SLAM DUNK (Living on the Stupid Side of Life) copyright2007 Nadine McMullin

I’m sure, everyone at sometime or other, has done a stupid thing. I seem to do more than my share. And – it doesn’t lessen as I age.
In the Spring of the year, I decided to clean out my cupboards. There were several boxes and packages that were opened but never completely used.
I took two, large bowls. In one, I dumped cereal out of boxes and stale crackers. In the other, I dumped dry mixes such as pancake mix and packages of flour.

We live in the country. We don’t waste anything. If we can’t use it – the animals can.

I went outside and scattered the bowl of dry cereal and crackers. Then I went back into the house for the huge bowl of dry pancake mix and flour.
I was so busy with my cleaning, I didn’t take notice that it was a windy day.

So, here I go, outside to toss the bowl of dry ingredients into the wind. The wind took it and threw it back at me.
I was covered with pancake mix and flour. It was in my hair, on my face, all over my clothes.
I returned to the house as a ghost of myself. Living Slam Dunk on the Stupid Side of Life.

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