Eastpointe, United States

Alicia Evans is a tenacious writer/artist from Detroit, MI. She spends her time confused about why the sky is falling and how to hold it...

I love art in all its forms—writing, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry, singing, fashion, dancing, acting, even cooking. Some I dabble in much more than others, particularly writing, drawing, and fashion.

I’m not normal, but I’m really not that weird either.

My art aims at whatever my fancy is at the time. I seem to go through phases of similarly themed work before I dry up, get sick of the fad I’m in, take a long time for writer’s block/artist’s observation to wash over me, and then I’m on to the next motif. At times, I try to make my work something that will hopefully transcend the ages. Other times, I just want to write about what I’m feeling or going through or thinking about.

I realize the second approach may not always provide the most transcendent work, but since no person is an island, my fond hope is that by sharing my experiences I can touch another’s soul and offer them sympathy, empathy, joy, nostalgia, food for thought, or inspiration.

What is most important to me is that my work is either found inspiring and thought-provoking, or that it is found relatable and speaks to the soul.

By the way, sometimes I’m funny, too.

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I may be drunk

I may be drunk, but that just means my words are more honest. I am not bound by pretense or political correction. I am here to tell you exactly what I think. no censoring. I am drunk and I bare my soul for you. you may never see it, but it was put here in case. / I didn’t choose not to be friends out of spite. the reminder is too painful. the reminder you didn’t really like me. words …
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A funny thing called Life

It’s a weird thing how closure can play on your mind, especially so long after the fact. / It’s strange how what is closure for you is sometimes the cause of unrest for another. / It’s disconcerting how unrest begets unrest until all debts are paid. / It’s a funny thing how we’re not always sure what would repay those debts. / It’s funny how I’m not laugh…
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Where Did I Go Wrong?

It’s petty, I know. I watch her on Facebook responding to comments and statuses, and I get jealous. Jealous, because she used to do that with me, too, and now she doesn’t. We were getting to be (what I thought) fairly close. We’d go to karaoke together fairly regularly, she taught me how to make jewelry and hair accessories, and she’d give me gifts, just because she was thinking about me. She mo…
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Dilemma of a Writer

No matter how much I write or what I write about, / It always feels like there’s something I can’t get out. / Something deep inside of me / That I just cannot seem / To make the world see / Something that won’t go away / For the life of me / and i wonder if I’d ever get it right / will descriptions come out flat? / will emotions come out trite? / what would it take? / for …
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