Pit Bull Attack

Last night I went for my typical walk in the park where I live and passed by the same houses I always pass by….the boys leashed and walking with me.

As usual the same pit bull, who is behind a 6 foot privacy fence but seems to have a “perch” of some sort provided by the owners, in order to allow him to see out, began his frantic barking.
We’ve become used to this by now as it happens every time I walk by…and the boys, although afraid, just stick close to me and we always just continue to walk by.

Sometimes I assure the dog that he’s a good boy and softly tell him that he’s doing a good job protecting his masters….and I continue on my way, never stopping.

Last night, however, the dog seemed to literally “fly” off of that porch and over that wooden fence and came running straight for us.
I started screaming and yelling and he went for Mogley. The fear was a fear I don’t remember experiencing for many many years….a fear that made me lose control of certain bodily functions….and I’ve not ever had that happen before….it was horrific.

All I could think of was to keep screaming for help and to prtotect my Mogley.
Without planning a thought, I reached into the mass of snarling rage as Mogley cowered and yelped and cried like I’ve never heard before either…and finally…after no one came out to help and I continued screaming for help trying to stop this animal, I began hitting it with my …camera….as my hands were injured and felt tore to shreds.
I got a few good blows to the animal and it ran off finally after my fear turned into this weird rage…..swinging that camera…my only weapon…and you guessed it, it works only some of the time now.

I remember standing there…alone with the boys….shaking so hard I couldn’t think….and trying to reach for Mogley.

FINALLY after the dog was long gone, the owner came running out asking where her dog was over and over….and I couldn’t answer her….I was in shock I suppose….
Finally I think I told her …something….like…“I don’t klnow…he ran off”…and that I was hurt or “your dog just attacked us”…I can’t remember….and she was gone, looking for her dog I would guess.

I stood there shaking for… I don’t know l how long….and looking around…feeling surreal….looking for ANYONE to help but there was non one!
I was so shocked at this….as it wasn’t dark and we were out on full view with other homes so close….including the owner of the park!
All I can remember after that is grabbing Mogley and half running, half walking home screaming for my next door neighbor…who came out and took Mogley as I went on to my home to….clean myself up….change my clothes…etc…
He came in and tried very hard to help me “get a grip”….and that’s when we both noticed my hands….or the reality of my hands….
The shock was bad….
My neighbor insisted that I must call the police and I just remember feeling very confused and out of it as he kept reassuring that Mogely was FINE….it was ME who was hurt. I remember crying in relief that I protected Mogely….!

The night was long….pictures of my hands…reports to fill out…and a dog put in quarantine for 10 days before being destroyed…..that’s what I was told.

I had a seizure some time during it all….and being (extremely) hospital phobic….I refused going to the hospital over and over.
I will call my own doctor Monday.
I will post the pictures(later) only for reference so I do not lose them.
I’m tired. I just want to rest.

I had such horrible nightmares all night….Murphy kept licking my wounds on my hands when I woke up….God bless him…..and Mogley stayed curled up at my belly.

People keep coming to my door…the manager….and all I want to do is rest and not think.

I love you guys. You’re my comrades, my fellow artists, my supporters, my friends, and you mean the world to me and I know I should document this while it’s still fresh in my mind….so I chose to do so here.

I’m not posting this or the pictures of my hands….for SYMPATHY…..so please don’t feel obligated to comment on the pictures once I post them. They’ll only be there for reference for police or physicians…..whomever…in the event of whatever…,,,sorry…I’m tired.
Love You ALL,

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