Passion of Love: Cahpter 6 "Living With Lies" rated G

Passion of Love
Chapter 6
“Living Behind Lies”

Jean wore a simple light green T length stretch cotton dress with capped sleeves. It had two five inch slits on both sides with a “V” neck. The dress really showed her belly off, yet look very nice none the less. on her feet she wore a pair of thin strapped silver leather flats that tied all the way to thr knee and made taping sounds as she walked. Logan loved those flats on her, they reminded him of the ancient Greek times. He thought she looked like a goddess wearing them with that dress and her freshly washed wavy long hair flowing behind her.Logan dressed in his same predictable attire he was known for, A white tank top with a red flannel over shirt, his sleeves rolled up and two shiny silver dog tags that hung around his neck making a “ting tink” sound to the rhythm of his walk, He wore simple faded blue jeans with a big silver buckle on a brown leather belt. His feet never had anything else but a pair of cowboy boots that looked to be as old as he was.As Logan and Jean walked on the wooden oak floors of the long hallway to professor’s office, Jean could feel Logan smiling behind her. She knew he was looking forward to becoming a father. She walked briskly smiling at the thought when her smile slowly turned into a frown as the truth reminded her of it’s presents.

“I’m going to have a little privet talk with Professor! I KNOW Scott’s alive and he’s been trying to hide that from me. I KNOW Charles knows the truth. He better fess up about it too!!” she said with a scowl. “No more hiding behind lies damn it.” she added.

A small voice crept into her mind, “But Jean, isn’t that what you are doing to Logan?” It reminded her. “NO!, I’m NOT. It’s NOT the same at all!”, she tried to convince herself pushing that little voice as deep down as she could get it until she coned herself into believing she was doing the right thing, She could handle it in her own time, her own way. Now was not the right time. “I’ll tell Logan when the time is right!” she stated drowning out all other internal conversation.

The minute they walked to the door to professor’s office he invited them in.

“Hey Chuck.” Logan greets taking a seat planted in front of the desk.

“Logan, how many times must I request you call me Charles?” he asked with a smile.

“Yeah, well, hard to teach an old dog new tricks there Chucky boy,” Logan laughed… I mean Charles, sorry Chuck." he grinned sitting low in his seat with his leg spread and feet out.

Professor rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Never mind.” he stated with a smile.

Jean calmly took her seat and immediately started a mental conversation. “The feelings are stronger Charles. I KNOW you know the truth. Tell me. is Scott alive, I have to know! Honestly how cruel can you be…” She was interrupted

“Jean, I really don’t think NOW is the proper time to have a telepathic conversation between the two of us as Logan sits in wait. Do you?” he informed her

Before Jean had a chance to respond, professor took the conversation out loud.

“Now then, what can I do for the two of you today.” he said looking at Logan, then Jean.

Suprizinglly Logan spoke right up, “We need some air clearance, and a plane cause we’re going to Russia. Jean here want’s her friend Sasha to deliver the baby, the dame lives in the East.” he informed. “What do you say Chuck, I mean Charles, sorry, old habit.” he corrected.

“I can spare you both for one week, then Logan you must return to the school, I have been receiving reports of some disturbing rumors that will require an investigation. Jean, you may remain in Russia for as long as need be, then you and the baby will rejoin us.” professor instructed

“Hold on there Pro! Aint no way in hell I’m leaving Jean to fly on her own with our new baby so I can go do some stupid away mission to verify some unknown rumor! You get your facts, and then AFTER Jean and the kid are safely home I’ll consider your request.” he abruptly informed.

“I understand, Logan, I’ll have someone on the team fly with her and…” he was cut short again.

Logan lean in and directly stared at the professor as he spoke in a low voice “I said NO! and I MEAN NO. I aint gonna be going with out Jean and the baby, and there aint nothing left to discuss on the subject!.” he ended leaning back in his seat.

Jean looked over in Logan’s direction, she couldn’t help but smile and admire his conviction.

“Logan, please, be reasonable, this investigation will be to the benefit of all including Jean and the baby. You have my word nothing will happen to them.” he asured

“What’s the matter Chuck? You have CLOTH for ears? What part of “no” did you not understand, the N or the O?" he stated now becoming quite irritated.

“Logan it’s not …” professor began when Jean interjected.

“it’s OK Charles, I’ll handle this, trust me.” she smiled giving the professor a reassuring look.

Logan sat quietly with his arms folded stewing over the conversation as Jean changed the subject.

“So Charles, can we take the blue mini jet or can one of the team-members drop us off in the Black Bird?”

“I think the Black Bird will be sufficient. I’ll make the necessary arrangements Jean.” he agreed.

“We done?” Logan chimed in

“Yes, I believe we are, unless you have anything you would like to add Logan.” professor stated.

“Nope” Logan replied as he got up. “Come on Jean, let’s get some eats.” he offered his hand to help her up.

With out turning around Jean declined his hand informing him she had more to discuss with the professor.

“You go ahead Logan, I’ll catch up later, I’d like to talk to Charles about a personal matter if that’s Ok with you?”

Once again the professor did not like what he saw, he felt Jean was taking advantage of Logan even if she did not mean it as such and one day it was going to blow up in her face, in all of their faces. She was playing with fire and that was the last thing Charles Xavier needed right now. She wasn’t the only one who required Logan’s help.

“It’s fine darling, what ever you need.” he agreed and lean in to kiss her on the cheek before his exit. As he walked back down the hallway that small voice popped in his head yet again telling him to be careful. Logan growled at himself, “Shut your stupid yap!” he ordered.

Logan may have been out of the room, but with his acute hearing she knew he could hear their every word clear out to the parking lot, therefore Jean communicated again telepathically with the professor.

“Charles, I KNOW you know about Scott, now spill it mister,” she demanded

“I can NOT believe you have yet to inform Logan of your suspissions Jean, this quite self centered of you my dear. Highly unflattering to say the least.” he laid in.

“Oh no you don’t! You’re not going to pin something on me when you’re the one who’s keeping secrets around here!” She snapped “Spill IT! How could I tell Logan anything at this time Charles? You know how he is. A supition is not a fact.” she informed

“My apologies Jean. you are quite correct, a suspicion is not a fact. Scott is alive. I have been in contact with him. Now that you know this is a fact will you now tell Logan the truth?” he inquired

“The truth?, why?, I don’t see why I have to tell Logan any of this Charles. she stated.
"Why on earth would you want me to tell Logan? she asked

“Because Jean, you are still in love with Scott, you can not have it both ways, and you can not have both Scott and Logan Jean. Surely you must see this and know where it will end if you don’t tell the truth now.”

“You under estimate me Charles. This is my affair not yours! I LOVE Logan. I do. And I will tell him about Scott in MY time, not yours. I want your word you will NOT tell Logan about Scott till I am ready to tell him.” she demanded

Reluctantly professor agreed this was Jean’s affair and she had to deal with it herself he had no right to interfere. Tho he knew the truth, he gave Jean his word against his better judgment hoping he would be proven wrong in his choice to do so.

Passion of Love: Cahpter 6 "Living With Lies" rated G

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