit together. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes and tried to sleep for the rest of the flight.

Passion of Love Cahpter 7 "Winds of Change" PG-13

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