47 Year old Hips and Yoga

First, for anyone reading this who may have commented on my work, please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your comments. I am working towards a place…where I can respond. Just writing this has made my eyes almost useless. I so need you to know how much your comments mean to me and that soon I will respond.
Love Always

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Last night I went out on my patio to do my typical evening yoga workout.

The day before I had built a make-shift floor from a large pile of long sturdy evenly sized planks of wood.

That turned out relatively well and I decided to try my yoga and my yang style ti chi on it.

It was smooth and seemed to be just fine.

I was doing a slightly more intense yoga via the infamous Rodney Yee Power Yoga DVD.

When it was time to do the Seated Spread Leg Forward Stretch I grabbed onto the edge of the deck wood in order to push that forward bend further than ever before as that particular stretch has always been problematic for me. Problematic in the sense that I’m terribly tight in the hips and after doing yoga for 14 months I still wasn’t making much progress in stretching those tendons and hip muscles/joints.

Typically when doing that stretch, one is to either stretch one’s hands forward OR in the case of this particular instruction set, grab onto the feet, mindful to keep shoulder blades engaged.

Keeping your shoulder blades engaged in yoga was a painful lesson to learn.

I suffered a left scapula injury approx. 8 months ago from over reaching. Never had I heard any of the yoga instructors on the plethora of yoga DVDS I own, warn, on any stretches, to keep the shoulder joints engaged before Rodney Yee.

This is a VERY important point to be mindful of.

Had I known to keep those shoulder joints ENGAGED while reaching and stretching, I know I wouldn’t have injured the tendons in my scapula; an injury I STILL suffer from and have to modify most of my reaches and stretches due to, still.

Thank you Rodney Yee for reminding your "students" of such an important point.

Anyway, I was into my second round of seated wide leg forward bend when I decided to grab the edge of the deck wood with both hands for more…traction…to force that stretch further when, suddenly a sickening POP…POP…sounded off like morning reveille at boot camp.

I instantly took in a deep harsh breath as the zinging hot shooting pain rushed through my hip joint up through my left buttock and burst like 4th of July fireworks down the back of my left leg stopping with a resounding crescendo of ruthless pain in my left knee. Just as suddenly it traveled back up the same electrified current to my hip joint and buttock.

My eyes were squeezed so tight that the dazzling fireworks behind my eyelids were almost as brilliant as the nauseatingly unfamiliar orchestra of pain.

When I tried to ope my eyes and get some visual inner perspective, still, amazingly to me, the brilliant display of fireworks were shooting in front of the blackened background of my vision.

I don’t know how long I laid there trying to muffle the sounds of sheer agony trying to burst out of me like a weakened levee breached and trying to break through my every pore and orifice available.

I’ve heard some strange noises made from the human body, and the closest thing I can compare this one to was my ex-husbands knee.

His knee used to pop…loudly…sickeningly, out of its rightful place, and I used to have to lay on it and force it back as he withstood the apparent agony and then he would nearly collapse after it POPPED back in.

This sound was a little louder than that. There were also two distinct…pops.

Finally, after what seemed hours, I knew I had to try to get up and walk to the house.

It was those three little steps that I had to climb that worried me the most.

Every step on the left leg was like pushing a zing button that zipped and zoomed and zapped up and down the newly familiar path between my buttock and back of my left knee.

If I twist…from my torso for …any…reason, the pain multiplied into something indescribably intense. It was a a warning I only needed to understand once. Do NOT twist for any reason….

Once I made it into the house and into bed, I reached for three aspirin and a muscle relaxer and spent a night of intermittent sleep peppered with bouts of protesting hot knife-like stabbing pain in my left hip joint and left buttock.

I tried to sleep and not lay on my left hip or put any pressure on it…not even the lightest.

To say that I’m hospital phobic is an understatement.

Having to spend so many weeks and months of my life these past 5 years there, with long, extended stays at that, I won’t even go in when I get my occasional bouts of meningitis anymore. I suffer through it for the 5-7 days, give or take a few days, at home until it’s done with me.

If I won’t go in for meningitis…it’s questionable that I’ll go in for this.

I will, however, go Monday when my caregiver returns. That makes it much more bearable…not going alone.

In the meantime, I will endure this sickening pain and just put a thick leather belt between my teeth and chomp down for the next 48 or so hours, lol.

(Those who know me quite well would find that last sentence funnier than it really is, lol).

I’m still trying to get that short story written before 9th of September.

How will I get it done? If written well, it could mean $3000.00.

$3000.00 is a car that can take me to see my son and his wife and grandchildren.

A car would change my life….just as much as losing my car has.

This is the first time in my life I’ve ever experienced not having a car. I’ve not had one since it was stolen…long story…sort of.

It was stolen after I was succumbed to this brain disease. My income dipped so far down the graph after I lost everything and had to goon SS Disability that trying to get another car is literally impossible.

I’ve ridden my bike to the store and back, but it’s a mountain bike and very difficult to ride on the streets as the tires and structure are designed for heavy traction, hence making the trek on the streets difficult.

Now with this injury there is no way I can ride that bike and certainly I cannot walk either, just to take my typical walks.

That and the loss of ability to continue my yoga is more devastating than the injury and it’s head spinning pain.

I’ve been having difficulties with my eyes so writing is a challenge anyway and this pain in my hip is making me sick on my stomach so I’m going to try to take more aspirin and lay down…on my right side of course


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